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Pine Valley

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Mostly Heavily Wooded, Some Open Fairways

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 9, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


-An 18-hole course that meanders around a park. Majority of the course is away from other park features. 12 of the 18 holes are heavily wooded. There is some elevation. There are 6 open tees.

-Of the 6 open tees, three of the baskets are tucked in the woods. The heavily wooded portion of the course can be difficult with short distance and narrow fairways.

-Tee signs have hole number, par, distance, and a hole map. The course is counterclockwise, there are two concrete tees each hole, except #14 a single tee, and one basket per hole. Easy to find next tee from basket played.

-Out of the bag on the open tee's drivers. In the wood's putters, mid's, and fairway drivers.

-Beginners and Recreational players will get a lesson in woods golf. Intermediate and Advanced players play the long tees, and you may find yourself using the majority of your bag.


-Holes 1 and 2 are open boring. #1 wrap around an outfield fence, easy to misthrow into the outfield, hopefully no game being played. There is an open gate at the end of the fence, could be a long walk to retrieve disc. #2 straight away open tee to basket, but the long tee is elevated, elevate the fun by throwing from the long tee.

-Except for a few holes, the wood portion of the course may not be memorable. Nothing wrong with the holes, there difficult, but they run together, and just may not be memorable.

-A few of the holes in the woods are in the lower portion of the course. After any heavy rain or prolong rain likely to be some standing water, and muddy. Fairways are littered with ankle breakers, small tree stumps that can be covered with heavy leaf's in the fall/winter.

-Lost disc potential can be high. I would think in the wooded portion with layered leaf's disc can be difficult to find. Throwing offline from an open tee to a wooded basket could make it difficult to find a disc if you go too far into the woods/brush. Playing in the month of August with mostly bare rough and fairways, I only spent a few moments looking for a disc that ran into the rough.

Other Thoughts:

Pine Valley turned out to be a joy to play. The wooded holes were a grind to play using a variety of discs from my bag. The open holes which I'm normally not a fan of, but 4 of them won me over with a few well-placed baskets in the tree line, and a hidden open basket. There was also some elevation to the course, to add in the fun. The variety of discs from the bag, and from the tee Standstills, 2 and 3-step kept me thinking on the tee. This was a single course bag for the morning, so I was able to play both short and long tees two rounds, something I hadn't done in 2 1/2 years on a course bag. I enjoyed the first round so much, I decided the other two courses I was going to bag taking me further away from home, could wait another time, and decided on the 2nd round. The 2nd round allowed me to play a few elevated long tees, and more difficulty. My personnel con on the course was the two opening holes, 1 and 2 which were open boring, but I already knew there were better holes to come.

My overall rating is anchored on a 4.0 based on the variety of park open style disc golf, and the majority of the course wooded with difficulty. The time to play from short tees was 70 mins, long tees 85 mins.

Featured Tee's:

-#2 long sits on a knoll about 8 feet high above the fairway, with the fairway on a gentle downslope to an open basket. If you're just playing the short tees, playing #2 long will be worth the elevation and extra distance throwing down fairway.

-#3 long an elevated tee starting you off in the heavy woods is a dogleg left, that slopes back up hill past the dogleg. This well worth playing if you're on the short tees for the majority of the round, fun watching the disc fly further up the tree line from long tee.

Featured Basket Placement:

-#14 from an open tee the basket is placed in the right tree line starting on the edge of C1, with a narrow gap of about 20 feet. Miss that gap on the tree line your blocked out, the basket is hidden from the tee.

Featured Holes:

-#12 Par 4 short at 334 feet, and long at 371 feet lined directly behind short tee. A heavily wooded dogleg 110 degree left that upslope directly to the basket. From both tees the fairway shrinks by funneling to the dogleg, the dogleg is 165 feet, and 200 feet respect to played tee. At the dogleg no more than 15 feet wide with protruding trees. The play here is placing your disc in the small open area of the dogleg, from there you'll have a clear shot to the basket for your approach.

-#13 short tee Par 4 at 410 feet, long tee Par 3 at 482 feet both are open tees lined up, to a basket placement in the tree line on the right side. The fairway is uphill, and you can add on at least another 75 feet. There is an O.B. road that runs along the left side of fairway, and about halfway up the fairway are protruding trees that will push you towards the road, then the fairway will open back up for you. The basket has the tree protection covering C1, come in short of the basket in the woods, you'll have blockage. The play is to hug that road, so when you're ready for an approach to the basket, you'll have an open line to the basket. If I was playing this hole weekly from the long tees, I would never reach C1 on a par putt, and rarely C2.

