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Experience: 8.7 years 246 played 97 reviews
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Solid Campus Golf 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 22, 2017 Played the course:once


Here I am, visiting the city I lived in for the first ten years of my life, nearby Chesterton, Indiana. After meeting up with old friends, I had a couple of hours to kill before dinner. I had already played nearby Rogers Lakewood (highly recommend) and wanted to try out another course in the area. This course fit the bill perfectly.

Right before the first tee, there was a large billboard with a full color map, which proved helpful for some of the navigational challenges.

Each hole had a colorful and informative tee sign with a map and distance, as well as a lengthy concrete tee pad. This is always helpful, and I will always appreciate courses that do this.

The grass was very well mowed, something I have noticed at all of the Midwest courses I have played during this trip. I appreciate the work the campus puts into this part of the land, especially because it looks almost completely dedicated to disc golf.

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of challenge that this course provided. For a single tee pad course on a relatively beginner friendly atmosphere, I found myself using a lot of the different discs in my bag, both off the tee and on some upshots. There were nice open drives, almost a standard on campus course. They used the trees and high grasses to their advantage, and forced different types of shots on what would seem like a wide open drive.

The baskets were of local product, a company from Indiana, not homemade, the Arachnid Spiderweb3's. They were bright yellow, and looked a good bit different from the standard, with a unique chain structure, but they caught putts, and supported the small DG company.

Almost every holes next tee pad was near the last basket, which lead to easy navigation. They were not really in the way either, which was very nice.

Wind can be a big factor, and the campus had surprisingly great elevation change for Indiana. This made me proud of my hometown.


This course, like most courses set on college campuses, was very open, which leads to some repetition, The designer did a nice job with forcing different shots that needed to be thrown, but open courses will have open bombs, which leads to open filler holes. 17 sounds fun, 700+ feet, but it really is two drives, and an upshot/putt.

Only one teepad/one basket location. I liked the basket locations, and the teepads were nice, but I imagine for the local player, the layout might get boring. A longer pin, or a longer pad could go a long way for this course.

The walk from 9 to 10 is longer than usual walks, it is across the road behind the hospital. Once you find this pad, it is easy navigation out.

The course wasn't overly difficult. If you can throw about 300 feet with decent accuracy, you will come out with a good score. It is nice for a relaxing/cool down round, as well as a beginning college student, but a pro would absolutely eat this course alive.

The prairie grass bordering some of the fairways was knee high. I almost lost a disc in there, and going in means many micro scratches on the legs. The pines bordering hole 10 were also a pain to dig through for my disc. Solution- hit the fairway. Easier said than done.

I imagine during school seasons, the course can be crowded with both beginners, as well as walkers, picnickers, and love birds in the fairway. I didn't knock points off for this because I have no physical evidence, but it is a possibility.

Other Thoughts:

I loved my afternoon round at PNC. The course was almost empty, and me and my brother had a great time, playing solid golf at a solid course. I would recommend this course to both the seasoned player looking for a fun casual round, as well as the new player looking for a first course that also has some challenge.

If you are in the area, try Culver's. It's fast food, but it is delicious. That was what I missed the most when I moved to PA. Great custard too.

Shameless plug for the best restaurant, but the course is great. Don't miss out on the nice courses that NW Indiana has to offer!
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Great course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 15, 2016 Played the course:once


This is a great course! It's on the local community college and is not crowded at all during the weekend. First 9 is very fun with numerous elevation changes. Back 9 is mostly straight with a pro pad on 17 at 700 ft.


