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Rockwall, TX

Harry Myers 2.0

4.175(based on 6 reviews)
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Harry Myers 2.0 reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
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Experience: 22.4 years 437 played 434 reviews
4.50 star(s)

One of the best in DFW!

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 30, 2023 Played the course:once


- Really nice baskets with multiple locations that get moved around a lot
- Good tee signs show you all of the relevant information
- Good navigational aids, getting lost shouldn't be a problem and if you're uncertain just follow the group in front you, there likely will be one
- A decent amount of benches for the 40+ crowd or those of us with ankle/knee issues when you just need a few minutes to sit down
- Two concrete tee pads for every hole (red and blue)
- Lots of variety in how the course challenges you; elevation, trees, water, OB, distance, accuracy, you name it
- Lots of variety in par with everything between easier par 3 holes up to challenging par 5 holes
- Double fairways, I love double fairways especially well made ones and John Houck excels in this area, clearly
- Good mix of grass and dirty landing for your discs so learning what spots your disc will skip, not skip, skip more, etc. is something you learn after many plays and helps you score better
- a good amount of mandos which isn't normally my thing but for Star Wars fans you can get behind the Mandalorian. Whomever thought of this idea and then implemented it into the course I am grateful for you


- The OB in certain areas is noted on the tee signs but not on the course. Could be times out here when it's ambiguous as to whether you're OB or not, looking at you hole 17!
- The course gets a lot of traffic, many or perhaps most casual players are playing the shorter red tees and not even notice you trying to tee off if you're playing blues
- Most of the course is about hitting gaps instead of hitting lines which makes the course easier compared to its par than if it was a lines hitting course
- Similar to above I would like to see a few more throws with tighter lines but I'm also a big fan of the woods, YMMV

Other Thoughts:

There are tons, I mean so many options in the DFW area that I was playing courses sun up to sun down for more than a week and I didn't get anywhere close to getting all of them, not even all of the good ones! I haven't played every course in the area but this course stacks up as one of the best I've played there in stiff competition. I'm a pretty big fan of John Houck designed courses for the most part and this one is one of his gems for sure. If you've only got one day in DFW, this is a course you should prioritize IMO.
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Experience: 10.4 years 665 played 645 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Mando As A Mando

Reviewed: Played on:May 22, 2022 Played the course:once


(3.993 Rating) A big city park course, with a big city budget.
- MANDOS - What a weird way to begin a review. I don't even like mandos. But, I made an exception for the Harry Myers part duex course. Why? Because the way they indicate mando's here, is among the funniest things I've ever seen on a course. The film character Mando from Star Wars is literally used to indicate mandatories on this course. I think I had heard about this goof before, perhaps it was from another course, idk. Seeing it in person just cracked me up.
- NATURAL BEAUTY AND MAINTENANCE - One of the most beautiful kept city parks I've ever been too. Ball golf course level grass fairways in many spots and lots of professional landscaping spicing up views in and around the layout. In addition to the maintenance, the park's natural features are on display too. A rolling landscape with water features and healthy woods areas. Among the 560 courses I've played as of this review, I slotted Harry Myers at around the 90 percentile level for beauty.
- CHALLENGING - For the record, I elected to play the short layout as I had 4 more hours of driving left to do on this pleasant afternoon and also one more course to bag. Despite the shorts being a touch too simplistic to me as an Intermediate, It was still super fun and it required lots of different shot types and discs from my depleted arsenal. Overall, I'd say the front pads are lower end Rec level. I still peaked at most of the long tees over my round, and I could tell that these are going to appease the everyday higher skilled players. I probably would have scored a few over par instead of 6 down had I opted for the long pads. Players are going to need both distance and precision from the backs to continuously shoot below par.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - The two tee layouts here are going to appeal to a large swath of playing levels. The back tees are ideal for 900s to 950s, while Recs and Novices will love the shorts. I saw several young players, and seemingly some beginners as well, out enjoying themselves on this course. There are some difficult plays, but it's hard to get into major trouble except for a couple of spots. The longer holes, except for (17), are likely a bit too complex for inexperienced throwers, but the overall sum of the parts I think still leads to a fun time for most beginners.
- HOLE VARIETY - I thought the hole variety was fantastic. Ace runs and bomber par 5s. Big long sweeping plays and also placement dogleg holes. Water comes into play a couple of times, but cautious play should be able to avoid it. Open holes and heavily wooded holes and everything in between. There is also some fun moderate elevation movement on holes such as (8) and (11). Overall a super fun inspiring mix of holes.
- AMENITIES - New Pro 28 DISCatcher baskets, Check. Two big concrete tees on each hole, Check. High quality tee signage, Check. Alternate basket placements, benches, course map, practice basket and restrooms, five more checks.
- NAVIGATION - As noted under the amenities pro, high quality tee signs and a big detailed course map. Next tee directions are indicated on the tee signs. There were also extra navigational signs planted at the tricky spots. Sure someone could get lost here if they weren't paying attention, but that's their fault. The tools to navigate this one effectively are here, players just have to use them.


