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Eastville, VA

Indiantown Park - Innova

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3.675(based on 3 reviews)
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Indiantown Park - Innova reviews

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4.00 star(s)

DelMarVa Delight 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 19, 2022 Played the course:once


Indiantown Innova consists mostly of heavily wooded, low ceiling fairways of mid range distance. No water in play, and little OB. Plays fast if you avoid the rough. The tees are bricked out, level and have nice signs. DISCcatchers do the job well on the receiving end.

I like the narrow tunnels and baskets with limited angles to approach. It can be frustrating missing a great drive by a few inches and bouncing off a trunk into the rough, but the lines are there for the most part. I enjoy seeing a fairway that is defined and leaves little room for error. When a low branch or a hanging vine give me unease from the box and I know what has to be done, it is kind of exhilarating. This course has a lot of that.


The flat terrain keeps tees and baskets reliably on the same plane. There is only one par four. While there are a nice mix of shots, the middling distances on most holes does hit a similar note through the course.

It is a bit of a drive from just about anywhere else. Cost a chunk of change if you're coming from Virginia Beach via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I wish I could have continued on to Sailsbury for another round or two.

Other Thoughts:

Indiantown Park hosts two 18 hole courses carved out of some fairly gnarly woods. Both are short but sweet. We played In February and got a nice day, but I would like to see it in full canopy during spring or summer one day. The photos with green trees and grassy shaded fairways look magical.

This sort of layout is fun to me. It does lack some of the elements that make for more challenging, stand out type of holes. Out of the way, but a nice place to stop in for a couple of rounds.

I shot 1 round, ended up 1 down. Hit the rim with my drive on hole 1, but missed the comeback birdie putt. Really caught a groove on the back 9 with four birdies.
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2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 7, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


Grassy lawns under wooded fairways are often said to make for the most aesthetically pleasing disc golf holes. This small, out-of-the-way rural course manages to show off that style on nearly all of its holes, making for a course whose beauty and uniqueness is out of proportion with its remote location and small stature.
+ Beautiful, cathedral-like hallways through coastal woodlands. A very well-maintained and attractive course for such a small, rural public park.
+ Good mix of fairway shapes - straight, left-turning, right-turning, and flex shots will all be required. Low ceilings frequently add to the challenge. The purest lines are frequently very technical, but fair.
+ Holes 9 and 10 are wide open and much longer, adding welcome variety and an injection of driver crushes off the tee.
+ Very good brick teepads and yellow-banded Discatcher baskets. Signage indicates the hole number and distance. Navigation is generally straightforward. Benches are available on most if not all holes. A practice basket can be found on the way to hole 1's tee, near the soccer field.
+ The main course is a full 18 holes, but an additional 18 holes are hidden in the woods to each side, offering a 36-hole experience for those with more time and interest.
+ The only public course serving the entire Eastern Shore of Virginia, an overlooked and underserved region.


- There is a fine line between holes being 'technical' and 'demanding', versus being 'unreasonable', 'unfair', and 'luck-based'. Looking at each hole individually, the holes here largely manage to stay on the better side of that line. But taking a step back, there are too many holes that do toe that line. Taken all together I feel that this course has a few too many odd fairways, and reduces the fun factor in the end.
- Hole 11 is one hole that does tip over the edge into being too poke-and-hope and luck-based for my tastes.
- RHBH specialists may struggle with the technical demands of some of the right-turning holes here. The low ceilings here do not give much air space for the discs to move far enough right. Stable discs thrown by RHFH and LHBH players can be kept low and skipped into position, but RHBH turnovers don't have the room to accomplish the same.
- Small par issues - hole 8 is marked as a par 3, but because of its abrupt early 90-degree dogleg plays much more like an easy par 4. This is balanced by hole 9, which is marked as a par 5, but plays more like a demanding and well-designed par 4.
- As beautiful as the fairways are, the rough is very thick. Though most of these holes are very short, it is easy to end up in spots with no angle for a par save.
- Majority of holes are very short, around 200 ft., and playing various shots at that distance begins to feel repetitive. Would've been nice to combine some of these fairways into a few longer par 3s or 4s.
- No elevation to work with, other than one basket placed on an insignificantly small mound. That, plus the consistently short distances, means that many of these holes have a similar 'look', and few feel notably distinctive from the rest.
- The 'older' 18 holes are still available to play, quietly branching off holes 5 and 12 for those in-the-know. But they lack any signage, and use natural tees. Are they part of the long-term vision for this course, or not? I could not discern that.

Other Thoughts:

Despite its nice aesthetic appeal, this course is not a destination that can solely justify the long, dull drive from the north, or the expensive toll fee over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel from the south.
But if you happen to already find yourself on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for other reasons, this is the lone disc golf course in the region, and fortunately it's an above-average, interesting, and unique little track that's well worth the time to explore.
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A Charm of a Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Feb 1, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


The course has had a makeover since the last review in 2013. If you've played here before, theirs still 36 holes, but they took what is probably the best 18 holes to make a single course, making the course Stronger! But can still be taken advantage of. The other 18 holes are in two separate groups at least 1/3 of a mile apart. They can still be played with no hole sign, wooden markers and natural tees. Those holes looked to have plastic baskets, and distances of 75 to 150 feet from those I saw passing by. I plan on taking and posting pictures on my next visit in a few months when the foliage returns. When I figured out during my first round what had been done to the course, I took notes of distances during my 2nd round and submitted to DG Course Review Admin.

