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Jacksonville, FL

New World DGC - Green

Permanent course
4.235(based on 13 reviews)
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New World DGC - Green reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15.1 years 149 played 83 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Excellent Course on a Beautiful Complex 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 11, 2019 Played the course:once


- Excellent variety of terrain and hazards in a beautiful park
- Great amenities with a very nice pro shop and helpful staff
- Fun and challenging disc golf with short and long tee pads on most holes
- Shares property with 3 other courses on site


- Can be hard to locate tee pads and baskets on some holes due to very simple graphics on tee signs
- Sandy soil can cause dangerous footing on many tees and fairways
- Leans more towards long and open holes, could be frustrating for lower skilled players with many opportunities to lose discs

Other Thoughts:

I set aside some time to play the New World Green Course during a recent business trip to Jacksonville. I exited the well-stocked pro shop after my round very glad I had made the effort and disappointed I didn't have the time to play any of the Red, White, or Blue courses. After parking and getting the details and a little bit of the history of the complex from the very helpful man at the pro shop I was off to enjoy the 20 varied and challenging holes of the Green Course.

The variety present on this course is definitely above average. Just about every hazard possible on a course is present here: tight wooded lines, water carries, precarious basket placements, wide open holes that expose your discs to the wind, it's all here. There is distance variety as well, though on average this course does play on the long side and line shaping is limited for much of the course. The landscape and terrain changes frequently and it seems there is always something interesting to look at while you are playing your round. The sand dunes by the lake are wild, hopefully erosion doesn't problems for the holes on this portion of the course in the future. The brush in the wooded portions of the course can be quite thick, between that and the numerous fairways that cross or border water the chance of losing a disc can be quite high for more aggressive or less experienced players.

The equipment here is interesting. This was my first time playing on Prodigy baskets and I thought they caught very well. The targets are also color coded for each course and were generally easy to spot. The concrete pads were nice and large, but a fair number were covered in a significant amount of sandy soil, and a couple may have even been buried. The very large tee signs were not especially helpful in finding a number of the tee pads. Most holes have two pads, and the signs did not seem to be uniformly placed in relation to the tees. Some were by the short tee, some by the long tee, and others somewhere in between. This made routing at time confusing, and the very basic visual descriptions of the fairways made locating the correct basket on some of the longer holes challenging. I had to reference the picture I took of the course map on multiple occasions.

I arrived prepared to pay the $6 fee to walk the course, which would have been completely reasonable, but discovered that Mondays and Wednesdays are free-to-play. Possibly something to keep in mind for those on a tighter budget. This is a long course and I was certainly a bit tired and sweaty following my round, but I did not have any problems walking the course. That said, the option for a golf cart is great and I can definitely see it being a big plus on hotter days.

I had a ton of fun playing the Green Course at New World and will make an effort to play the other courses on site when I eventually get back to the area. This complex seems to have something for players of all skill levels, and just about everyone should have a good time here.
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Experience: 13.1 years 38 played 17 reviews
4.00 star(s)

NEW World Indeed 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 26, 2018 Played the course:once


- New World Disc Golf is a Top Notch Facility with much love put into the Sport of Disc Golf.
- Very Friendly Staff (Owner took us on a Tour of the Green course before we payed)
- Awesome Pro shop with many different disc selections for purchase, snacks and beverages (Also Adult beverages)
- A very well designed Green course with all of the Variety in a course you could ask for. Terrain change, elevation change, wooded parts, open bombers, water hazards. You name it, this place had it and it was amazing to play on such a fantastic piece of property. The Flow of the course was never tiring or felt repetitive and the scenery was always changing around.
- Signage was good and all of the tee pads were large and paved.
- The Golf Carts were a welcomed addition for the most part even though it is nice to get out and walk a bit but this course is huge so it was nice to be able to cart hole to hole and provide a sitting place while everyone was teeing off.
- The baskets installed here are high end prodigy Baskets and were catching discs perfectly.