What cons?
- MULTI USE HAZARDS - Ok, it may not be a problem free course, but the issues here are super minor in my opinion. Yes, there are paths that come into play on occasion and it's a popular well-kept park. I think it's reasonable to assume that play is going to have to stop from time to time or perhaps even a hole has to be skipped. Someone may decide to lay down and read a book in the middle of (17s) fairway. Most of the possible problematic interactions can be seen well before it becomes an issue.
- POISON IVY - Like many east Texan courses, poison ivy is going to be prevalent along the wooded fringes.
- TIME PLAY - 76 minutes solo for this quick bagger on a moderately busy afternoon.

Other Thoughts:

I was saddened to read a few years back that Harry Myers was getting a near complete redo. Thankfully, they retained the same designer to do it again as this place has maintained its gem status in my eyes. Some of my favorite holes are gone, such as old (5) and old (9), but quality equivalent replacements like new (9) and new (15) have made sure that the overall package is roughly as good as the original. Players that played the old course and liked it, they need to come back and play this new layout. It's got maybe 3 holes that are roughly the same as before, (1), (17) and (18). For those that have never been here before and find themselves in the DWF area, They need to come and play it as well. For those that have already played the new layout before, They already know, as they need to come back and play it again. A solid 4.0 course to me. It most closely reminds me of these high-quality southern park style courses (Tyus, River City Alpha and Tom Brown.)
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 19.9 years 679 played 73 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Well Done City Park Golf

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 24, 2022 Played the course:once


Good, level, grippy concrete tee pads (usually two on each hole). Innova baskets in good shape that catch well.

Great signage everywhere! Overall course sign, accurate and descriptive tee sign at each tee, and more directional signs on the course than there are on I-30 between downtown Dallas and the exit for the course. Seriously, I have never seen more "next tee" directional signs on a course, from the split for where to go for the Blue and where to go for the Red tee on the next hole (with color-coded arrows), to the places where the course doubles back on itself and signs are present for "3 is this way and 5 is this way," for example. If you are lost on the way to the next hole on this course, you definitely are not paying any attention to where you are going.

Two tees on almost every hole, with one basket in the ground for each hole. The Blue tees are long and technical, the Red tees are short and technical. That makes this a good course for most levels of play, in my opinion. I played from both tees on a lot of the holes. The par 3s from the Reds are in the 160'-220' foot range, while the par 4 holes are still two-shot holes from the Reds, though they are significantly shorter than the Blues. The signs also contain information on the location of the Gold basket for each hole, but only the Blue baskets were in the ground when I played.

Pin locations are well thought-out and many baskets are protected by trees or on slopes, so angle control is important on approach shots. There are no "throw into the backstop and drop in" greens.

