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Bryan, TX

Park Hudson

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Oct 21, 2009

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A little after I finished my round at this course, I got word this course is getting pulled by the city with no notice. It was suppose to be removed in a few days.

There is a petition and email to the city council about saving the course. There was suppose to be a PDGA tournament there next month as it was.
From Tyler Parr - Brazos Valley Disc Golf Club

Park Hudson update:
Sorry, it was a little chaotic putting kids to bed last night, so I'm just now able to sit down and type in peace.

We (Dustin Sanford, Nick Willis, James Dixon, and I) met with city employees (Hugh Walker, Brad Stafford, and L.r. Heffernan) at Park Hudson to discuss possible changes to the course that would be solutions to the complaints that have been brought to the city. Overall, it went very well. The city is receptive to our ideas and asked questions to try to better understand the course and our proposed changes. The city is not against us, but is also not for us. The city is trying to do what's best for the citizens. The unified voice of disc golfers has been heard and is the reason they didn't remove the whole course. That being said, they need to do what they think is best for the city. That does not mean the course is for sure coming out or for sure staying in, and there will almost definitely be some changes to the layout. There are a lot of moving parts, and the city can't decide to keep the course or remove it any time soon. The city also confirmed with me that we are allowed to play the course as it currently is (missing holes 3, 9, 10, and 12). There is an old basket halfway down 9's fairway that can be played as a par 3, but 3, 10, and 12 cannot be played right now.

Please, REMAIN RESPECTFUL AND KEEP CALM during this process. The city is not trying to hurt us or steal something from us. They are just doing their jobs as complaints and praises come in. They have been nothing but respectful towards us and have answered every email and phone call I've sent them. The vitriolic comments that people have made towards them are unjustified and often directed at someone who is not even involved with the substance of the comment made. We love seeing support for the course, but tearing down city employees is not the same as building up the course.

I am also aware (and have been for some time) that HOA members of the Park Meadow cul de sac are in this group. They've used their presence here to ambush meetings (which one of them did last night) and show up to course events to berate and threaten people. DO NOT BE DISRESPECTFUL TO THEM EITHER! They are welcome here. We would like to work with them to fix the complaints they've generated against the course, but our offers have fallen on deaf ears. That does not mean that we should be rude to them or kick them off the page. In the spirit of honesty, I'd like them to be as transparent with us as we've been with them. While I am troubled by their behavior, I do not want to see anyone say anything negative to any of them. Again, tearing down residents is not the same as building up the course, and a rising tide floats all boats.

The Armory Disc Golf tournament scheduled for March 2nd is probably going to be moved to Research Park, but I'll let Nick and Dustin give specifics on that.

Continue to write to city council and the city manager's office. Keep sharing the petition. Think of new ways to promote the course and bring them to the club board. The work y'all have done is greatly appreciated and has been heard by the city. Keep up the good work club, and I'll let y'all know when I have a new update!
I hope sensible minds prevail and that the dg club is able to weather the complaints and work with the city to create a workable solution to keep a modified design in the ground.
From Nick Willis

Another Park Hudson update: I was interviewed by Simona at KRHD (channel 15, streaming online at KXXV), it'll air at 10 tonight. The web article will be up soon as well.
The community at large wants the course to stay- it's a great public amenity on a public park and we've had several residents of the area express their support. We're far from out of the woods, if you will. We still need to vocalize our support of the course- send emails to city officials thanking them for attempting compromise, let them know that you value the park, etc.
As always, we want disc golfers to be known as a positive and respectful group within our communities, so continue treating residents and city officials with respect through this sometimes tense process

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