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MetCenter DGC - Old Layout

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MetCenter DGC - Old Layout reviews

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Pizza God
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3.50 star(s)

a few good holes 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 8, 2018 Played the course:once


Cement tee pads, many holes with 2 sets
Tee signs with map and distance
A little bit of elevation on a few holes
creek comes into play on several holes
several 2/3 drive holes.


mostly open with a few good holes with good fairways
VERY muddy around the pond, it is a long walk around if you don't want to get mud on your shoes

Other Thoughts:

I played the championship tees for this review.

Hole one is pretty tight, not really a good fairway, it is not really very fairway. More like a throw and hope you don't hit a tree into the creek shot. The hole is long enough that most players can't get a 2 anyways so your goal is to punch though to get an upshot.

Hole 2, long and boring, there is some elevation from the flood control pond and the basket is on the top of the levee.

Hole 3, a birdie shot, just don't overthrow the basket or your in the pond dropping in for a 3.

Hole 4 is a long throw along the creek, you want to set yourself up for a turnover upshot. Don't be right.

Hole 5, short little birdie shot, don't be left, creek and across is OB.

Hole 6 Walk back past where you just tee'd from to hole 6. This one is a decent toss, enough tree's to make it interesting.

Hole 7 is uphill with a couple of tree's to make it interesting.

Hole 8 is a boring turnover shot

These next couple of holes you need to pay attention to where the holes are, it is kind of jumbled up here.

Hole 9 past a few tree's, just your run of the mill hole

Hole 10 Crazy, just crazy. 1000ft hole Just stay to the left, but not over the creek OB. Maybe top pro's like 1000 ft holes, I see so reason for them, they are usually boring. That is exactly what this hole was. three 340 drives and a putt.

Hole 11 When you have to put in a mando, the hole is not designed very well. The mando forces you to throw down the creek. Still a two shot hole.

Hole 12 a basic air it out hyzer shot, not much in the way of that line.

Hole 13 Another designed 2 shot hole. get past the first set of tree's and don't fall off in the creek and you will be fine.

Hole 14 Just a hyzer birdie hole

Hole 15 another hole trying to get you to throw into the pond.

Hole 16 is a fun little turnover shot, don't let your disc fall off ob left.

Hole 17 They make across the creek OB because that area is open. This makes the fairway tight. Placement on this hole is important.

Hole 18 might be the best hole on the course. There is a tight short line down the creek or the big hyzer boom into the opening of the tree's. Either shot you want to be out in the open or your looking at a tough up shot.

In general, I found this course boring. In most areas this would be a decent course, but for Austin with so many great courses, this is not one of the better ones. Just a long boring course.

Would I play here again.

No, I have played it, not interested in playing it again. I will play Roy G, Circle C or Austin Bible over this course in a heartbeat. I just did not have fun at this course.

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Chained Evil
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A good time at the Met Center 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 22, 2018 Played the course:once


Good mix of wooded holes, especially holes 1 and 18 to start and end your round.
Signage is good and the tee pads are ample allowing for a proper run up.
2 sets of tees on most holes allowing for a nice change of pace and a different challenge from each pad.
Good mix of short, moderate, and longer holes. Water threat is present as well. There is a creek that snakes its way thru this course and some baskets are close to the creek which will add to the challenge.
There also is a pond around hole 3 and 15. Going for the ace run will add to the pucker factor as well.
There are a couple of next tee signs here and there to keep you going in the right direction.
Both dog leg left and right shots are accounted for and there are a few aceable holes too. Longer holes to air out drives are also present too.


There are a few areas in which you will have to do some backtracking or some long walking to get from a basket to the next tee. Hole 16's basket to 17's tee comes to mind. Hole 1's basket to 2's tee as well.
The area that is east of the pond is super sloppy after a hard rain and getting through this area can be slick. There are some boards and stones to assist you so that helps some.
Hole 4's basket is super close to the creek so a shot that is just a tiny bit off could be wet. I don't think the creek is so deep that you can't get your disc back but moving the basket to the right a bit might allow for a bit more fairway. I know its risk reward but some players might find it discouraging.