- Design flaws were apparent on the Red course. Some of these Disc courses are on shared property with Ball Golfers which wasn't terrible but just created issues with the game flow. We had to wait a few times for the Ball golfers to tee off and there wasn't much appreciation for either group it seemed once the groups passed each other. There were several times when we were having to cross over Golf fairways during Live holes which could pose a safety concern.
- Signage on the Red Course could have been better as we did get a little lost at one point. Better directionals to next tee pads.

Other Thoughts:

I can't say enough great things about this Facility. We had been wanting to come play here for some time and we all had a great time while we were here.

This is Disc Golf Disney World... Its great to see these types of courses near us and is definitely one of, if not my favorite location to come and play disc golf. We only played 2 of the 4 courses (Green and Red) so I can't event speak of the other 2 but we can't wait to get back and play those as well.

No wonder this course is the home of well known tournaments like the Pro Worlds...They really know how to operate a World Class Disc Golf Facility.
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Experience: 9 played 1 reviews
4.50 star(s)

My Favorite 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 30, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


I have been playing disc golf for less than a year so take this with a grain of salt. New World is the best course I have ever been to. However my coworkers who I travel with and play disc golf all over have been throwing discs for awhile and they echo the same sentiment.

First off friendliest staff I have ever been around. They love that you are there. They want you to put a pin on the map of where your from. First day it rained and a local in the restaurant came out, grabbed his discs from his car, and walked us through the course to show us around.

This place has 4 courses, I can only speak for the green one. Here is my list of pro's.

A mix of par 3's and 4's with a 5 on 15.

It has challenging holes in the woods.

Holes on top of san dunes

Shots over and around water hazards.

Strung up lines for mandos on 2 holes

Mando trees on another

Golf carts, $15 but it has been such a luxury to have

Absloutly beautiful scenery


Depending on you skill level, this place could be expensive. I lost 3 discs here in 2 weeks to the lakes due to my inconsistent throwing mechanics. If you find throwing discs to be as challenging as I do you will probably lose one yourself if you play the course a few times.

Other Thoughts:

For me personally the challenges and consiquences of some of the throws you find yourself trying to make at new world is what makes it my favorite. Trying to stay left of the mando and landing in the lake on 10. Missing my approach on 15 by 7 feet and falling off a 20 ft cliff and rolling another 5 away. This course make you feel pressure, which results in accomplishment when you make it.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 49.1 years 242 played 195 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Unique Modern Challenging 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 20, 2018 Played the course:once


Diversity. Wooded holes. Open holes. Water holes. The Moonscape. A waterfall. A dedication to disc golf seldom seen anywhere, especially on a ball golf property. Golf carts. Pro shop. Eats. Friendly locals and curious ball golfers. Modern pars and a more ball golf like approach to scoring. Real nice concrete tees and ok tee signs. Easy and intuitive navigation. Most of the erosion issues have been dealt with. More courses being added on site. Very challenging. Hole 17 (throws down a wonderful hill with the moonscape on either side and with a lake behind the basket!).


Not too many cons. The cost factor is probably going to be most peoples biggest con here. $6.00 per person and $15.00 for a cart that seats two could be a deterrent to thrifty minded disc golfers who are used to playing for free. The course can be walked and it is quite a hike around but we managed. I was surprised that the two longest holes, both over 700' from the shorts were 16 and 18.

The course is still pretty new and is still a little rough around the edges so to speak. I'm guessing that this course also suffered damage from hurricane Irma like most of our Florida courses but most of that clean up seems to be done now.

The tee signs are some of the stranger ones that I have seen. They have the hole # and distance but the hole layouts are just lines from tee to basket that doesn't show any other features like important trees etc.

Very long by my standards and very challenging in my opinion means that I wouldn't recommend this course to beginners or rec level players with weak constitutions.

Other Thoughts:

New World is on its way to becoming one of Floridas top destination disc golf facilities. I've had my eye on this place for a little while now and can't wait to see what they do next.
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Experience: 25.9 years 175 played 5 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Erosion and Variety 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 16, 2017 Played the course:once


The course has nice variety (a few tight shorties, some tricky midrange lines and then some bombers) and is installed on very interesting land. Teepads are grippy and properly sized, teesigns are large but not very detailed. Although overused (imo), the sand dune holes are interesting and something you don't commonly see. Almost of the hole shapes are reasonable and achievable and evidence that a smart DG'er helped with design.


