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Manly, IA

Manly DGC

Permanent course
1.55(based on 1 reviews)
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Manly DGC reviews

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1.50 star(s)

5 Baskets, No Waiting 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 25, 2021 Played the course:once


-Baskets OK
-Upkeep of area is good
-Quick play


-No signage
-No tee pads or defined area for tee pads
-Large Solar Array at south end of pool area could be in play
-#4 plays over sidewalk and driveway
-Minimal elevation

Other Thoughts:

Manly DGC is 5 baskets set around the local Aquatic Center in Manly, IA. (There is a town named Fertile nearby which leads to headlines of "Manly Man Marries Fertile Woman"....) The 5 Mach 3 baskets are in good condition. There is just no definition of the course. I started at the picnic shelter and played clockwise around, which seemed to make the most sense. I paced out #1 from there, the rest from near the previous basket. There is a new solar array at the south end of the pool (along the right side of what I am calling #1). The fence is short, but I would avoid going in that area. The rest of the holes play away from the pool, so there is little danger of ending up there. What I'm calling #4 does play over the driveway to the parking area and over a sidewalk, which would only come into play on a busy summer afternoon, I would guess. There were restroom on site, but they were locked down on the late summer weekday I was there (There is a gas station 3 blocks south) Play was quick, I put in 2 rounds before heading on down the road. You could use this as a warm up to other courses in the area (it's about 10 miles north to the 18 in Northwood or 10 miles south to the 18 at East Park in Mason City). Add some definition with tee pads and signage and this could bump to a 2 or 2.5. The layout is OK, just no definition. If I found myself in Manly with an itch to throw, it's baskets, but probably won't play here again.
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