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Batavia, NY

Northgate DGC

3.335(based on 3 reviews)
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Northgate DGC reviews

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Experience: 17.1 years 275 played 236 reviews
3.00 star(s)

I went to church for Christmas :) drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 25, 2023 Played the course:once


a church course that starts out with a 500 foot hole is not your average church course. But, like many church courses there are ample ace run opportunities.
Dynamic Baskets in great shape.
Orange arrows making navigation simple.
The paths are paved with mulch to make easy to follow dry paths.


500 feet for a starter hole may not be the friendliest welcome. I need some warm up before attempting that.
I am not a fan of artificial Islands. Hole 3 is such a short hole that it features a manufactured island boundary. It feels like a novelty to hide a filler hole.
The course does not finish as a neat loop. There is a little bit of a walk back to your vehicle.
rubber tee pads were slippery.

Other Thoughts:

In 9 holes there are 3 over 400 feet, 3-4 ace runs, and 2-3 simple par 3 holes. You may want a spotter on hole 8.
There were benches to sit on, but they were in odd places.
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3.50 star(s)

Pray and Play

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 6, 2023 Played the course:once


Manicured fairways

Bible verses on each home made tee sign

Unforgiving rough, many might think this should be a con. But the fairways are very wide and fair, and if you go off into the rough, it's going to be rough to locate your discs. So keep your eye on your shots!!

A couple birdie holes, with hole # 3 having an island.

I felt it favored a LHBH player (Which I am, added bonus points)

I really liked hole # 4. It's in the middle of the course and it's nicely manicured (meaning mowed, so nicely, I could have played barefooted) Plenty of room to air it out. Basket tucked in the woods to the right as the fairway ends.

I personally didn't care for the tee pads, some we're uneven. But I guess it's better than dirt tees. Hole # 8's tee pad was elevated on a platform. At least they're trying to make it better for the player


Drop zone for the island hole was like a circle 2 putt for a par.

No donation box

Lost and found was a milk crate, underneath the Kiosk

Hole # 8's fairway was very fair at the beginning of the hole and narrowed very rapidly towards the end of blind basket location

I can see a lot of players losing a disc on Hole # 9. It's a short RHBH hyzer shot, but the rough is viciously high and thick. I actually though Basket # 9 was basket # 8 because # 8's basket was tucked away so well for a first time player at this course.

Other Thoughts:

I'm happy to see another DG course in the Batavia area. There used to be a private course (called the Firefly, I found the FireFly DGC by accident when I was advised by hotel staff to avoid the NY Thruway on my way to Darrien Lake for the Allman Brothers/ Santana concert. So they told me a back way to the venue and I found the course and the owner, Mike was best friends with my friend Robbie of whom I lost current contact information and thus got reunited again) there not to long ago, but it's closed these days, unfortunately.
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Experience: 8.9 years 48 played 15 reviews
3.50 star(s)

I really liked this 9 hole course

Reviewed: Played on:May 12, 2023 Played the course:once


New baskets and tee signs with a Bible verse. Very good use of the land available. Island hole is a fun idea. 3 holes let you air it out and the other 6 holes challenge you with Hyzers, Annys and trees. A few benches to relax on in a beautifully wooded course.


I guess having cement tees would be nice but you really don't need them.

Other Thoughts:

If this course was near me I would play it all the time. It's good for beginners in that you can't lose a disc but experienced golfers will enjoy the challenge that each hole offers.
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