Erosion! So much erosion. Baskets close to coming out of ground and teepads buried under sand. And a few of the fairways utilizing low lying paths (wash outs from rain) that are going to continue to erode. One basket (17) was within 3' of lake. Very little if any markers for next tees. I spent some time trying to find next holes (especially on long transitions). 20 was the only combination of distance and shot shape that didn't seem to be very "birdie-able". I'd suggest shortening it 60' or lengthening 100' and making it a two shot hole.

And even as a lefty, probably leans a bit too much on LHBH or RHFH shots.

Other Thoughts:

A little rundown of the holes:

1 - Right turning typical Ball Golf two shot hole
2 - Tricky woods hole
3 - Another tricky woods hole
4 - uphill two shot hole onto tricky (eroding) green
5 - Right turning top of mountain par 3
6 - nifty S shaped two shot hole
7 - open bomb and then tricky left turning usphot par 4
8 - uphill shot onto another tricky (eroding) green
9 - midrange hole across dunes
10 - downhill bomber around pond with left turning fairway 2 shot hole
11 - big shot across water from longs or midrange from short
12 - low ceiling midrange hole
13 - tight left turning 2 shot hole
14 - big uphill shot onto another tricky (eroding) green
15 - 3 shot hole with straight first shot, second shot into gap (wash out area) and then uphill upshot
16 - bomb across dunes to island green
17 - downhill shot through another grap (washout area) to basket perched along lake
18 - Nifty left turning fairway two shot hole with open bomb and then upshot around tight green against lake
19 - Tricky woods hole
20 - Open long fairway and then basket tucked deep right late
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Mr. Butlertron
Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 21.3 years 675 played 131 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Oh, What a World! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 5, 2017 Played the course:once


- multi course complex
- top notch amenities: quality carts, pro shop, snack bar, locker rooms, ect.
- ample parking
- dual tees concrete tees
- lots of risk/reward
- plenty of chances for scoring separation
- tee signs: numbered, lists distances, lists general fairway angles
- good use of available changes in elevation
- good use of water hazards
- quality baskets, numbered
- disc golf exclusive course
- a lot of distance heavy holes
- course owner is very approachable and friendly
- lots of contrasting scenery
- course/complex event ready
- camping on location
- course starts and ends near the lodge and parking lot


- not a lot of shade
- not necessarily intuitive in spots, bring a map
- mostly open layout
- sand erosion
- lots of chances to lose a disc
- no multiple pins
- not beginner friendly
- sandy tees

Other Thoughts:

New World certainly is an interesting disc golf course. There is a ton of risk/reward and bursts of scoring separation chances are guaranteed throughout the course. It starts off open and grassy, then moves into the woods for a couple of shorter technical holes. After hole #3 players will traverse up, down, and across a mostly sand plateau of sorts. Errant shots in this section are subject rollaways, but safe from water OB. Death putts are in abundance, though. This is where the cart starts paying for itself. All that up and down work on soft ground with a full pack, no thanks. Holes #10 - 13 offer a different type of risk/reward as they work counter clockwise through and around a pond. After that, the course layout sends players back to the sand plateau before finishing near the cart return. Water is in play for many of these holes as well.

To be completely honest, I don't see the appeal of throwing on and around a pile of sand with little to no obstacles or real fairway definition. General fairway openness is not a course aspect I typically praise. I interpret the pair of triple mandos as an open acknowledgment of the landscape mediocrity.

Still, I enjoyed the variety the course had to offer. You'll have to carefully pick and execute your shots to throw well on the course. The technical fairways and the looming water hazards demand a player's undivided attention. The water hazards were pretty easy to avoid if you choose your path cautiously. I count myself lucky to have only lost one disc during my round. The pro shop confirmed that a diver skims these waters for lost discs regularly, which is reassuring.

