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Laingsburg, MI

Pine Hills Golf Course - North

Permanent course
3.835(based on 6 reviews)
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Pine Hills Golf Course - North reviews

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Experience: 6 years 237 played 234 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Ball golf...and disc golf too 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 13, 2021 Played the course:once


Pine Hills is located northeast of Lansing, MI. There is an 18-hole ball golf course located here, as well as two separate 18-hole disc golf courses. This review is for the "North" or "Red" DG course, which if I'm not mistaken plays alongside, across, and around the back nine of the ball golf course. The DG holes generally follow the same path as the ball golf course, so you will most likely be aware of ball golf groups in the vicinity. There is also another "South" or "Yellow" DG course that I think plays around the front nine of the ball golf course, but I did not get a chance to play that one during my visit.

The course is set on a nice piece of acreage, with rolling hills, scattered old growth trees, and some low-lying areas with thick brush. The staff at the clubhouse said that a nasty storm had ripped through the area the previous night, but the course was still fairly dry.

The main attraction here is length. The red course measures at about 7600' according to the most recent map, and with the gently rolling terrain you will feel every foot of that. There are four par 4s that are each over 450', and hole 3 is an 830' par 5. Even the par 3s are nothing to spit at, with all but two holes 300'+. A few baskets are located just in front of or behind water hazards, creating risk/reward opportunities. Many baskets are tucked on the edge of ball golf fairways and greens near trees, demanding fairly accurate approach shots. The rolling terrain isn't really utilized/isn't extreme enough to add significant disc golf challenge, but it does make the round a little more interesting. The ball golf greens are also supposed to be played as OB which adds interesting challenge on a couple holes.

The 18 baskets are listed as DGA's on here. I thought they were Chainstars but either way they were in good shape. There are nice "Next Tee" arrows nailed to trees near most baskets pointing towards the next tee.

There is a bathroom in the clubhouse and they serve food/drink there too.


The tees were in poor shape. Over the past six years since the photos uploaded here were taken, most of the wood tee signs have taken a beating and many were partially cracked off. If it had only been a couple signs like this I might have chalked it up to damage from the storm, but having the vast majority in disrepair tells me they are being neglected. The pads themselves are carpet/astroturf, which I didn't mind but they were also pretty small and many were uneven.

Even with the "Next Tee" arrows I found the navigation to be a little difficult in spots. There are fairly long walks between a couple of the holes. I would recommend downloading the map here, or picking up one from the clubhouse before you go out. We also played to the wrong basket on one occasion.

There just isn't a lot of challenge here besides the distance. Most of the holes start in the open next to a ball golf fairway and play along the fairway for some distance, then end at a basket off to one side of the fairway or green. There is no need to throw accurately or shape your shots until you are approaching the basket on most holes. Some baskets are just in the open with no obstacles guarding them at all. You could probably play all the holes here with a single driver, midrange, and putter. The one exception to all this is hole 11, which starts with 200' or so of a very tight and straight wooded tunnel, before opening onto a 150' long ball golf green - that is supposed to be played as OB - with the basket just off the other side. It's a very tough par 3.

Even with the rolling terrain some of the holes started to feel the same after a while.

The brush in the low-lying areas is very thick and easy to lose a disc in. My friend and I each lost one during our round yesterday.

You might have to wait for ball golfers to play through the area on almost any hole.

Other Thoughts:

On this site and the Pine Hills website, the cost for walking 18 holes is listed as $5 - but I had to pay $7. I'm not sure if this was because I didn't book a tee time in advance. I would recommend booking in advance if you are coming on a weekend - it sounded like we were lucky to slot in when we arrived (early afternoon on a Sunday). The employee in the clubhouse tried to get me to rent a cart as well for an additional fee, but I politely declined. I'm not sure why you would rent a cart for disc golf but to each his/her own.

There is some discrepancy between the distances shown on the course map online, vs. the course map/scorecard you can pick up in the clubhouse, vs. what is left of the tee signs.

Overall, it felt like the disc golf course was kind of an afterthought to the ball golf course here. Frankly, this is not my type of course but I feel that I can say objectively that it rates well below the 5.0 that two previous reviewers have given it. Other than plenty of length, there isn't really much challenge here and definitely no "wow" factor. I feel kind of generous even giving it a 3.0. It's definitely not a top tier course in the state, but those who enjoy lots of "grip and rip" holes will probably have a fun round here. As for me, unless I decide to make a run at bagging every course in Michigan I doubt I will even be back to try the South course.
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Needs to decide if it's disc or ball golf 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 25, 2020 Played the course:once


Not in heavy woods for once so very little searching for discs. Area looks nice, being a ball golf course.


It's a ball golf course. Disc golf holes are haphazardly sprinkled over the course. Tees are not maintained. Had some confusion on a couple holes. Map is definitely wrong on at least one hole. Did not enjoy ball golfers hitting balls at us.

Other Thoughts:

The woman at the pro shop became irate when I told her I wasn't getting a golf cart. She could not believe I would walk a disc golf course and was very angry.
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Experience: 8 years 6 played 2 reviews
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EPIC! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 16, 2017 Played the course:once


Very well laid out course. Full of long bomber holes through the open fairway. Couple wooded drives, but mostly open. Ball Golf greens are OB, which is pretty cool. Signage was amazing. Got lost a couple times, but that was more my fault than the map/course.
Having a golf cart was pretty off the chain. Walked the first 7 holes then I realized that walking this was far out of my league.

Tees are natural, but were very flat (all but 1 I believe) and in great shape. Clearly marked. Course is so freaking huge, I just kinda threw from anywhere.

Couple water holes, nothing too intimidating though.

Pin placement is perfect. Plays through the natural flow of the back 9 very well.