Other Thoughts:

This is a nice park style course that has some good challenging lines. The creek that comes into play will keep you on your toes and test your accuracy. There are a few shorter holes here to give you the chance to run some holes but those short holes are balanced out with some long bomber holes. I like that fact that there are 2 sets of pads some players of varying skill sets will have the opportunity to enjoy themselves. This course doesn't have much elevation to it and its not as wooded as Roy G Guerrero. Its a nice compliment to Roy G IMO and a good place to hone in on your skills. This course does have a good variety and is still a solid play. Hit up the Met if you like a good park style course.
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Another great south side course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 7, 2016 Played the course:once


(3.287 Rating) Among a class of great courses on metro Austin's south side.
- CHALLENGING - The Met Center is one of the more challenging courses in the entire Austin metro area. It will definitely challenge your game as the course is a good mix of both power and finesse holes.
- UNIQUENESS - Although a flat course, the overall uniqueness is way above your average 18 hole course. There are a bunch of 4's and a par 5. Several holes have a creek element in play as well as a pond. Doglegs holes occur in both directions. In addition, there are some pocket shots, and windows shots. Really the only thing that is missing is a very well defined tunnel play. I'll also add, there is really no "signature" hole on this course just a bunch of "very good" categorized holes.
- SHOT SELECTION - I probably played half and half flick to backhand. 60% of your drives will have to be well thought out and placed. While the other 40% will have to be bombed down the fairway. The course however doesn't fair well for overhead shot players as 70% of the drives will need to be kept low.
- CHARACTER - There is a great course map right at hole 1. And there are very well artistically illustrated and fairly accurate hole signage throughout the course. Most of the tees are shaded well and there are two tees pads at most holes for ams and pros. Unfortunately no seating, no picnic tables, no extra pin placements, and no practice basket.
- TEE PADS - Concrete pads are of adequate length and width. Nothing special but it does the job.
- NAVIGATION - I didn't find any major issues. We took a picture of the map at hole 1. If you take a picture, you'll have no issues on your first time threw.
- SPACING - Above average, Perhaps there are but just a couple times that a disc can fade into another fairway.


- ELEVATION - A surprising lack of Elevation on this course. Its flat as a pancake. Probably varies by no more than 20' on the entire course and no hole varies by more than 10'. definitely subpar among the Austin area courses. I will add however that the course does work it in where is was available. A mound around a retention pond is used well on two holes.
- TIME PLAY - Course is not a quick play, a group of 4 should plan to be here at least 3 hours to complete 18 holes.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - This really is not a beginners course, even from the am pads. although the odds of losing a disc is below average, the course requires the skills of a seasoned player to not come away felling defeated.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - Definitely not the most scenic course on the south side. Probably about average when comparing all courses in general however. I will note, that I have heard that the course was once much more vegetative and vibrant before 2012 and before the 3 year drought.
- MAINTENANCE - I played a charity event here, so the grass was cut just a few days prior. This said, numerous friends of mine have commented to me the lack maintenance this course gets. Often this can be due to the flood plain ground conditions and not being able to mow. The course seems to always be overgrown in the rainy season. Please be sure to check course conditions from a good source before heading out to avoid the risk of unplayable conditions.

Other Thoughts:

A great course for those living within 15-20 miles. Definitely worth a look see if you are from out of town and have already hit Circle C and Roy G. If you live in Austin metro, be sure to play this course at least once.
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Jonny T
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Flat, Open, and Boring. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 5, 2015 Played the course:2-4 times


The only real pro is that it's another 18 hole course to try in the Austin area. Once you try it, you probably won't be back.


This course is built in an industrial drainage ditch. All tee shots are wide open, so expect to throw a driver a lot, and don't expect much creativity or variety around any of the pins. Most holes are long, flat, and wide open. Most holes were flooded with murky running water, and there are very few trees on most of the holes.

Other Thoughts:

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MetCenter 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 12, 2015 Played the course:once


Lots of shot variation with a good variety of technical short shots and some more open long holes to bomb. Good mix of pars keeps you on your toes, with the creek or the pond coming into play in good ways that make you throw precise shots or take strokes for OB. Good risk reward on holes where the creek comes into play, and this course punishes bad shots with OB and what not. The creek is also pretty shallow, so even if you do throw a shot into the creek its not impossible to get your disc back.


Some of the walks between holes were unclear, but there are some signs to help guide the way. The rough on holes playing alongside the creek is very rough. Lots of thorns and stickers, so be wary if you throw a bad shot. Also, many of the fairways could be mowed as the grass was pretty high in several of the fairways. With the recent rain there were also several walks through ankle-deep mud.