Luckily, the wind wasn't much of a factor during my visit. There are holes at N.W. where slight changes in elevation challenge players, but they're not all that memorable. I can readily list a few courses that I've rated a 3 that showcase this feature better. Heavy rains had eroded portions of the course sand mounds. Footing here was less than ideal. Some basket bases were exposed at the base, a few concrete tees were either buried or showed signs of erosion from underneath. I loss my footing and almost tore out a basket atop a mound trying to catch myself.

Navigation was not as intuitive as I would have hoped either. Good thing I upgraded to a cart. Seriously, get the cart. Life's too short to be walking this course, especially in Florida heat and humidity. Many u-turns were made during my round. I did not receive a course map from the pro shop, but to be fair, an online map is available. I recommend you have one handy. Not having multiple pin placement surprised me, considering the course is so highly rated. This is not a huge con, but it's worth mentioning. I also would have liked to see more variety between long and short tees. Separating a few by so little distance seemed like a real waste. I enjoyed the tees that had more lateral spacing between them like on 2 or 11.

How about that course owner Robbie? What an awesome guy. He found me 3/4s of the way through my round and gave me tour of the remaining holes, unsolicited. While carting around we talked about his plot of land, course design, and future development. To steal a pun, maintaining that section of the course sounds like a real uphill battle. Disc Golf is lucky to have people like him out there promoting the game. Knocks against the course withstanding, these sets of courses (New World + Red, White, and Blue layouts) are in good hands with such an involved owner.

My personal course rating for NewWorld lands somewhere between a 3 and 3.5. When comparing this course to other courses I've thrown, it's sandwiched in between the top of my 3 rated courses and near the bottom of my 3.5s. The course was fun, but the overall design didn't wow me. It's impossible to ignore the quality of course amenities, though. Carts, pro shop, snack bar, locker rooms, multiple courses on the facility, they all added positively to my experience. I bumped my rating up to a 3.5 because of them. Playing the course will take a lot of time, even with a cart. Do yourself a favor and budget enough time to sample the red, white, and blue additions to the complex as well.
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Experience: 8.5 years 27 played 8 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Amazing potential 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 15, 2017 Played the course:once


-this part is about the 20 Hole Disc Golf only course. There is a white 9, blue 9, red 18 built on the ball golf course that are beasts also, but completely different than this one.
-Well thought out creative holes. Many interesting shots/looks.
-nice tee pads but a little short.
-Beautiful scenery on much of the course (pond, lake, creek/waterfall).
-lots of elevation change. 2 holes are thrown off a bluff and you can let it ride.
-Love the Prodigy baskets. They are in great shape and places well to make use of hills and guardian trees and to bring water into play.
-two triple mandos in play.
-lots of OB that is fair
-the owner Robbie is super passionate about having the best course/complex on the planet. He works hard for you to have a great experience.
-$10 for a golf cart all day. (Split it with your partner and cut that in half. $10 fee for all day or $6 per round.
-pro shop, snack bar, bar on site
-lots of variety where you tee from open to tight/risk area, then next hole will be tight tunnel drive to more open area.
-the sand dunes/bluffs area is super unique to this part of the country and offers drop offs, canyons, ets that are like nothing I have played before.


Signage/maps is the only thing that is a negative but they seem to be in process of making that better. Next tee signs, better descriptive tee signs, and a map on scorecard would help. Robbie gave us a tour beforehand so we were fine, but without that we would've spent time looking. You have multiple places you can lose a disc in creek/pond/lake.

