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Concord, NC

Patriot Elementary

0.635(based on 4 reviews)
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Patriot Elementary reviews

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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 41 years 1629 played 40 reviews
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No longer a course! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 3, 2021 Played the course:once


3 baskets still exist, 2 of which are in good shape.
#6 could be use to practice sloped approaches and putts.


Holes 1,2,3,4,8,9 are all gone.
1 & 2 since at least 2013 based on other reviews.
3 & 4 to a new fence along the back side of the school.
5 & 6 tee signs are slightly overgrown.
7 has the long tee sign still in place but it looks like it has had no maintenance on the first 40 feet for about 3 years and is completely overgrown.
8 has short and long tee signs in place but the basket has been removed for construction.
9 is nowhere to be found.

Other Thoughts:

This is at best a 3 hole course with 5 stupidly on an island in the parking lot and 7 completely overgrown with a bent chain assembly. This is not a viable course!
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Patriot Elementary 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 14, 2019 Played the course:once


Patriot Elementary is a 9 hole beginner course that was designed for elementary school aged kids, and their arm strength in mind. It isn't really anything other than a simple pitch-&-putt course, so experienced players don't really need anything other than a putter and maybe a midrange.

The course is designed at an adequate difficulty to encourage young players to get into the sport, but has a second layout which will offer the older students more of a challenge. There are teesigns located at the natural tee area to denote where to throw from.

For an elementary school course, there is a surprising amount of variety. You have a steep uphill shot with Hole 4, a steep downhill shot (to an island) for Hole 5, a steeply sloped fairway on Hole 6, a tight, wooded fairway for Hole 7, and a couple of open holes.


The only signage to point you to the start of the course, is on the backside of Hole 8's tee sign, on a small sign. I didn't see it, until I had reached Hole 8. This would be more of a problem if it wasn't an elementary school course, but still a bit of an issue.

Holes 1 & 2 seem to be completely gone. I found the tee sign for Hole 1, but it was pointed towards someone's backyard, and saw no signs of any other fairway.

I found the basket that I think once belonged to Hole 3 on the edge of the woods, with what looks like it may have once been a fairway leading to it, but is now on the border of the school's property and someone's private property, completely overgrown with tall grass. I found what could have at one time been a teesign to play from, but I am not sure if what I played was actually correct.

Hole 4 didn't have any glaring issues, unless someone tried to throw a driver from the tee and ended up in someone's backyard.

Hole 5 plays downhill to a tiny island in the parking lot, which is a cool shot if you're willing risk scratching a disc up, but not really a great place for a basket if that parking lot is in use when kids are playing during recess.

Hole 6 is a long shot along a sloped fairway, that I quite enjoyed. However, it is probably a bit too punishing for the target audience of this course.

Hole 7 was a super tight fairway, but a fun shot through the woods. You're playing near private property again, so a bad kick could send a high speed disc into their yards.

Hole 8 is a bit out of the way from the rest of the course, and plays into the woods, where the basket is once again overgrown by a decent amount of roughage. Though, this basket is not quite as rough as Hole 3.

I was at this school for an hour, and I unfortunately could not find where Hole 9 was at all.

Being at a school, it can't be played during school hours, but the gate to the school's parking lot is locked when the school is closed. Probably not really a place to try to hit up.

Other Thoughts:

I am a bit torn on what to give this course because I admire the designer(s) for trying to create something interesting for kids to play, and utilizing the land they were given as best they could. However, since at least two (maybe even four) holes missing and/or unplayable, the signage is poor & out of date, and there never seems to be an ideal time to access the course without feeling weird I can't give this course anything higher than 0.5 rating. And some might even consider that generous. The only reason it is even that high, is because of how interesting Holes 4 through 7 actually are for an Elementary School course. To get a higher score, this course would need some form of redesign, but for the time being the only reason I can think of to play this course is if you live in the surrounding neighborhood and you're looking to throw plastic into chains, but have limited time.
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Experience: 20.1 years 605 played 551 reviews
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So bad, it nearly unpatriotic 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 11, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


Patriot Elementary is a short, beginner course aimed at school kids and beginners. That said, it is very poorly designed and has many potential risks, that it's a poor introduction to the game for the next generation of players.
- Short, pitch and putt type course. Longest hole is 237 feet, so big arms aren't needed here. Anyone could play here with only one or two discs, and not be at a disadvantage.
- Course (mostly) isn't challenging, which is another positive for children. Even for the casual player, you should see some chances for birdies.
- Course has two layouts, offering even a little more variety. To its credit, the layouts do give some different looks, presenting a little more variety. That said, hole length averages only 167 feet from the long tees.
- Good spot for a quick round, I played through in 15 minutes for the 7 existing holes, so figure 20 - 25 minutes for a full 9-hole round.


I won't be overly critical of this course's flaws because I know this is aimed at 5 - 10 year old kids. That said, I see potential problems with the course design that can pose a real risk even for the children.
- Who knows when holes 1 and 2 will be reinstalled? There was a note the baskets were missing in the fall of 2013, and they still were gone as of April 2014.
- Of the other seven holes, you throw over the road, parking lot, pavement on three of them. The basket for #5 is in the parking lot (in a small parking curb island), so they're encouraging students to potentially throw at cars.
- Other holes are in the wood edge around the boundary of the school property. Adding to that problem is the transition path from #8 to 9 is through underbrush, wrought with briers. So now, kids are also expected to get all scratched up, walking down the goat trail?
- The basket for #6 is on a right to left downward slope. With a RHBH shot curving to the left, and even more so for casual/beginner players, the slope leads down to a parking lot. That's two holes in a row that the parking lot and vehicles come into play/could be hit.
- You throw over the school entrance road on #8, and the basket for #9 is close to that same road. Again, a potential issue for inexperienced players and risks for hitting vehicles.

Other Thoughts:

If I didn't know any better, I'd almost say this course was built to be a failure. It's as if parents or the school really didn't want this course, so they're looking to present as many problems as possible, as a way to justify not having a course. That, or the designers were clueless.
- That said, in their defense, there isn't much good land here for a nine-hole course, even a short, pitch and putt one. There's hardly enough flat, open land for only a couple holes.
- I see this course getting neglected as time goes on. We'll see how much attention this course gets if/when the first two baskets ever getting re-installed.
- I guess this course could be decent by beginner-level standards. I've played many school courses, and this is one of the worst yet. If you're a bad beginner-friendly course, then who can you please with this course?
- Other than holes #8 & 9, there isn't even really a place to practice. So, in short, unless you can walk to this course, it's not worth playing, and even then, there's not much to expect.
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Experience: 10.8 years 6 played 1 reviews
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Poorly executed 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 1, 2014 Played the course:once


The are some holes that have a good layout. Most of the pins are tight, and difficult to get an accurate approach shot to the basket making them a real challenge. They did as much as they could with the land they have available.


Some of the holes are poorly thought out. Hole numbers 5 and 6 are not well designed. Hole 5 is located on an island in a parking lot that is surrounded by pavement with about 20-30 square feet to land your disc without ruining the disc. Hole number 6 is on the side of a steep hill and the only shot you have is BH anny or FH hyzer.

Other Thoughts:

If you play this course make sure that you bring old discs unless you want your nice discs to get ruined from landing on rocks and or blacktop. Although, all you should need are putters if you can throw them 200+ feet. None of the holes are more than 240 feet long.
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