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Marlin, TX

Marlin City Park

Permanent course
2.55(based on 3 reviews)
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Marlin City Park reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
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2.00 star(s)

Marlin City Park 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 16, 2022 Played the course:once


-- Decent Patriot baskets (8 of them because two have been stolen and not replaced).
-- Tees are marked with white 4x4 posts. H1P3 means Hole 1, Par 3. You can figure out the other holes. No other information is on the post; you can see the basket (at least the 8 that are still there), but distance would be nice.
-- Flow is good. Hole one tees near the parking lot and covered picnic table. Hole 10 finishes across the road from there.
-- Elevation is not huge, but it is well used (when all baskets are present, 5 of 10 holes throw either uphill or downhill) as are the few trees, mostly to guard baskets. Water is in play on two holes, including a water carry.
-- The water holes are the most fun. No. 6 is 211 feet straight with the water about 10 feet behind the basket. No. 7 is 101 feet (most of it a water carry) to an elevated basket. If you are 15-20 feet short, you're wet; if you're 15 feet long, you're OB (road).
-- Disc golf only area. The park itself is multi-use, but the disc golf course isn't near the other features.


-- Really short course. Not counting holes 8-9 (the missing baskets), three holes are shorter than 165 feet, only three holes are as long as 300 and none as long as 350.
-- Snakes. My dog had an encounter with one near the water on 7.
-- Many tee pads are too close to the preceding basket, creating a safety issue. Nos. 3/4 and 7/8 are the worst of those. In addition, teeing off on 3, the No 2 basket is about 50 feet in front of you, barely left of the direct line to your basket.
-- Natural tee pads. With only a 4x4 post to mark them, the tee boxes are not clearly defined.
-- No restrooms, no water, no benches. It's a short course and a quick play, so this isn't much of an issue.

Other Thoughts:

-- Enter park from Business Highway 6 (Williams Street). Turn on Mun Park Road (that's how it's listed on the maps), and you'll immediately see baskets and quickly get to the gravel parking lot near holes 1 and 10. If you use GPS/Siri to get to the park, you'll probably enter from Highway 7, and you'll have a long, slow drive through the entire park looking for the disc golf course.
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Pizza God
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3.00 star(s)

Fun little 10 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 5, 2021 Played the course:once


Decent Patriot baskets
Tee's are marked with painted 4x4 posts
Decent flow
All the elevation is used.


Grass tee pads
Only 10 holes

Other Thoughts:

Small town and a small course. However it is a fun little course to play and worth stopping and playing a quick round.

Hole one starts in front of the pavilion and parking. You do throw over the edge of the parking area and some major rough on the right. The basket is up on the edge of a hill.

Hole 2 is a nice little shot under a large oak tree

Hole 3 is almost a blind shot over the edge of the hill with the basket under an very large old tree. The basket for hole 3 is actually in the fairway of a lefty shot.
Hole four throws down a small hill and over the gravel road. Decent shot if you play all the roads OB.

Hole 5 is a big turnover shot around a few trees with the pond and rough on your right.

Hole 6 has you throwing right at the pond so don't overthrow it or your disc is gone.

Hole 7 is a fun pitch and putt hole over the edge of the pond on a hill by the pond run off. Come up short and your disc is gone. Overthrow it and your OB in the road.

Hole 8 uses the gravel road, a large tree and the ball fields as obsticals.

Hole 9 throw back up that road to the basket sitting up on the hills. Don't turn it over too quick or you are in some deep rough.

Hole 10 is what I would call a filler hole. It just gets you from hole 9 back to near hole 1. Nothing special, throwing down the road and is a wide open shot.

Would I play here again? Actually I would. This is a fun little course and if heading from DFW to College Station would be an easy and quick stop at the 1/2 way point. While not a destination course, it does not suck and was fun to throw.

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2.50 star(s)

Course in a little town! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 4, 2019 Played the course:once


For a little town I am so happy that they had a course here. They guy who set it up works for the parks dept and came out and talked. I am glad they let him set this up. He did a good job for the little space he was provided. If you are driving through this town show this course some love and go play it will be fast.

Perfect new baskets. They have post set up for the tees. Pretty straight forward. Used the elevation on the 1st 3. Didnt have much to work with but used it very well.

Used the woods in the middle to add some difficulty. Was pretty fun.


Park is under huge construction. If they were done i wish they could use the pond into the course in some way.

No pads but i dont mind that.

Other Thoughts:

I think its neat when tiny towns have courses so if you are in the area show some love and swing by.
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