-#18 short tee Par 5 at 601 feet, long tee Par 4 at 721 feet are open tees lined up to a basket placement in the left tree line. The O.B. road also runs along the fairway right side. From the long tee its uphill for about 350 feet, then directly downhill the rest of the way in. From the short tee if you can make it over the hill, you're going to have a nice chance for a 2nd shot placement for an eagle run. The fairway is plenty wide enough between tree line and road, but a late or early release can get you in trouble. The basket has tree protection, only in the bullseye area. I had a C2 eagle run from shorts with tree blockage, nice birdie pickup, but from long tees I gave it back with a bogey.

Signature Hole:

-#15 Par 4 at 438/537 feet tees is not directly lined up behind each other, both tees open. From the short tee with an outfield fence along the left side, a lazy dogleg right along a tree line. From the longs a sharper dogleg right, the fence can come into play, but need to pay attention to the tree line to stay away from it. I liked the placement of the long tee, it was a unique open tee, on the left side what could be a small pond area when filled with water but had high grass and weeds. On the right and behind tall heavy grass/weeds on a down slope. The tee area is scenic. The basket is hidden open on a severe down slope to the O.B. road, the road is outside C2, the slope starts about 100 feet from the basket. Whether from the tee or approach you're going to watch your disc disappear over the horizon to the basket, a beautiful sight! Hopefully the grass will catch your disc before the road.

Trouble Hole:

-#9 short Par 4 at 326 feet, long Par 3 at 369 feet is a dogleg left 2/3rds of the way and climbs up slope from there. This is a heavily wooded hole wide enough, except about 60 feet out from shorts is a lone pine tree right in the middle of the fairway. You can either go to the left or right of pine, both lines 40 feet past the lone pine has protruding trees into the fairway, so from the tee there going to be in your line. You're going to have to work some type of shot to reach the dogleg. The basket is protected by a few pine trees in C1 on the right side, so if you reach the dogleg you need to work your away around those trees to reach the basket. From the long tee, a bogey can be a pretty good score. I would hit three trees on my way to a bogey.
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Pine Woods Derby

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 27, 2023 Played the course:once


In case I'm ever homesick and missing a Charlotte-esque course in Virginia, I'll feel right at home at Pine Valley. Felt just like courses I've been throwing for years.
- I liked Pine Valley. It's simple, yet fun. It's predominantly a wooded layout, but the open holes are a good change of pace.
- Holes #1 and 2 are nothing like the rest of the course. Open and simple. At least #1 has the baseball outfield fence come into play.
- #3 will be a culture shock if you're expecting more of the first two holes. At 319 feet from the shorts (422 from the longs), you've got a sharp dogleg coming into play. What happened to all this room for error you got to use on the first two holes?
- #5 is another nice wooded hole. S-curved fairway that starts off to the right. Pine trees are forgiving enough that even if you miss the fairway, good chance you're salvaging par.
- #10 was another fun wooded layout. Slightly doglegged and slightly downhill in the final 1/3. Listed at 226 feet from the shorts, throw your disc on a rope and you should be in good position. It's the type of tee shot you'll feel you should be parking. But the trees come into play on both sides that many a disc golfers will be taking a frustrating three because they missed their lines by a foot or two.
- The final six holes are the most diverse on the course. You have your three longest on the course (#13, 15, & 18), you have room to air it out, and you have the only two holes that truly have a mix of open and wooded elements to them (#13 & 14). After so many (relatively) tight fairways, #15 felt a mile wide and was a nice, easy three.
- Having the road and beyond on #13 turns this open hole into a better layout. I don't recall the OB on #18. If it were up to me, allow the grass on both sides to be in. That gives players two distinct looks on how they want to approach the basket just tucked into the tree line.
- Good signage throughout made this course very easy to navigate. And from what I saw, this is a generally nice park with an outdoor adventure area to boot.


As with many wooded courses, there can be a sense of redundancy. Idlewild in Charlotte (technically Matthews) is similar to this course in its design. Just like that course, Pine Valley's wooded holes start feeling the same. Throw 250 and straight, and you're parring hole after hole. When you're scoring better playing it safer, it seems to defeat the purpose.
- Along those lines, I'm not sure if there will be much scoring separation between good and bad rounds. I didn't play great. I didn't play poorly. But, I didn't see many holes where I truly lost or gained many strokes.
- It was a little disturbing teeing off right next to a school with multiple no trespassing signs. Throw in a bunch of kids on recess 100 feet away, the police station next door, and several cop cars in the park, and it gave me pause to skip the second hole.
- Lack of amenities on the course. No benches or trash cans (other than near the ball field next to #14.
- #12 is the worst hole on the course. And I don't think it's close. I'm not a fan of the sharp, extreme dogleg. It's another case where throwing considerably shorter, but more accurate is the smarter choice. I've yet to see a sharp dogleg this early in a hole done well.
- At busier times, throw with caution on the road holes - #13 & 18. I saw a single car on this road. It just so happened the car appeared right after I threw. Thankfully my noodle arm prevented an issue.