Other Thoughts:

Overall a unique first class experience! I will be back. When they finish everything on the courses on the ball golf course this should be a top destination in the world for Disc Golf.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 10.4 years 665 played 645 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Perhaps the best course in Florida 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 27, 2017 Played the course:once


(4.386 Rating) Mind blown! My highest rated course as of this review (132 courses played)
- SIGNATURE HOLES - The course starts off rather mundane. A medium length average looking par 4. Then there are a couple of very nice technical par 3s thru a fair but tight pine canopy, and over a creek with a small waterfall. Then hole (4)... and that's when you realize you're somewhere really special. Seven holes (4, 5, 8, 14, 15, 17 and 18) could be the signature hole on 80% percent of the courses out there. I keep a list of my favorite holes of all time, and these seven holes make my all time top 60 out of a total of 2000 plus unique holes played. New World was an experience like none other for myself. Hole (18) IMO, is a signature hole among signature holes. A medium length par 5 with lots of risk reward choices. You can play along the shore line flats and risk water on the right, or play on top of the ridge and add length to the following shot. A second shot will either be a safety lay-up or a large water clear as the hole fairway bends 90 degrees right along the water, and the basket is another 170 feet down this turn.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - The most beautiful course I have ever played as of this review. The scenery on some parts of this course seems almost alien for Florida. The sand dune chunk of the layout is probably the result of drudging the adjacent retention pond, but wow, what an incredible terra formed creation. Definitely the most photogenic course I've ever played.
- ELEVATION FOR FLORIDA - Among the biggest elevation changes you'll see on Florida course (82 Florida courses played as of this review). There are several holes that change by over 30 feet and a couple approach the 40 foot range. Still not as much as the courses north of Atlanta or Charlotte, but a welcome surprise to those expecting just another flat Florida course .
- UNIQUENESS - The variety on this course is outstanding and among the best I've ever played in these terms. Par 4s and 5s, massive dog legs, sweeping curves, pocket shots, up shots, down shots, bomb-it plays, water plays, risk reward options, and tight technical tunnel shots. There are a few unique mandos on this course of which I'll refer to as "under the bridge" mandos. They are on (15 and 17) and are a feature I had only seen in photos till New World.
- CHARACTER - New World has a lot of the niceties that you'd except of an established course. To start, two large concrete tees at each hole. There are also practice baskets, tables, benches and hole signage and so on. This pay to play course however, has way much more. There's a pro shop, where you can buy all sorts of disc golf merchandise. You can rent a golf cart, which I recommend on this longer than normal Florida course (8242 ft). There's a bar inside the club house and you can legally drink a beer on this course. I will also point out that there's a memorial on hole (17) for the father of Jacksonville disc golf. All of these things further the notion that you're at a really special place.
- ONLY $6 - Wait, a pro comment for a pay to play course. Yes, and after playing this course, I felt like I robbed the place. I would gladly play more, to play this course again. I could see myself dropping $500 a year on this course if I lived nearby.
- SKILL LEVEL FRIENDLY - Normally you would think that a highly rated course would be epic hard. Not the case at all. I could easily see beginners loving this gem. Although, I would not bring a first timer here, cause if you did, just about every other course would be a letdown.


A phenomenal course with only one issue and a couple of other ticky tack things.
- COURSE MAP AND HOLE SIGNAGE - I asked for a course map at the pro shop, and at that time they didn't have one. I find it very sub standard that there isn't a course map for a pay to play course, especially for one as awesome as this one. I had no issue ever finding the next tee but I did have issues playing to the correct basket as the tee signs were very subpar for a course this good. Only directional lines and distances on the tees signs. No trees or hazards indicated. I accidently played tee (10) to basket (15), which after traveling over 500 feet in the complete opposite direction to the basket, I was a bit peeved to read the number (15) on the basket after sinking my safari birdie. For your future benefit, I sketched a map of the course and uploaded it to this site.
- CHALLENGING - The course difficulty is a touch above average, but for courses I've rated above a 4.0, New World plays fairly easy among those courses. There are a bunch of completely open plays and if the winds are favorable the scores are likely to go well under. I personally see a player rated at around 920 averaging par from the blue (back) tees. Intermediate players should be able to break par from the red tees.
- WIND - I lucked out, hardly any wind the day I came out here. But considering the openness , I'd bet that windy days are a common occurrence.
- TIME PLAY - This place is going to take some time out of your day, especially with-out a golf cart, if you choose that path. It took me nearly 2 hours to complete this one solo with no cart. I really wish I got one. Figure your average group of 4 skilled players with a cart will play this in 3 hours or more.

