West Chicago, IL

Kress Creek Farms

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Kress Creek Farms reviews

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Three Putt
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2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 30, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


When I pulled into the parking lot I could see the baskets for #5, #17 & #18 sitting out in the wide open and thought "Oh, God...somebody made Fairfield South!" It's not exactly a fair comparison, as I found this to be better course overall. Holes #4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12,17 & 18 are pretty wide open. The rest of the holes varied from lightly to moderately wooded. There are three tees on most holes with the tee posts at the white tees and most of the red and blue tees had stakes sticking up so they could be found. There were small hole maps on the tee posts. The site had good elevation changes for the area. There were some holes that had healthy distances for you to air one out. There was a nice combination of distances on the shots. The baskets had tape directing you to the next basket, and the course was fairly easy to follow. Two tees that had a long distance from the last basket had directional signs to help you find your way.


The major downside was the dirt tees. It rained the day before I played there, and I slipped and slid all over. They were in very poor shape after a rain.

There were at least two tees on every hole and three tees on most holes, but other than hole #11 they didn't really do much other than make the hole longer.

The tee for hole #5 was a long, long way from the basket for # 4, and there wasn't anything over there that would force the long walk. That could have been re-worked to reduce that long walk.

Not really a con, but a huge tree fell down around the basket for #13. The first time I played it I couldn't find the basket, and the rest of the time the hole seemed pretty gimmicky. I'm not sure if the tree fell before or after the basket was placed there, so the tree might be removed.

Because so much of the course is open, the course design doesn't really force you to use a variety of shots. It's a cool place to air out a long drive, but it's not going to be huge test of your skills.

I have not been in the area during a wet spring, but the area between #16 and #17 looked like it might hold water and be swampy during a rainy period. I can't call it a con, just a guess that it might be a problem.

Other Thoughts:

All in all, West Chicago is a very good option if you are in the area. I would rate it as slightly better than Shady Oaks in that general area, and Oswego would be the closest course I would say is clearly better IMO. It's not a destination course by any means, but it's a fun course and a step above what you usually get in Chicagoland.
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Kress Creek Farms DGC 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 29, 2011 Played the course:once


This course has recently been re-designed and re-named as of October, 2011.

Good signs on each hole with distance marked for red, white, and blue tees. We played the white layout. Some holes including #7 only have 1 tee pad.

Red, white, and blue "next tee" stickers have been installed on the top of each basket. If you know where to look for the stickers, this course is easy to navigate.

The brand new Innova Discatcher baskets are very nice.

While most holes are wide open, the trees have been incorporated well. #2, #3, #7 and #13--#15 are good examples. #10 and #16 are also fun. I suggest using a spotter on this hole if possible.

Plenty of opportunities to grip it and rip it here. Open level players will be challenged by the sheer length of the course using the blue tees.

Rec level and newer players will find enough of a challenge from the red tees.


There is no overall course map or any indication of where the first tee pad is located when you enter the parking lot.

The tees are natural grass.

Some holes appear to be long just for the sake of distance.

Other Thoughts:

Considering the recent re-design, I am hoping that concrete tee pads will be installed in the near future. If/when that happens, this will certainly bump up my current 2.5 rating.

There is plenty of room for a practice basket.

I would go back to Kress Creek Farms for another round after tee pads are installed.
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New Course Layout as of Fall '11 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 23, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


Having some of the best elevation in the area, this course now deserves high marks. Numerous holes of varying elevation bring on an element to the course that is not generally found around the Western suburbs.

Good mixture of very long holes (600+) that take you along the prairie and technical shots through the wooded areas.

Beautiful bending farways and sloping shots make for a great round.


A couple shots are in the open, but they have done a solid job keeping them difficult, through length and elevation.

If you get caught up in the prairie grasses, it can be pretty miserable finding discs. #16 is rough, play it safe or be ready to search for your disc.

Other Thoughts:

The new course design uses the entirety of the prairie and forested areas South of Wilson St. It is easily one of the longest courses in the area; playing the white tee's will still have you walking over 2 miles for 18 holes. Beautiful layout and scenery with a decent level of difficulty make this a very enjoyable round of disc.
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Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 22, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


- Course is divided between a large field and a small forested area. A general use park, so there might be some dog walkers, but it shouldn't be common.
- Front nine holes are located in a slightly hilly field, with fairways mowed through tall grass. There are some patches of forest that come into play near some of the baskets, otherwise it is just throwing as far as you can without ending up in the dense grass. Elevation changes provide some slight uphill and downhill shots.
- Back nine holes play through and around a forest, so there are some definitive lines to hit back here. Highlights include some long blind RHBH hyzers, with #15 at the end of a tunnel. Three holes do have mature trees in play as well, which forces some line shaping.
- Parts of the course are pretty hilly, which helps to mix things up a bit.
- A creek is present, and could be reached by a poor shot. Probably not an issue for most players.
- Baskets are good.


- A lot of the holes here, including the enitre front nine, are completely open and offer little to no excitement. Slight elevation changes don't make that big a difference.
- There is a ton of walking here, from the parking lot to hole 1, the parking lot to hole 10, and the walk from 17 to 18 is painful. Also seems to go directly through at least one fairway. Some holes are close to each other as well.