Other Thoughts:

Really great course to play either solo or with a group of people. Probably not the best course to play with brand new disc golfers as it can be easy to pick up strokes with how much the creek comes into play and some pin positions are rather difficult. Great course for ams looking to develop their ability to throw different kinds of shots with accuracy. Really wonderful course, I highly recommend it.
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Wow. That seems a little far 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 2, 2015 Played the course:once


MetCenter is a course that will challenge you in every way. The course sits on a huge piece of land with ample room to have some longer holes. There are shorter holes that you have to finesse or be prepared to lose your disc to the water behind a few baskets. There is a little elevation on the course, and it is utilized very well especially the small hill that comes into play on Holes 15 and 4.

Like most Houck designed courses, this course has fair lines on all of the holes. The course is moderately wooded on some holes, and there are lines and fair landing zones on the par 4s and par 5s.

Also, being a Houck designed course, the course has ample tee pads, great tee signs and good catching DisCatchers. There are two sets of tees on a few holes, some of the shorter ones just have one, but the shorter tees give a newer player a chance to enjoy himself, as the longer tees can be unfriendly with mandos and harder lines to hit (Hole 1 long).

Hole 18 was a great finishing hole; it definitely was my favorite hole on the course. Not a super hard par 4, but a few errant shots and your score could be hit hard.


The course feels a little repetitive. I only played the course two weeks ago, and it is hard to piece together what hole is what hole and not just a mesh.

I felt a few of the holes were long just for the sake of having a long hole. Standing on Tee #10, the longest hole on the course, you are about a hundred feet from basket 11. You throw 1000' down a strip of land and come back the exact way you came. That hole could have been 200-300' less, but I get that the chance to play a 1000' hole is pretty rare.

The navigation can be a bit tricky but there are signs that point to the next tee. Without them, it would be very challenging to find your way around.

Other Thoughts:

I had no expectations on Metcenter, and I left feeling "meh." There were no holes that I felt were phenomenal, and most of the type of holes you could find at other places. It was nothing special, but I would play it regularly if this was the closest course to my house, because it is not terrible, there are just better options in the Austin area.
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Good Variety and Long 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 1, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


- This course wasn't afraid to stretch its legs. I like courses that "let the big dog eat" from the tee box (i.e. the 1000'+ Hole 10, 1 of 8 holes that are over 500' long when playing the blue tees).
- Along with the driver-friendly holes are technical holes throughout the course that utilize trees, water, and elevation changes.
- Any course that has established Alt Tees is a plus in my book.


-This was a year ago but some of the outlying areas of the course were under construction and affected the quality of play at the time. If that has since changed then consider this con null and void.
- It's the nature of the beast, but some of the more wooded areas were quite muddy. Old pair of shoes takes care of that though.

Other Thoughts:

I played this course while visiting a friend in ATX. It's the only course I've played in Austin but if it's any indicator to the quality of courses out there, then I'm impressed and should make the trip over more often.
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Really fun course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 18, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


Great variety in the length of the holes as well as dogleg right/left. Except for a few baskets placed on the top of a small hill the course is flat, but there are some real sparks of genius in the design of this course. Hole 1 is quite possibly the most challenging first hole of any course I have ever played!

The rest of the holes are a very good mix of short to mid ranges that demand technical accuracy, long holes (hole 10!), and some short/easy holes to give your arm a little rest and your ego a boost.

The tee boxes and signs are in great condition, as are the baskets. I have never once seen a crowd out here so you will rarely have to wait on a group in front of you. The busiest I have seen this course was 5 or 6 groups playing simultaneously.


The course has a bit of a strange design often zig-zagging around and slightly crossing another fairway to get to your next hole. It's not the most obvious where the next hole is if you haven't played before.

There is very little tree canopy here (at least not around the tees or the baskets) so expect to be in direct sunlight quite a bit. You might wind up under a tree for some of your fairway throws but it can be a brutal round in the summer.

There are very few trashcans and no restrooms or water fountains. They also do not have any benches for any of the holes.

Many of the trees have been cut down due to drought and I saw several more marked for removal today. Hole 16 is short but used to force RHBH throwers to anhyzer around trees. Many of the trees in the fairway have been removed and you can simply throw directly at the basket now.