Other Thoughts:

My 100th review was reserved for a truly special place. This review took me a long time to write as I don't believe I have the vocabulary to adequately describe it's deserved praises. New world delivers an unparalleled experience to the state of Florida... and yet, it goes even further... New World just opened two more links courses on the property in addition to this Gem, and these two courses will be the home of the 2017 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. I can't recommend this course enough, you will love this place.
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5.00 star(s)

My Favorite So Far! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 7, 2017 Played the course:once


A huge variety of holes!! You can't get sick of playing here. Overall very enjoyable.


Can't really think of one. Maybe the grass... it was pretty high in a few areas.

Other Thoughts:

The owner was such a sweet guy. Truly was a pleasure visiting his course.
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Experience: 13 played 5 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Awesome Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 17, 2016 Played the course:once


Massive layout, a great mix of technical woods shots and huge par 5 bombers, and some water hazards. They have pro tees and am tees, I played the pro tees and was sufficiently challenged as an AM1 player. Golf carts!! Just a generally awesome course that I wish I could play every day. It's only 4 months old so still getting "beat in", but it is only going to get better. They are also building another 18 hole course on the property. The guys running it were super helpful and actually gave us a ride through the course so we wouldn't be playing blind. This place is going to be world famous in the coming years.


WATER! I lost 3 discs, all bad throws, but it's there. I didn't love some of the mandos, but understand why they are there.

Other Thoughts:

Get a cart..it is 100% worth it, after playing 20 holes with a cart, I was still exhausted, I can't imagine walking the course. If it's your first time there, try to play with someone who is familiar with the course or see if someone can give you a tour. Robbie and his son are great!
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Experience: 311 played 18 reviews
4.50 star(s)

World Class in the Making 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 3, 2016 Played the course:once


Discer's Dream. If you are familiar with my reviews, the golfing and aesthetics are equally important to me. This course has it all. I've played on several converted "ball golf" courses and expected this to be like that. I was pleased to learn that, while it is co-located at the former Navy Cecil Field Golf course, the current 18 hole course is on 200 acres of private land next to the ball golf course. Ball golf courses tend to be long and open, and you normally pay from $10 - $25 to play.

This Course only costs $6 (with carts being additional). It is fairly long, but certainly walkable. The course has more terrain and more variety (woods, open, "moon scape", creeks, ponds, lakes, Mandos, island shots, left, right, lay-up, short, long) than any other course I've played on (about 300). There are some true par 4s and 5s and challenging 3s. It is not just a course for those with a big arm. Each hole will have a red and blue tee with big signs and, eventually, brooms and bag racks on each tee. There are some benches and trash cans already in place. There is a club house with restrooms, music, and eventually a bar at the 12th hole. Plenty of OB and plenty of risk/reward. There are new Prodigy baskets on every hole. They are firm and not too forgiving, but will grab a firm putt on centerline. Plenty of scenery and occasional wildlife throughout.


- The course is not yet complete, but still very playable with active progress each week.

- Even with the red tees, it is not really beginner friendly . However, see notes below
- Plenty of water to lose a disc, but Robbie has a diver check the ponds each week to recover lost discs. He usually calls the owner and will hold the disc for some amount of time. He will even mail it back to you if you want to arrange for shipping.

Other Thoughts:

I arrived to play the course with my wife, paid my greens fee and set out to the first tee. The owner, Robbie Newcomer, saw me looking around trying to figure out the first hole and offered to take us on a private tour of the course. He also graciously offered us water and a golf cart. This is a world class course in the making with incredible hospitality. Robbie also plans to add a second course on adjacent land as well as a third "two par" course for practice and beginners. This is definitely a destination course, worth the drive if you are anywhere within a couple of hours. Half the course is next to a lake that was dredged years ago (leaving a 10-15 foot high multi acre plateau of sand/dirt mix). Robbie has "hand carved" the plateau in many spots to make interesting terrain and unique, challenging holes. There are several "signature" holes on this course, each unique in its own right. I've played many of the top rated courses in the country and this is the best in the state of Florida and one of the best in the whole SouthEast. Don't miss it!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 13 years 278 played 276 reviews
4.00 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 12, 2016 Played the course:once


