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Del Valle, TX

Live Oak DGC

Permanent course
2.835(based on 6 reviews)
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Live Oak DGC reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
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3.00 star(s)

Live Oak

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 15, 2022 Played the course:once


-- 13 holes that are designed to make good use of the land (some elevation and a moderate number of trees).
-- Baskets (a mix but mostly Innova DisCatchers) are good.
-- Tees are well marked with limestone (?) blocks clearly identifying the front of the tee area. Signs have all of the relevant information, but they are flimsy and not holding up well.
-- Small selection of discs for sale inside. While inside, check out the selection of beverages (you can take cans on the course with you) and ask for a map (you'll need it). Also, there was a food truck in the parking lot on a Friday afternoon when I visited.
-- Restrooms in the brewery.
-- The course itself has a great mix of distances and shots, but distances listed on dgcoursereview are NOT correct; I think 5 of the holes are longer than 400 feet.
-- No. 1 basket is elevated (15 feet?) between two old beer vats. Another basket (6?) is guarded by a tower of beer kegs. Some people will find this too gimmicky, but I like it since the course is on the grounds of a brewery.
-- Hole 8 throws uphill (30-40 feet) on your approach (unless you've got 400-plus foot distance off the tee), but be careful about an overthrow. The Cliff of Doom (that's what the map calls it), lurks 15 feet behind the basket. The dropoff is steep and long. You are risking life and limb if you have to go down to retrieve a disc. That same hill is in play (to a lesser extent) on No. 10.
-- Beautiful grounds with lots of seating behind the brewery. And it's dog friendly. I saw four deer (about 50 feet away, on the other side of a fence) on Hole 11 around 2 p.m.
-- Mostly disc golf only land. Once you get away from the building, you're unlikely to encounter anyone who is not a disc golf player.


-- Gimmicky clown's-mouth mando on No. 3. However, without the mando, you've got a 180-foot hole with no challenge.
-- Some of the baskets (3, 5-7) play close together. Even with as close as they are, navigation can be tricky. I was checking the map a LOT and still having difficulty before I joined up with two players who knew the course.
-- Tee pads are dirt, so they are not the most level. A few are sandy, making footing an issue.
-- Because of the size of the property (22 acres?), some of the grass can get a little long to the point of being a trip hazard in fairways.
-- No seating at the tees.

Other Thoughts:

-- This place has the feel of a permanent course with temporary layouts. It has been 9, 12, 13 and 15 holes at different times. The map at the course (not posted, but if you ask inside, you can take a picture of the copy at the bar), shows 15 holes. However, I was told 14 and 15 don't exist "right now." Not sure if/when they will exist.
-- Distances listed on dgcoursereview are NOT correct. For example, the first three holes are listed as 210, 420 and 315. In reality, they are closer to 410, 300 and 180.
-- Previous reviews on this site are not for the course as it exists now (or at least as it did three days ago). Talk of 9 holes and really short holes, etc. doesn't match the current configuration.
-- I uploaded a few photos (and the updated map), but I didn't realize how out-of-date the photos were, so I didn't take that many.
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2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 3, 2021 Played the course:once


On site of the brewery!!!! staff was very welcoming
There's tons of beers to try out, as well as brewery stamped disc for purchase, and scorecards.
The course itself has a great mix of distances and shots...this isn't just your typical little course
It's turned into a 12 hole course with nice innova discatcher baskets...the Austin texas favorite lol
There's even a couple par 4s, and a great view off a cliff down to The River on the back
Some cool elevated pins and mando. One of the pins is stacked on rope of beer kegs and is just really neat


Some of the baskets play semi close together on first few holes..new players might have a little trouble with navigation
Tee pads are just dirt with flags
There might be some non disc golfers viewing the brewery grounds just keep them in mind.

Other Thoughts:

Overall this course was better than I was expecting for a brewery course! Keep up the good work and would love to see pads out there...and maybe some defined ob lines to keep fairways apart
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Experience: 13.2 years 145 played 7 reviews
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New Layout 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 19, 2020 Played the course:once


Nice course behind a brewery, lots of room. We didn't go inside the brewery, so maybe they had current maps. Current map on DGCR is outdated. We found all the holes (9), but never found the tee for #1.


Some tees are a long way from the previous basket.

Other Thoughts:

Old black van parked by hole 6/7 was kinda scary!
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Experience: 6.3 years 19 played 16 reviews
1.50 star(s)

Directionally Frustrating 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 14, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


- The land itself is perfect for a disc golf course
- Hole design is excellent
- Despite the number of patrons at the brewery, they don't often walk the course
- Excellent beer
- Course map and scorecards available upon request
- The course is really well maintained


- No tee signs to tell you what hole you're on
-- The provided map doesn't really help much if you're not already familiar with the course
-- I've played this course twice, the first time we threw from tee 2 to basket 5
-- The second time, we though hole 9 was hole 6
-- This isn't that bad solo, but when playing with a group it really harshes the vibe
- No tee pads, which wouldn't be so bad if the dirt was maintained but it's not

Other Thoughts:

Banana spiders call this area home, we ran into a huge one living in a trash can.