Other Thoughts:

- There are some interesting shots here in the forest, with some trees to avoid and some hilliness to factor in. The two hyzers and the anny are pretty good as well. Most everything else is bland. Some of the grass here swallows discs, so beginners might easily lose some plastic.
- This course is definitely still a work in progress, as there are no teepads, signs, or anything at all to designate anything. It is possible to navigate, as the baskets are numbered, but it's no fun. Even if there were teepads and signs, it would still be a pain to play.
- When I went, it looked like holes 1-4 were removed for construction. Enjoy the walk to five, yeesh.
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Eh. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 23, 2011 Played the course:once


Could be a decent 9 hole course.


The front 9 is gone, taken out. There are no kinds of tees or signs or anything indicating anything. Most of it is in a valley that stays pretty mushy in parts and mosquitos/bugs are everywhere.

The hole layouts from where you might think the tee would go are awkward.

Other Thoughts:

If you like picking where to choose from then u might like this course. Not my style as I prefer to keep track of how well i do at a set couse.
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Work in progress 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 14, 2011 Played the course:once


This has the potential to be a very fun 18 hole course however when I played the course in March of 2011 there was no signage what so ever and no tee pads or even a tee areas marked on any of the holes. This forces you to make up your tee point as you go along. The front nine (just north of Wilson Street) is a wide open field and plays through some gently rolling hills with the only hazard being tall grass bordering the narrow dog leg fairways. The grass has yet to grow up this early in the year but I could see spending a lot of time looking for errant drives later in the season. There is a good mix of long and short holes (judging from the distance between pins) but again with a lack of signs or tee boxes it's hard to tell what the final course will look like. Example: The 1st hole has the potential to be a 650+ foot monster depending on where you decide to tee from but the fairway is only about 20 feet wide all the way to the pin and only opens up to about 35 feet around the pin. This requires a degree of accuracy which will frustrate most beginners and even experienced players on windy days. The back nine is located about a ¼ mile to the southeast from the front nine on the other side of Wilson Street. Here the course is more wooded with only one open field shot and some slight elevation change that comes into play. This makes for a totally different feel between the front and back 9.


This has to be considered a work in progress. (Hence the 2 star rating) No signs and no tee boxes mean its Safari golf all the time. Just make it up each time you play. This can be fun but I also enjoy the 4th or 5th time playing a new course and seeing my score improve as I figure out lines and distances. This is impossible until permanent tees or at least markers are in place. This may be a personal peeve but I'm not a big fan of tall grass as the only hazard (as it is on the front nine). Your penalty for a wayward shot is not a get out of trouble shot (which can be fun) but the much less desirable outcome of spending 5 or 10 minutes looking for your disc, or not finding it at all (not so fun).

Other Thoughts:

The front nine is rather straight forward to navigate once you know that it plays clockwise around the field north of the parking lot. The back 9 has some serious navigation challenges with no signage. First time players should print this out and take it with you. Be aware that the 10th hole is the northern most basket you can see when looking east from the small parking lot south of Wilson Street. You will also see the 18th basket very near and just south of the 10th basket so don't be confused. Just aim at the basket on the left. Continue east for 11 and southwest for 12. After the 12th hole DON'T be tempted to go left (south) up the hill into the trees as I was. (That's 15, 16 and 17 up there) Instead the 13th pin is a blind dog leg left located almost due west and just a little south behind some trees. After 13 the 14th is the open field shot to the southwest, then back east toward the trees for 15, southeast to 16 & back north for 17. The line from 17 back to 18 is not at all obvious (could be creative or awkward depending on your attatude). Where the 18th is supposed to tee from I have no idea. But hey... it's Safari golf.
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nice 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 19, 2011 Played the course:once


man who ever built this thank first and formost. The pros to me start on the drive down the st. it starts to look country and i love that being that im in busy area.
-nice fairways
-post set to start hole
-fairly easy to navigate
-not crowded
-nice new baskets that catch well
-awsome views of a creek
-some elevation
-as soon as the course seems repetitive the
back 9 shows up and it becomes 2 different courses


well there is no concrete or rubber to throw off of which is ok.its short.parking lot is a little ways away from the first tee.when it rains i could see this course being a prob

Other Thoughts:

although i did list a few cons i love this course.Maybe its because ive been waiting for a course in this area. its beautiful and seems as if there's room for many more holes.if ur looking for a course that's nice and short and not crowded this is it.However if i lived more than 35 to 40 min away i wouldn't go out of my way to come here.thanks again to whom it may concern
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Starts out boring, gets better in the end 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 23, 2011 Played the course:once


The course is split into two very different loops of 9. The front 9 plays through some gentle rolling hills in an open field with cut fairways through long grass rough. The fairways are cut in interesting shapes (it looked like a cross country trail that the course happens to follow), if you can't reach the pin on your drive you often have to decide how much of the hole you want to bite off if you want to stay out of the rough.

The back 9 is hillier and more wooded. Most shots play through mature trees with some lines to shape and several options off the tee. There are a couple open shots and one tunnel type shot on the back 9 as well. There is a decent mix of hole lengths overall, and an ok variety of left and right turning shots where the holes aren't wide open. The baskets are in good shape and catch well.


The course gets a little boring, especially the front 9. There aren't many different challenges, and the open field shots get pretty repetitive. There are lots of shorter shots, so it doesn't really challenge better players at all. The navigation is a little odd on the back 9 in a few spots where it's not at all obvious where the next hole is.

Other Thoughts:

This isn't all that exciting of a course, and it doesn't have enough different challenges to bring you back on a regular basis. Beginners would likely find the long grass on the front 9 pretty frustrating in seasons where it was grown up, though the back 9 is pretty beginner friendly. More experienced players won't find many different parts of their game tested here.
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