Other Thoughts:

This is a challenging course for beginners. Many of the holes are quite long and it can be downright frustrating if you haven't developed a solid throw yet. If you're looking for a better beginner course I recommend Zilker Park or Mary Moore Searight.

My first trip here I threw a +25 but my game has improved significantly since then and my best round here is +7. We play from the amateur tees and I currently average about 240ft, with a max on flat ground of about 280ft.

I haven't lost a disc here yet but several of my friends have. Right now the creek is bone dry due to drought but there is a pond that can eat your disc if you overshoot holes 3 or 15. If you throw over the creek and OB on some holes it may be difficult to find your disc due to extremely thick and tall brush.

Come prepared with water and a snack. Playing with groups of 4 and 5 it has taken us close to 2.5 hours each time to finish a round.
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denny ritner
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Solid challenge, bring provisions 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 19, 2012 Played the course:once


MetCenter provides a complete game work out. The holes have great variety in shape and distance. Technical control and power requirements are balanced nicely. There are many opportunities to make choices; MetCenter is definitely a thinking player's course. The two tees (red and blue) do an excellent job of providing a good challenge for players of all levels. There are minimal opportunities to lose plastic that can be avoided.

As with most Austin area courses the locals are very friendly. The signage and tee pads are superior. The grounds are well maintained. There are multiple "signature" holes. Some of the better holes include:

Hole 1 is a fairly short par 4 that presents a very difficult challenge to open the round. The tee shot presents two tight routes. One provides a better chance at making a birdie 3, but brings a lot of risk with an OB creek. This is one of the most difficult opening shots in all of disc golf, but eminently fair.

Hole 2 provides a great contrast with hole 1. It is the longest par 4 on the course with an open tee shot that provides a great risk/reward opportunity with OB left and tempts players to cut off as much of the gentle dogleg left as they can. The basket is well placed on a steep mound with a drop-off to OB behind. A birdie 3 is a VERY good score on this hole.

Hole 3 is a terrific short, uphill par 3 with OB blind behind the basket.

Hole 4 is another fairly short par 4 that presents a very good challenge. The tee shot provides a couple options and it's important to get good placement in the fairway to have a chance at a birdie 3. Even with a good drive, the second shot still presents a good technical challenge with options. The basket is well placed in a little cove with OB short, right, and long.

Hole 10 is a medium-long par 5 that provides a good balance of the opportunity to air the disc out with some technical challenge. The fairway narrow nicely at around the 400 ft mark, making longer throwers shape a nice S shot if they want to take advantage of their power and not get blocked out.

Hole 11 is a medium length par 4 with a diabolical tee shot. This tee shot is the toughest on the course and will make all players weigh their options carefully. Many players will attempt to make a safe play off the tee to go for an "easy" par 4, but even the safe shot is challenging. The basket is well placed with OB short and left.

Hole 13 is another fairly short par 4 with a demanding tee shot. The gap is moderately wide, but the shot must be well planned and executed in order to find one of two "sweet spots" with a realistic route to the basket area. The basket is guarded with OB left. The hole can be birdied with a drive and approach that hug the OB left, but both shots are quite risky.

Hole 15 is a picturesque, uphill 320 ft par 3 that requires a nicely shaped S shot and has a drop-off to OB behind the basket.

Hole 16 is a very demanding , short par 3 with OB down the left side.

Hole 17 is yet another fairly short, very demanding par 4. (have you begun to sense a theme yet?) The tee shot requires a bit of thought and fearless execution with OB right and trees left. The basket is well protected on a peninsula bounded by OB.

Hole 18 is one of the best finishing holes in all of disc golf. It's a medium-long par 4 with two distinct routes. The left route involves taking the risk of the OB creek, but cuts a lot of distance off the dog-leg. The right route is safer, but offers minimal chance of making a birdie 3. Par 4 is a good score here and birdie is cause for celebration.


While I love the well-rounded challenge of MetCenter and many unique individual holes, there are a few shortcomings which I feel prevent it from being a 4.5 or 5.0 rated course.

The property does not afford the opportunity to make two loops of 9 holes. (I know that's beyond the control of the designers, but still a "con" in my book.) Holes 1 and 18 are the only ones with a tree canopy. There are neither benches nor drinking water or restrooms on the course. Add in a long, challenging disc golf course and it makes for a long, hot round.

