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Pleasant View Park

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Drifting Away

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 8, 2022 Played the course:once


-Baskets OK (see cons)
-Map at start OK
-Quiet Park


-Basket #7 down (near new playground)
-Treacherous walk from #4 to #5
-#5 very steep down
-#5 basket in middle of #1 fairway
-Minimal signage
-Construction equipment in #2 fairway (may be gone after new playground install)

Other Thoughts:

Pleasant View Park hosts some baskets in course form on the east end of Dunlap, IA. The original idea here was marginal at best. To create a loop, #4 goes halfway up a hill, you continue up to the #5 tee. #5 is straight down to the middle of the #1 fairway. #4 basket to #5 basket was mostly mud on my round. Recent work on the hill, the nature of the #5 fairway and a brief deluge before my round all added to the mud content. #6 - #9 shoot around the shelter and playground (if #7 basket was upright) and out away from the start for a walk back to your vehicle. Other that a bit of uphill for #4 and the sharp down of #5, this one is flat as a pancake. There would be a little interest in #5, if you weren't afraid for your safety. A re-design would be needed for a passable course. Add better signs and concrete tees, too. Barely worth a shot a bagging, I won't be back.

Navigational note: If coming from the east, Google Maps will try to have you drive across the dam, which is not possible, or advisable. Follow the direction under location details.
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