Color me impressed. I know this was at a golf course prior to arriving and I'd seen a few pictures, most of which featured baskets near water. I was expecting a long and open course the leaned heavily on water for difficult. I couldn't have been more wrong. (Except for the water, there is definitely water.) While you check in at the same clubhouse as the golf course, the discing here is on adjacent lands, most of which play around what appears to be an old quarry. It is rugged in parts. Wooded in others. Quite a bit of variety here. And the difficulty mostly comes, if not from the lines that need to be throw into and out of the wooded areas, from the constant need to adjust for elevation changes and frequent requirement to place shots on top of landforms and keep discs from falling into crevices that make putting a trial to say the least.
You can see in the pictures that there is a massive promontory that features in several holes. If I were asked to describe the course in just a few lines I would mention that the holes either start in the words and play into a clearing before climbing to the top of the ridge, or they tee off from the top pf the ridge and finishes in a nook of the woods. There are quite a few of those. During my tour, the owner referred to the areas of the ridge as "billy goat country." I found the term apt and whether you are shooting up or playing along the ridge, you have to watch your placement: there are tons of 5-10foot deep gaps that will make your upshot much more difficult than you expect.
The first few holes are fairly unmemorable. An open field, a few very sort carries through some light woods. But after that, wow does it get good. Playing up down and around a butte for several holes that are truly unique in the region. Discs burst out of a tunnel before climbing jagged features. From the top, a plateau extends quite aways before dropping off at the edge of a lake. But we aren't going that way: we are going back down. A ton of great throws in this segment.
The course transitions around hole ten to a small pond. Every angle of this pond that could be milked for a carry is. While these not exceedingly long stretches of water across the shallow pond, the option to throw a series of shots around the water does exist and short pads offer throws parallel to water rather than over it. Good stuff, if not as exciting as what we just saw and what is about to come. 13 backs up to the lake and throws across some open terrain before bottlenecking into a nook of woods. Passing through that treed section, we once again climb the butte. 15 is a signature hole, a looong, straight shot with crags to the left that requires specific placement for your second? third? Fourth? Shot to make the turn and throw up what is essentially a tunnel carved out of the rock (for vehicles) to reach the flag perched once again atop the butte. 16 is your true bomber but its position atop this huge flat butte, make it stand out from bomber holes elsewhere. 17 is a short shot but it's fantastic, downhill through a rock tunnel (like the one we went up earlier) towards the basket on the edge of that lake we saw earlier.
The final hole of note is 18. About a thousand feet in total, you launch from the top of the promontory, land your first shirt somewhere between the craggy area and the lake. (this throw is going to be parallel to both as you need to get your first quite aways in that direction to shorten the carry on your second throw to something manageable and most players will be taking at least a second shot to ideally set up the carry.) End up in the crags and you are looking at a pitch out and then an additional shot to get close to the water. At absolute best, you are still looking at a 300 for carry across the corner of the lake. (Technically, you could keep throwing along the shore and eventually get there.)
I was given an auto tour before my round with the warning that finding my way around the course would be difficult. I'll never know if that tour imprinted itself on my mind enough for me to stay on track but I never had difficulty navigating the course, even though tee signs are not yet present. The direction from basket to tee is marked on a spoke and my round went seamlessly.
Tees and baskets are top notch. Full clubhouse and large disc selection. This course will indeed be a can't miss when finished.


Currently a work in progress, but I rated and reviewed the course as if the obvious steps to complete it will be made. There are no tee signs yet but most of the posts that the signs will go on are placed. I'm sure any slight issues with navigation will be solved in the near future.
As stated, there is a ton of variety, but sometimes the different segments rob the course of a feel or vibe. Additionally, the first few holes and the last two definitely feel like get-you-to-the-actual-course holes. Playing them is much better than playing a fifteen hole course that starts and ends far from the clubhouse, clearly, but the meat of this course and the part that sticks with you is definitely 4-18.