The variety of hole distances and mixture of par 3, 4, and 5 holes is excellent. The same is true of the mixture of open and wooded holes and holes that seem to be more favorable for righty or lefty.

Elevation changes are used well. And there is probably more of it than you expect.

There are several wooded bridges and sets of wooden steps that are very helpful. I'm sure this would be even more true in wet conditions.

The course was mowed and in immaculate shape, when I played. I saw city workers emptying trash cans and doing other work around the park.

The mandos present on the course are clearly there for the safety of players on other holes or for the safety of other park patrons. And when you see a Mando, you will definitely know him...uh... it.

There is a "Lost Disc Return" box between hole 18's basket and the parking lot. The sign indicates that discs can be picked up at the Parks and Rec office and gives the address.


There are many places where the course intersects itself and two tee pads for different holes are very close together. It definitely feels like you are going around and around the same small area, which makes this lengthy course feel crowded, even when it isn't. The design is done well, but errant throws from other groups can easily end up in the fairway of a different hole. I played early in the morning without many players on the course, but I saw this happening. I imagine that tournament rounds and rounds played at busy times would move slowly, with players from one hole waiting on players from another to putt, tee off, throw from another fairway, etc.

Once you start hole one, you are not coming back anywhere near the parking lot until you finish hole 18. Keep that in mind as you pack your bag.

The trees are used well in the design, but they are mostly small. There are many places where players with a lot of power will "break the hole" by throwing over the top, sometimes from the tees, sometimes from the fairways.

The park is a busy place for walkers and there are several places where the sidewalks come close enough to the intended flight paths that other park patrons could be in danger from errant throws. This is not accounting for those who wander off the sidewalks.

Other Thoughts:

If you have seen pros play this course on video coverage, you will likely notice where some of the Gold pin positions are and wish you could be playing those positions instead. That might only happen when the big tournaments come around. The blue positions (with blue baskets) look to be the normal layout.

I would not consider this to be a destination course, but it is a must-play if you are close by. It is city park golf done very well. A well-designed and well-maintained course with a lot of variety that is challenging for many skill levels.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 39.8 years 327 played 254 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Harry Meyers redux 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 12, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


-- Multiple concrete tee pads on each hole.
-- Excellent tee signs with par, distance and hole map.
-- Navigation aiding signs throughout the course, which are needed.
-- Excellent use of elevation changes.
-- Lots of built amenities (limestone retaining walls, wooden bridges and stairs) to mitigate and control erosion.
-- Distance variation is AMAZING. There are two basket positions per hole, but the signs and maps only list one, so I'm using those distances. From the red tees, you've got 7 holes shorter than 200 feet and 4 longer than 500. From the blues, there are 2 holes shorter than 250 and 5 longer than 500.
-- Blue (yes, blue) DiscCatcher baskets. Maybe it's because I grew up on DiscCatchers, but i love these baskets.
-- Restroom and practice basket near hole 1.
-- Hole 11 is the best hole: 500-plus feet downhill from the red tees, and about 650 from the blues. The red tee requires about 300 feet down a narrowish tunnel before fading left toward the basket unless you have a cannon and throw over the top directly at the basket.
-- Course does not favor a particular throwing style. In fact, many/most holes give you reasonable options to throw backhand or forehand.


-- Too many instances where you walk through (or very close to through) a hole getting to your next hole, especially playing the red tees: 2 to 3 you walk through 5; 9-10 you walk through both 12 and 13; 10-11 you walk through 14 and 14-15 you walk through 10. Signs help you find your way, so you're not likely to get lost.
-- This is a long course, with lots of up and down hills. You don't come back near the parking lot at any point during the round.
-- There is a lot of water on the course, but it is not in play much. Depending on water levels and recent rain, water comes into play on No. 1. On 17, you COULD find water, but it's going to take a really poor shot. You cross the water to play 18, but the hole itself doesn't have water in play.
-- The really short holes from the red tees are fun because they still provide some challenge except for No. 3. It is 168 feet straight ahead with NO obstacles.
-- The map on hole 17 indicates a significant OB area to the right, but it is poorly defined.