Other Thoughts:

Pine Valley is a generally good course. I could easily see this being my local course and being ok with that.
- #14 was a fun hole. It's one of several true birdie/potential ace runs on the course. Big LHBH run here.
- Navigation is pretty simple here. Good transition paths between holes. For as many other activities going on at the park, the course is generally isolated from the remainder of the park activities. On a busy weekend, that might not be the case.
- I wish the course had one fun ace-run hole. Make an island hole. A short, big sweep hole (think old #11 at Hornets Nest) or something else that's a good change of pace.
- For a wooded course, I felt the fairways were extremely generous. Granted, I'm coming from Charlotte. Only times I ended up in the woods is because I over or under threw an angle on a dogleg. Straighter fairways allow for plenty of room to carve out shots. For further evidence, just look at #4, 8, 16, & 17.
- This is easily a quality course. For being relatively new, it already had a classic feel to it. It's worth playing for anyone in the Richmond area, driving along I-95 or I-85. Great addition to the greater Richmond area.
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Pines Galore in Prince George

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 4, 2023 Played the course:once


First-time friendly, nice concrete tees, two per hole, open and wooded holes, not all par 3, variety of angles needed off the tee.

Other Thoughts:

The Pine Valley course at Scott Memorial Park is accurately named; two-thirds of the course plays through a young pine forest, with the other third in the open spaces between that forest and the many baseball and soccer fields of the park. This course is far from pinball disc golf though; every wooded fairway is plenty wide, and every angle of shot is needed off the tee over the course of your round. With excellent concrete tees, two for every hole, and nice signs, Pine Valley has the amenities and course variety needed for a worthwhile disc golf outing.

Pine Valley starts off with two open holes, playing beyond the outfield of a baseball diamond. A doink off the outfield fence is an interesting way to stay in inbounds on #1. The third hole moves into the forest, however, and you don't come out until #13. The landscape is not much of a positive here; pine forest with only minimal elevation change, no water, no views. Yet the course does ask for all of your shots: right bending, hard left turns, straight-ahead control, and a couple longer holes that require careful consideration of the angles and landing areas. Bigger arms will be playing a lot of mid-range off the tee, and veering off the fairway pretty much demands a pitch-out shot, but there is more room for error out here than most "woods" courses.

The run from #13 to #15 is in the open, though with the forest on the edges to take your wayward shot. Still, a nice chance to air it out a bit. #14 could be a problem if a big soccer tournament was going on and the parking lot was full. Numbers 16 and 17 get back in the forest before the longest hole on the course, and one of the longest holes in Central Virginia, to close.

Pine Valley is first time friendly, and good for all skill levels. It's easy to follow except for maybe the walk from 14 to 15. The tees are top notch, signs show the way even when you can't see the basket off the tee, but the big orange Mach 5s are easy to spot nonetheless. A few longer holes, and longer tees, can stretch it out a bit for more expert players.

Overall, the course at Scott Memorial Park is Good, and worth checking out if you're anywhere nearby. It does lack any distinctive landscape features or a signature hole, but the course is varied enough to grow on you and make repeat visits fun. It would work for beginners to learn the game with both open holes and woods holes to teach control without being overly demanding, and more expert players could play from the back tees and work on long range shot shaping, along with a few holes to truly air it out. The players of Prince George could do a lot worse than Pine Valley.
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Solid, definitely worth a play or two drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 5, 2022 Played the course:once


Course offers different shot types and often forces you to think through your first shot and how it will impact your second. Fairly easy to make par on most holes if you play it safe, but definitely some risk/reward if you go for birdie.


Parts of the course are prone to interference from the road to the soccer fields. Holes 3 through 13 became a bit repetitive (tunnel shot through the woods).

Other Thoughts:

This is a brand new course in Prince George County. You can tell the designers put a lot of great thought into the layout and made sure that the holes were fairly different from one to the next. Distance-wise you might think a bunch of holes are aceable, but I assure you they aren't as easy as you think.
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