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To bad it's getting pulled

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 8, 2024 Played the course:once


Great DD Tee signs and baskets
Cement tee pads
tight technical shots to wide open bombers


The course has some issues I will spell out below
Still rough as it is still very new

Other Thoughts:

Messaged a friend from the area asking if this course was playable as it was listed on the other app as not being finished yet.

We met up and played a couple of courses, this being the 2nd of the day.

You start off with a 400ft shot down a cleared out tunnel though the thick brush. Then hole 2 is another 300ft back in that same brush. The map makes it looks like the fairways are next to each other, however you would never know it as the rough is SO thick you don't see it.

Then you get to hole 3, 600ft where you got to clear though a small gap in the rough to a wide open fairway down to the basket.

This is the first hole with an issue, you do cross a walking path that I happened to land on.

Holes 4 and 5 are shorter technical shots.

Hole 6 was a big almost 500ft doglet with the first 250ft though the tree's, then wide open across the field.

Then hole 7 to 10 are in a small park that use to have a little 6 hole course in it. Hole 7 is almost the exact same as the OG course, yet you still have backyards that come into play. It even says to not enter backyards.

Hole 8 is a decent redesign of the original hole here, although you do throw across a path in front of you, there are some exersize equipment to the far right, a soccer goal in the fairway and the tennis courts that can come into play.

Hole 9 throws around the school yard. If you turn your disc over, you risk throwing into the school yard that you are not suppose to enter during school hours.

Hole 10, again, backyards can come into play if you turn it over on this long hole.

Hole 11 is a nice left to right shot across an opening into a wooded area.

Then you have hole 12, this is the big issue hole. it's 1015ft hole that does cross a walking path, but the biggest issue is golfers turning over their drives into a backyard. Apparently this backyard belongs to a former city council member. He is the one bringing up the biggest stink, the HOA of his neighborhood hired a lawyer to serve the city a litter demanding the course being removed. (this is based on news articles of the situation)

Hole 13 could also be a problem, it's under 300ft, but if you throw it high and hard you could throw into oncoming traffic on a busy road.

The next few holes are mostly safe with holes going though the thick brush. Stay on the fairways and disc placement is key for a couple of these holes.

In general, this is a good course with some issues. It would be fine if only seasoned players were out here or for tournament play. But casual golfers who don't have control are going to cause problems. Apparently that is exactly what happened. According to some of the news articles I read about the situation, the parks department OK'd the course with no community input. That has the HOA up in arms because they think it's there park. (my personal opinion)

Anyways, I was off to my last course of the day in Brenham when I got a text from the guy I was playing with informing me the course was getting pulled on Tuesday. Good thing I made the trip this week.

Would I play here again? I hope I get to someday with some tweaking of the course. A lot of work has been done getting this course in shape, its too bad that a nasty neighbor would rather see the course gone than compromise.
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