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Slim Pickens

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 28, 2022 Played the course:once


A simple, open, eight hole layout at Pickens High School. Man, some review titles just write themselves.
- Simple, easy layout. Course is essentially wide open with just a few small trees forcing players to throw around. Still, it's a course begging players to make a run at basket after basket.
- Great course for beginners. You only have one disc and don't want to lose it? Unless a disc falls down a drain, you couldn't lose one here if you tried.
- #2 is a fun layout. Straight ahead layout that's maybe slightly uphill (as in a foot or two) to a basket that's at the edge of a slight slope. Your challenge is if you're putting into the slope. How aggressive will you be?
- A couple holes play over parking lot roads. If nothing else, maybe you can try a skip shot on #1.
- #3 requires throwing around several small trees. #6 requires throwing around and/or under several small trees as well. #3 is the longest hole on the course, and slightly downhill, while #6 is more fun. #6 is the only other fun hole on the course after #2.
- Most holes have stakes in the ground to mark the tees. You don't need more than that for a simple layout.


Only 8 holes. And even #8 feels forced.
- Very simple layout. There are 'plans' for 18. If that means incorporating space throughout the campus for a better layout, I'm for that. 10 more holes of this, not so much.
- No variety. You can throw the same shot on every hole.
- No amenities here. You're almost 20 minutes back to Easly.
- If you're playing here, you're wasting disc golf time you could be spending at Hagood Mills. It's less than 5 minutes away.

Other Thoughts:

There is A LOT of space behind the school buildings. Maybe you could build a full 18. Me? I'd prefer a quality 9 before focusing on the quantity of 18.
- For a high school course, this is still lacking. I'd understand this layout for an elementary school. Just seems like it's lacking. I say that especially after having just played Walhalla HS's 10 hole course immediately before this.
- I'd say #1 maybe was the third best hole on the course? I can say that the wide open shots on #4, 7, and 8 all were the same (although #4 was slightly uphill). #5 was short, open, and slightly downhill.
- The baskets are here and that's …. nice. You can essentially play this course simply by looking at the pictures. You know holes you'll have tap-in putts and which ones will be longer putts.
- Sure. Stop here on the way to Hagood.
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