Had the course to myself on Easter Sunday. Made for a really epic day, though I ended up about 25 strokes above par.


Would be nice if the baskets had flags with hole number on them. Got a few of the baskets mixed up a couple times.

Other Thoughts:

Love this course! Can't wait to make the short trip from Lansing back to Laingsburg to play it again!
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Experience: 14.2 years 18 played 1 reviews
5.00 star(s)

My Favorite Michigan Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 20, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


Long, challenging, and diverse holes - especially on the developing second course- which has more play through the MI outdoors feel, but still allows golf cart access. Wide open fairways with plenty of ways to punish an errant throw- water hazards (owner tries to retrieve/return discs from pond cleanings) plus lots of wooded and wetland space to avoid. I think disc loss potential contributes to spectator enjoyment, especially for tournaments. Flows really well with the ball golfers, just feels like we are all Pine Hills members- fastest plays through if possible giving ball golfers the courtesy and right of play first. The owner is working on getting teepads from a new disc golf tee-box company that uses recycled rubber. I usually walk the first round which is always my 10k fitbit step challenge, then golf cart the rest of the time. Legal to buy beer/wine/liquor in the clubhouse and enjoy on the course; I think only one other MI course allows beer/wine but no liquor. I practice here on the valuable membership- which is a huge pro over the one time play fee in my opinion. There are a few porta potties out on the course and the clubhouse bathrooms are great- way better bathroom situation than any other course I've played. Sometimes the owner sells hotdogs/pizza at the clubhouse, or even in the small town of Laingsburg- there is a subway and a few local food joints or bars. Great spot to travel to and play a few times if you campout at Sleepy Hollow State Park also in Laingsburg and also one of the best courses for Michigan. Best course maintenance in the state, as far as I have played.


There can be a lot of people, the Laingsburg high school golf team plays here; but it's never slowed me down more than what I get at other disc golf courses in the state- and the owner tries to direct you to start on the best hole for pacing considering them. I have lost quite a few discs out here, bring a disc gator for the water hazards, they leave a rowboat out by the hole 18 hotspot- and the owner tries to retrieve/return discs when they drag the pond weeds (I have gotten 2 back from the owner even!) You're also going to want bugspray, just like every MI course with water. Still waiting on the tee-pads, for now; but all the holes are clearly signed and many have benches/garbages by the tees.

Other Thoughts:

The owner is very friendly and tries to find time to play disc golf himself, awesome to see the commitment to development.
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Experience: 20 years 85 played 22 reviews
3.50 star(s)

disc on a ball golf course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 27, 2015 Played the course:once


only 1 or 2 holes under 300ft
some elevation changes
water in play
little to no rough on some holes
good signs
ball golf greens are O.B.
plays along clean golf course


bugs were bad near water holes
ball golfers could make it unpleasant
5$ to walk 10$ to ride
grass tee pads

Other Thoughts:

It was a nice course with some long holes and water on some. this course runs through the back 9 of the ball golf course. I could see this being a problem because some holes you were throwing towards or over a real golf green. Your drive will be most important at this course, longer throwers will like this course and it was well done. I recommend this course just hope the golfers don't interfere.
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Experience: 14.1 years 350 played 299 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Manicured greens and future plans 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 22, 2015 Played the course:once


Aesthetic-- plays on the back 9 of the Pine Hills Golf Course. Golfers have the right of way so practice great etiquette here. Keep your eyes and ears perked for a "fore" here.

Teepads-- Grass. Not worn in the least. Level and easy for run ups. Tees are marked with RED stakes.

Routing and Nav-- really kind of follows a natural flow for the most part. While you aren't following the back 9 hole by hole the disc golf course follows a pretty easy to follow flow throughout. The map here is a bit outdated but the guy in the proshop will update your map or give you a new one.

Baskets-- brand new sparkly DGA's. Flags may be helpful in the future to help make some baskets more visible.

Teesigns-- phenomenal. Some of the best I've seen. Map, Par, Hole # and layout (re: to ball golf) are on the signs in full color. Amazing.

Manicured Greens-- there is something to be said about playing on a freshly cut fairway (disc or ball golf) and the fairways here are amazing. They have designated putting greens as OB (for good reason) but the rest is fair game. There are very few areas with thick cabbage on the fairway and I believe #8 is the only hole that doesn't share fairways with a ball golf hole.

Pin placement-- Fantastic. The pins are placed in such a way that they don't interfere with ball golf (obviously) but they leave you really having to think and plan your next shot.

Uniqueness-- #17 for example is a 200 ft island green with thick cattails on either side (ob) but demands a hyzer entry. This hole could be played in many different way but the hyzer "in" is definitely the most dramatic.

Signature holes-- I think that there are MANY signature worthy holes here #13, #14, #16 on the back 9. #2, #3 on the front 9 are all signature worthy. #13 was my absolute favorite hole, plays down a gentle rolling downslope with the pin tucked hard right. Amazing look. #14 plays "over" wetlands but is easy to turn over and place for a nice upshot par.

Challenge-- the challenge here lies in the length of this course. Hole average is >300' easily but probably closer to 350'. Par 4's are fair par 4's.

Risk v Reward-- Some. There are some riskier watershots here and some creeks to avoid but for the most part, they aren't really a huge worry.

Amenities-- proshop with beer and other drinks, snacks, water and gatorade. Super nice folks working here and more than willing to share their course with you. Water on the course is a huge plus to refill your water bottles on a hot day!


The only con here is grass teepads. If this improves, this could easily bump into a top 10 course in Michigan.

Other Thoughts:

There are plans to put another 18 on the front 9 and then open up to major events. When this happens, this will be a destination course to be sure. Get out here, pay the $5 and practice excellent etiquette. Seriously, what are you waiting for!
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