Other Thoughts:

Since the course is adjacent to a golf course and run out of the same clubhouse, carts are available to rent. In contrast to many courses that offer carts I would say that driving is not a significant part of the experience here. The course is rugged enough in parts that the cart will probably be a hassle and rarely does the course open enough to offer the fun of zipping around a grassy area that I have experienced elsewhere. I walked the course and at no point did I wish that I had a cart.
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Peter S
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Brave New World 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 16, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


Every once in a while something new comes along. For me on this occasion it was New World DGC. I did hear something about this new course that has some strange elevation for a Florida course and I did watch the short Youtube video so I had some idea what I was in store for. It surpassed my expectations to say the least. The day started much like at any other pay to play course. We went inside and paid for the round and the optional golf cart which is always fun to have when playing a long round. After that we make our way to tee 1 and the course starts about as expected with a par four and a mando away from the ball golf green. A very fun and hard 400' first shot with the mando and o.b. right and left. On the approach there is a small o.b. creek and a large guardian tree right, oh and don't forget about that o.b. left. Alright time to relax a little as hole 2 and 3 are shorter. You can view basket 2's green on your ride back to #2 tee. Notice the small creek behind the basket. #2 and 3 are short holes with the creek o.b. to watch out for. #3 has a small waterfall for some early eye candy. #4 is the start of what makes this course very different from most. There is a huge mound that I could only describe as a giant ant hill looking moonscape. The entire mound is acres large and contains crevasse looking erosion gullies throughout with elevation changes from mild to wild. There are a number of holes that throw up and down this monstrosity, the first of which is hole 4. Hole 5 is the first to throw off the hill into a tight gap and into the woods.

There are a number of shots up and down the hill but there are also some wooded holes and some park type holes on nice grass. There are long and short holes on top of the hill where the erosion gullies come into play and if you land long or short of the basket you may go into a gully and have a steep up hill putt. There were also two long and difficult water carries with hole 10 being a 367' water hole from the long tee and 11 another 360' water carry. There are short tees for the waterphobic. There are safe cart routes marked by small c.t.p type flags to drive the carts up the hill.

There are signature holes all over the course but #18 will be sure to be a make or break on the score card. A over 800' par 5 shot from the top of the hill down to a basket lying in a small strip of shoreline alongside the bigger lake. Other signature holes include the par 5 #15 which starts out on ground level and you have to throw a straight shot or hyzer bomb around 450 feet to set up for a triple mando through a rope and banner and up the hill through a cart size alley. #17 is a fun downhill tripple mando through a truck size gap in the hill.

Long and short tees make it fun for all but the course is very long and hard. Great to have the nice new carts for a long course but also for recon on the number of blind shots. Aside from hole 1 we never come back to the ball course to have to share fairways like some other mixed courses.


Very new course with no tee signs other than a hole number. We found ticks on us after playing. Lots of loose sand. With some fairways still partially under construction and the holes that play by the mound, plan on discs getting sandy. Carts also kick up a dust cloud that will cover your bags. Lots of sand on the tees, brooms would be nice once signs and other amenities are considered. At $6 per person plus cart fee, this could add up if you live close enough to want to play often.

Other Thoughts:

This course became an instant favorite of mine. When we talk about courses having a variety of shots we usually look for wooded shots, open shots, water carries and elevation. This course has all that plus the added bonus of something a bit different in the moonscape hill and the erosion gullies. Although there are no permanent signs with hole description there are numbered signs to find the tees and also numbered fairways to give you an idea which way to head out for your recon drive. Score cards provided give hole distance and par. The brand new Prodigy baskets were easy to spot and a piece of black tape on the basket gives direction of next tee. I will play here again whenever in the area and look forward to playing once the course is completed and seasoned in. The pro shop has discs for sale and there is also good food at a decent price. Lost/found discs will be held in the pro shop for 30 days for a $2.00 recovery fee. They also allowed us to bring our dog. There is a very short promo video on Youtube as "Disc Golf Jacksonville FL | Jacksonville Disc Golf"
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