The course relies too heavily on the use of mandos. There are several long, awkward walks between holes. There are several places which could use additional "next tee" signs.

Hole 3's tee is too close to hole 16.

Hole 8 has a hyzer route that runs through hole 7's fairway. (likely another mando will be added in the future)

Hole 9 is a mediocre hole, dangerously smooshed between holes 12 and 13.

Other Thoughts:

Don't be a dirty discer; leave the course cleaner than the way you found it.

To read about my review philosophy check out the other info section on my profile.
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Steeplechase Industrial 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 22, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


Good mix of long and short holes on this course. Good pin placement throughout. Excellent technical holes. Especially on holes 1, 4, 5. 6, 10, 12, 17, and 18 which has a good number of trees in the fairway and good interaction with the creek that runs through this course.


I have played this course both with and without water in the creek. When there is water present, plan on losing at least one disc. (Hence the Steeplechase in the title.) No Restrooms, few trashcans, and some high weeds can make for a tough disc golf experience.

Other Thoughts:

This course just happens to be close to where I work, so it is a favorite of mine. Sure, it is tough, but for me, beats some of the other tough courses in Austin. At least I can play this one and have a chance at par on some holes.
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Tough Love 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 5, 2012 Played the course:once


Technical course layout which requires thought out shots and strategy. A very long course which will help improve your distance.Great pin placement


The course is basicly "straight up and down" so you have keep a look out for people walking through.
Nearby construction

Other Thoughts:

Met Center is a fun course, it's very long and challenging with alot off trees to shoot through. The back 9 has a creek next to it thatcomes into play on most holes. Make sure you give yourself alot of time to play it took 3 of us a little over 2 hours to play 18 holes.
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Good course, bad area! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 17, 2010 Played the course:once


Really cant tell you the pros of the course, other than it had a couple nice medium range holes, not enough. It is a nice course when considering the rest in the area, or on this side of town. It is a challenge.


No trash cans, no benches, to many long holes with mandos,

Other Thoughts:

If your going here especially on the weekend be very cautious about leaving personals in your car. Vehicle was broken into, stereo stolen and a wallet taken. This all happened in broad daylight about noonish with lots of Disc golfers around. BE AWARE!
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Keeper 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 30, 2011 Played the course:once


The traffic on the course is light and parking is ample on weekends. Tee boxes are well laid out and distance test even the longest throwers. Distinct difference between red and blue tees unlike other courses played in the past. Launch pads are well constructed with excellent traction and clear markers for next hole direction on most holes.


It is a long course but that to me is just another reason add this course to a players game for that extra challenge. It's hard to say what I would add having only played it once so far. Maybe just the addition of benches at a few strategic holes for the rest break since it is a long course, especially if played from blue tees.

Other Thoughts:

Look forward to playing the course more and seeing what it is like when trees are in bloom providing better shade and limiting some shots like pancakes on some holes.
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3.50 star(s)

Enjoyable 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 9, 2010 Played the course:once


Really good design
Good signs and tee pads
Easy to navigate
Good for both pros and ams


A little flat and repetitive

Other Thoughts:

I don't think there's anything outstanding about this course, but there's nothing wrong with it either. I think there are a couple really good golf holes, and it makes good use of the creek and ponds. I think it's definitely worth playing if you're in the area.

Advice - park a little further down, start on hole 2, and then finish on hole 1!

And remember to check out the sign as you pull in, "Trespassers will be violated"
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very nice course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 22, 2010 Played the course:once


Very nice pro and am tee boxes and good signage designed by John Houck. Many different shots with a couple little par 3 water holes. Plenty of +400 holes and even +1000 from the pro box. This course is rarely played compared to circle c or seawright.


There are no benches on this course nor did I see any trashcans. The course had a couple of muddy spots but the creek bed was dried up. No elevation shots and technically its a private course so you might stand a change of getting run off. (I didn't see any presence of security)

Other Thoughts:

Most of my friends prefer other courses to play because of the distance of most holes. I once heard a guy say when referring to this course "the pros need somewhere to play in Austin." In my opinion its not the hardest but very challenging.
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Excellent Time 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 22, 2010 Played the course:once


- Great signs, including point to the next hole
- Superior tee boxes
- Nice range of open fields and tough tree shots
- Not crowded even on a Saturday afternoon
- While the lack of hills can't compete with Circle C or Searight, I had a blast


- In the spring, I bet it gets difficult with all the water
- Par 5 on Hole 10 seems rather forced

Other Thoughts:

- Difficult to find, not sure if this is a pro or con
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Solid Course, as expected 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 25, 2010 Played the course:once


Another well mapped out 18 hole course from John Houck. Set in a business park, this course has a fair amount of tree coverage which at times can make the tunnel holes difficult. The pro and amateur concrete tee boxes are nice. There are signs that point you in the right direction. The course has a few trash cans throughout.
Good disc catchers, and all around solid course.