Other Thoughts:

-- The listed par of 64 is pretty accurate from the blue tees, but it is generous from the red tees. For example, 17 is probably is a par 5 from the blue tees (897 feet), but as a low 800s player, I made a 12-foot putt for 3 from the red tees (609 feet seriously downhill). If I can do that, I seriously doubt the hole is a par 5. Nos. 1 and 9 are shorter than 350 from the red tees, making them generous par 4s.
-- There is barbed wire fence in some of the tree lines (Nos. 9, 11, 12, 15). In some instances, the fence posts are down and the barbed wire is lying on the ground, so beware.
-- I played the original version of this course a lot and loved it. My first time or two on the new layout left me less than impressed. After a few more rounds, I've come to realize the new version is different but still excellent. If we could do quarter points, I'd rate this 4.25.
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4.00 star(s)

A strong course to test all abilities 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 2, 2019 Played the course:once


- Multiple (two) concrete tees on each hole
- Very good signage for tees and navigation through the course
- Good use of topography
- Lots of built amenities to mitigate and control erosion
- Course starts and ends near the parking lot


- Dated Discatcher baskets prone to spit-outs and pass-throughs
- For a course of this length, it would be nice to have hole 9 (or any hole mid-way through) come back to the parking lot to allow players to re-supply discs or food and drink.

Other Thoughts:

As the title suggests, this is a course suitable for a wide range of skills. Each hole features two concrete tees, designed for the 'Red' (recreational) and 'Blue' (competitive) level player. There are alternate basket placements on some holes that will turn the course into a 'Gold' level course suitable for the highest level of competition when played from the Blue tees. *Note* the course will only be in the Gold configuration for high-level PDGA competition. I happened to play the course a few days before the 2019 Nick Hyde Memorial, so the course was in the Gold layout in advance of the tournament.

The course starts very near the parking lot, making it easy to find Hole 1. From there, the course follows a logical path through the park, with a few areas where you must pass by other holes to get to the next hole, but there is signage that will guide players to the next tee. Hole 18 finishes mere steps from the parking lot, so no extraneous hiking is required.

There are several multi-shot holes that take advantage of the available terrain very well. Some holes will require the player to throw along narrow tunnels of trees. Others give the player different options off the tee: open, safe routes to the basket, or more direct, but more difficult routes that would allow for birdie/eagle.

There are new trees and shrubs planted in strategic places to both beautify the course and to increase difficulty. There are areas where the greens are enhanced by retaining walls of native limestone. Also, there are a number of wooden bridges and staircases to help with traversing some of the more rugged terrain in the park.

The only serious knock (0.5/5) I give the course is the older style Discatcher baskets that are not the best catching targets available.

The course was only a few weeks old at the time of this review, but it was quite polished. I expect that more work will be done on the course and will only improve with time.

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4.50 star(s)

Harry Meyers 2.0 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 2, 2019 Played the course:once


It's a whole new layout
Lots of new trees
New holes agogo
Hardscaping including a tiered fairway
Long bombers
Shorter ones too
John Houck is the man.


It's a whole new layout
Still needs some fine tuning
Not much else really

Other Thoughts:

So I reviewed this course on the old page and to sum up what I said there..... I loved the old layout and played on it since original opening. I have played the new layout once and I think after a little further refinement from parks and rec and then just some good old fashioned play time the new layout will truly be epic. The course always seemed pretty big but now even more sprawling than before. The problem mud spots are lessened and more advantage has been taken of elevation changes. You can really rip some good bombers!! I want to love the new layout and I think in time I will. Right now I like it a lot. As stated in my other review it's a complicated emotion. So go play it already and form your own opinion. So be ready for something totally different. That being said there are still nods to the old course. Won't spoil it for you just yet. I'll update this later after I have a few more rounds in. Now if the weather will cooperate!!
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