Edit: As promised, photos have been uploaded.
The Pros of the New Course:
-It's a canopy course, something new to me.
-Fairways are kept mowed, and most are hard pan, which I like for that extra bounce.
-Outstanding drainage. A half inch of rain had fallen the night before. The only standing water I saw was on the baseball diamond next to holes 9 and 10.
-Tee pads are brick, with a little bit of gravel on the back end. The largest tee pads I've played on. No slippage.
-Hole signs have distance and par. The background color is Rustic Red matching the brick, giving an antique feeling on the tee pad.
-The next tee pad can be seen from the basket just played on. Except basket 14 to tee pad 15, just follow the mowed path.
-All baskets can be seen from the tee pad, except for 7 and 8, a hole map would of been nice here for a first visit player. When the foliage returns, their could be more baskets not seen.
-Baskets are numbered, this helps to avoid confusion with the left over baskets on those holes not being used.
-The course is good for beginners, and recreational players. Intermediate players may or may not find the course challenging.
-Their is some history by the 12th basket and 13th tee pad. Fenced off is a head stone for a grave. Couldn't read the inscription. I've seen plenty of these in my area, and guessing to be 18th century?
-Edit: Met members of the local Disc Club on June 2020 visit, they were doing course upkeep.


-From what I observed there is no course map at the park, online, and hole signs have no map of hole. The park office was closed, so I was not able to check there. The first tee is located just past the soccer field, the first yellow basket you see is the practice basket.
-Hole 1 is the only concrete tee pad, and its only half size. Did they run out of bricks?
-Hole 9 and 10 run by the baseball field. Its possible these holes could be closed during a ballgame. Let a disk get out of control to the right and it could fly onto the field, and spectators.
-Advanced players may find the course to short and restricted.
-Some of the holes are not memorable. A few on the back side are a lot alike. Edit: took a second visit, but now remember all holes.
-Edit: Some holes have deep rough off of the fairways, especially the B9. Some as high as 4 feet. Spent about 10 minutes looking for a few discs, that were within 5 feet of fairway. Found both.

Other Thoughts:

I found the course to be very fun, but except for a few holes not challenging. I felt like I was warming up on the short tees, to get ready for the long tees. Except, their are no long tees. During the remake, they took the tees as far back as they could. Except for holes 9, 10, and 11, no room to move them any further back, let alone another tee pad. No room for 2nd basket on the majority of holes. Playing with patience and control, you'll do well here.
A lot of ace possibilities, and most of those baskets are not protected. I enjoyed the canopy which is on most holes. I throw a low protectory, so I wasn't bothered by it. The majority of holes are lined by trees as well. Walking thru the canopy I had thoughts of holding hands with my wife, a wedding march, and an enchanted forest. Also very peaceful, I was the only one in the park. When the foliage returns, the course will be more difficult.
Notable Holes-
1. Tee pad is in the open, and your driving into a very forested basket area, protected by trees. Looking from the tee pad and even with the sun out my 2nd time around, it looked very dark around the basket. This is the most protected basket on the course, and birdie will be difficult here.
3. An ace potential hole protected by a tree leaning over about 10 feet in front of the basket and over the upper portion of the basket. Two trees to your left on the tip of the leaning tree. My 2nd time around I was on track for my first ace, and the leaning tree slapped it down. A fun hole to play.
6. Dog leg right, no short cut trees are too thick and many. Miss the dog leg and shoot straight out into a farmers field. Basket sits on top of a mound about 2 to 3 feet high.
7. Straight down the middle with canopy, and either two or three pine trees down the middle of the fairway. The basket is tucked off of the fairway to the left behind brush and a few trees. Had fun throwing one of my zig zags off of the tee around the trees.

In my opinion:

Signature Hole is No.2, Par 3, 183 feet. A straight down the middle hole with heavy canopy, tree lined both sides of fairway width of about 25 to 30 feet. Large tree protecting basket to your right, about 10 feet front of basket. 1st time around it was cloudy, the hole looked dark and dreary. 2nd time around sun was streaming thru some portions of the fairway and shining brightly on the Yellow Basket, looked like "The Holy Grail of Aces". One of those scenic images you don't forget.

Trouble Hole is No. 18, Par 3, 253 feet. From the tee pad dog leg right about 100 feet out, about 20 feet before the fairway turns left again, same direction that you were facing from the tee pad. At the end of the fairway the basket is off to the left behind trees. On the opposite side of basket across fairway is some protruding trees. Very heavy with trees on both sides of fairway, and some canopy. Miss the first dog leg and into the woods, that's at least a bogey, no short cut to basket from there. If you run pass the 2nd dogleg into the woods, a par is still possible if there's a line to pitch it out to get up by the basket. Best to hug the right on the first dogleg, with intention for the disc to drop on the fairway with a clear throw up by the basket area, their will still be no clear throw to the basket for a birdie. Wen the foliage returns, this will be a much more difficult hole.

Edit: Second visit, the course was just beautiful and scenic on my first visit in a warm month (June 2020). Fairways tightly mowed, and looked very professional! Deep rough off of some fairways, with very narrow fairways. Threw several Approach and Putt discs off of some tee pads. You feel very closed in on some tee pads. But a lot of fun! After some consideration on the way home, decided to bump up to a 4.0 on my rating and favorite it! I plan on returning more often than originally planned on my first visit.
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