A bit overgrown as of 4/25/2010.
It would be nice to have a hole throwing form high to low elevation, but this course is relatively fllat. Throwing from the pond down into the course might be nice.
**6/13/2010** Very well maintained, freshly mowed fairways and fringe. She's looking good!

Other Thoughts:

Overall a very enjoyable course because of the well mapped out holes, the mixture of tight and technical holes, and open fairway shots.
Probably a pretty good course for your dog to come along as it's not surrounded by thick woods like Williamson County Park, or by a major road like Pease Park. Play Well...Win!
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Mudcenter 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 5, 2010 Played the course:2-4 times


Beautiful signage. Great use of land that otherwise would be lying idle. Decent shot variety and elevation change. Nice pace between long & short holes; shorter holes on either end of the longer ones so your arm won't tire too easily. Concrete tee boxes for both amateur and pro lengths. Different tees offer more than just a variation in distance, they offer a considerably different line as well. Great baskets, all readily visible and at the proper height. Moderately to slightly difficult, but plenty of shorter holes offer birdie/ace opportunities. Plentiful out of bounds areas require a fair amount of technical precision. Trees in the fairways (most of the trees out here are fairly young) are used very strategically with the design, not just as arbitrary objects. Probably the least trafficked course in the Austin metropolitan area.


Presumably the gap of land between the office park and the government/military installation was open and unused because it couldn't be built on. Probably because it's like a giant runoff/drainage ditch. Wet and muddy, even days after rain. As a result, the tee boxes, despite being concrete, are usually pretty caked with mud and dirt. Not exactly the most fluid design; some confusion in where to go after a couple of holes, as multiple tee boxes are visible from the end of the previous hole. To alleviate some of this confusion, there are a few signs between a few holes that indicate which way to fork to proceed to the next hole. Not exactly interesting; none of the holes are memorable or super unique, probably due to the fact that the land the course is on is in itself not very scenic. The out of bounds areas are marked on the signs, but it takes a bit of guesswork to actually say if you're off course when you get to your disc; additionally, some of the OBs do seem a tad on the harsh side, but that's not necessarily a huge negative. Lack of trash cans. Fortunately, there's not a lot of trash out there - but I would presume it's only because the course isn't that well trafficked (yet).

Other Thoughts:

If I worked in the office building the course shares a parking lot with I'd be taking extended lunch breaks every day.
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Good for mudders 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 10, 2010 Played the course:5+ times


I would rate it higher if the land was not a wet drainage area. The overall design is very good. Don't let hole one stop you it gets better. One of the hardest opening holes I've seen. There are a wide variety of holes and lots of well marked out of bounds on the tee signs. While playing, the out of bounds are not visible and many times I threw what looked like a good shot only to find it ob where the creek winds around. Verticle poles are needed to mark the OB. Great tee signs.


Lots of confusing short walks between holes because you can see lots of other tees and no distinct paths yet. Many of the small trees will be lost with lots of play and this course will open up over the years. This is a hackberry forest. After playing this again I am lowering my rating. There are many holes with no fairway. I threw several drives that missed all the trees but still finished in a spot with no shot to the basket. If you like being frustrated this is the course for you. You may not think so at first but this course favors big arms. On the few holes with open fairways only big arms have an advantage. There are so many dead hackberry trees that soon there may be fairways.

Other Thoughts:

The design deserves a rating of 2. If 2 of the hillsides didn't stay so wet it would be a better course. I wish Austin would someday give the disc golfers some decent park land.
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Good Course 2+ years drive by

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Great tee pads, good course design. The creek really comes into play and is fun.


Too many long holes and not enough "fun" holes. I had played Austin Ridge earlier in the day and may it is just in comparison to that course, but it seemed like all the holes where 550+ and there where only a few birdies on the whole coruse.
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