You can buy brewery branded discs at the bar.

The bar sells up to two cans per person for taking on the course.

Pokemon Go: one stop, no gyms
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Pizza God
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Beer 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 8, 2018 Played the course:once


nice backyard course with a few trees
$3 for a can
Several different types of shots
You can take your beer on the course
2 holes not listed on the map (that I could find)


Not marked that well, need a map to find the regular 9 holes, the map does not have some holes that are new. I found 13 baskets, but only 11 tee's. One basket might just be a practice basket near the front. There was a basket in North West Corner of the property I could not find a tee for.

Other Thoughts:

the brewery has a huge back yard, someone put a small disc golf course on it.

Hole 1 is on the other side of the beer garden and has you throwing over a small hill. Trees on both the left and right side of the open fairway.

Hole 2 is a huge hyzer shot around a set of trees to a hill right before a HUGE drop off. You do not want to overshoot your upshot over that cliff, your not getting your discs back. (actually, there are some overgrown stairs behind the basket. Don't know how far they go down)

Hole 3 is off that hill to a basket in the middle of that grove of trees you threw around on 2.

Then if you look, there is a tee not on the map but to the right of the #3 fairway is another hole throwing back up to the cliff. Then you go up to the top of that hill by an old picnic table and throw back into the trees by tee #4 This one has a tight line at the end of the fairway.

Then hole 4, nice tight shot to an open green area.

Hole 5 is wide open, throwing from by the barn towards the east fence line.

Hole 6 was a nice tight right to left shot with a small "Toad" pond just north of the basket and several trees to navigate.

Hole 7 is a wide open shot next to the parking lot, the basket is on the side of the hill with OB near to the right.

Hole 8 is another wide open shot going from the south east property line towards the trees. Then you walk over 6 fairway to hole 9 throwing from between the tree's, but the fairway and basket are in the wide open area. Nice ace run hole with no worries.

Did I mention you can buy a beer for $3 and play the course with the beer?

This is a private course, but is open to the public for free. But if you do enjoy good beer, I recommend it.
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Experience: 13 played 13 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Live Oak DGC - Beers + Casual Golf 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 7, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


I want to start this review off by saying this course is rated high because it's EXACTLY what it's supposed to be - an easy, new 9-Hole course on brewery land where you can take Live Oak's canned beers onto the course and play some easy disc golf.

This is the main 'Pro' - you can grab 2 cans of their beer on-site, walk 100yds through the awesome courtyard and hit the 1st tee. From there, the course winds through the land behind the brewery. It's good for all skill-levels, has some good shot variety for experienced throwers, has 9 quality holes and 2 throw-ins for fun.

Now to the actual bullet review:

- Shot Variety - this course does have multiple shot angles, elevation changes and lengths for their holes. Multiple holes shoot up to a hill or from the top of a hill. This influences the length-feel as it adds an interesting extra amount of precision to hit the perfect spots on the course. Plus most holes have multiple routes to carve through to the baskets

- Throwing Lanes - many holes do have some technicality - whether it be a small tunnel or strong angle required. For how small some of the holes are, these add some difficulty to a few holes and it makes the course fun for experienced players to manipulate tons of shot attempts

- Clean - sometimes the grass gets a bit overgrown, but for the most part it's around a big field and playing in grass is always nice

- Seating - most holes have a place to sit and relax before teeing off once again. Since you're at the brewery, you may want to chill and enjoy some beer for a bit before playing. This course plays to that pace

- Pet-friendly - the brewery inside does not allows pets, but outside in the courtyard and on the course dogs are welcome. Course is dog-friendly

- Baskets - 9 of the baskets are Innova Discatchers and they're in great shape.

- Facilities - players can use the brewery's restrooms. There's plenty of water and shade to rest (and have a beer, of course) in between rounds

- Discs available for purchase in the brewery.


The cons come with a grain of salt - typically, these cons significantly dock a course's rating; however, as this course's purpose for now is as a good source of entertainment at a brewery, these are just some things I know they'll improve on but are currently lacking as compared to other courses in the area.

- Teepads - these are all just dirt patches with little to no signage as to where to go next. They're more than sufficient and usually well maintained, but often are just filled with bark.

- Signage - very, very lacking; however, the brewery will provide you with a course map and it's not a hard course to navigate whatsoever.

- Baskets - for now, 2 of the holes are non-permanent and are on old, rusted practice baskets. In the end, this isn't a big deal but worth noting while the course continues to grow and replaces these.

- Ants - many holes have random anthills, which can be a bummer if you get attacked

- Pedestrians - Many brewery goers elect to take their beverages and wander the campus. Sometimes they walk throughout the course. It can be a great opportunity to grow the sport!... but also the walkers can slow pace-of-play

Other Thoughts:

I love this course. I always make an afternoon of coming to Live Oak to have some beers and play. I know our beer monies will go to growing the course (rumors are that they plan to expand to another full 9 holes in another adjacent piece of land...)

It's not a champion-grade course, but it's not meant to be yet. It's purpose of a great activity on a brewery campus is met and exceeded, and having 9 quality baskets and some cool holes makes this place well worth the visit.
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