There are no cons for this course. I'm a newbie and was not overwhelmed at all until 17. They have a normal pad to use instead of the pro
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Fantastic 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 10, 2016 Played the course:once


Beautifully manicured course
Easy navigation for 1st time player
Great use of terrain and vegetation
Loved the elevation drop on the 1st hole
Little to no chance of losing a disc
Nice tee pads, signage, and baskets
Perfect place for a quick "clean" round


Not particularly challenging
The sign at 4 (or 5) was knocked over (just needs to be repaired

Other Thoughts:

I was driving through and only played the front 9. I absolutely loved this beautiful course and wished I would have had time for the back 9.
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Solid course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 18, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


It's a great first course. It's open enough so that you're not losing discs left and right, but technical enough that you're not going to shoot under par if you don't know what you're doing. It's free, well up kept, and has a really nice mixture of holes that do different things. The par is really realistic which I appreciate. There are birdies to be had, but a bogey free round is an accomplishment.


It's not especially creative. If you can throw a straight shot and a hyzer around 300' without problems, you'll be just fine here. I think this could a great course if they tweaked a few holes. I don't really know if this is a con, but it is really spread out, so you'll do quite a bit of walking. Other than that, the only complaint I have is that it can be hard to find the beginning of the back nine if you don't know where to look. It's two nine hole loops.

Other Thoughts:

Solid! Not too much to complain about here. It is a nice course with a good set of tee signs and baskets. They do a really good job making it look nice. I don't see any tournaments happening here due to the basic layout of the course, but it makes for an enjoyable afternoon.
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Tony Koch
Experience: 10.8 years 55 played 10 reviews
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Looks nice, plays nice. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 22, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


-Free to play.
-Buckets are in good shape.
-Very pretty campus/area for a relatively small school.
-Lots of variation in terms of hole distances. There are short technical throws and a few "let er rip" holes.
-Hole 17 is fun. There are two tees and the furthest one is well over 700 feet, a straight bomb! Crazy side note-my friend once got a three playing the long tee on 17!
-Nice signage
-Easy to navigate for the most part.
-Hilly course which for me I enjoy because it adds extra variation.
-Concrete tees are still in good shape.
-A few tees have benches nearby to chill or set your bag on.


-Hole one can be difficult to find if you are playing here for a first time. After circling around the parking lot, walk up the hill by a piece of artwork and there will be a bench and the tee for hole one.
-Although they make the course look nice, the pine trees on certain holes, especially 2 and 8, are troublesome. If you shank a disc in one you will be searching for awhile most likely and get scraped up big time. My suggestion for a first timer-throw an orange or pink disc that is easy to find and don't try a "hero throw!"
-A few holes have some tall brush. I've lost a disc in there before after searching for a long time. Be careful. Tight fairways!
-The walk to the back 9 after hole 9 is sort of far.

Other Thoughts:

-Overall this is a very well manicured course and has nice variation to it. I wouldn't say it is horribly challenging if you have been discing for awhile, but it isn't easy. A good place to have fun, enjoy the view, and work on your short AND long game.
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Great Underrated Intermediate Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 17, 2014 Played the course:2-4 times


This is an excellent Intermediate level course that will challenge all beginner and intermediate level players. Advanced players can fine tune their skills here, especially on the shorter, technical holes.

Baskets - 20 total highly visible Spiderweb 3 baskets at this course. Baskets are silver with the basket portion and the number sign at the top being painted yellow. 18 holes + 2 practice baskets. One practice basket can be a practice hole if played backwards from the long tee on hole 17.

Tees - Each hole has 1 large and grippy concrete tee. Hole 17 has two tees to help shorten the distance.

Signs - The signs at this course are fantastic. There is a billboard with course map at the start and also includes some info on disc golf. There is one sign at each tee that includes hole number, distance, par, and a map of the hole.

Variety - The holes here are either short and technical, medium length with narrow fairways bordered by trees and tall vegetation, or long and mostly open. 9 holes under 300. 6 holes between 300-400. 3 holes over 400 feet. There are enough younger trees (some pines) to change lines of holes and will require accurate throws. They can make or break your day. All holes have some sort of elevation change.

Elevation - Elevation plays a major factor at this course. There are multiple blind shots at the course due to elevation. The front 9 has more elevation changes than the back 9 but nothing is too extreme.

2 separate 9 hole loops. The two loops are both distinct in their own way.

Risky player have plenty of chances at an ace but would require accuracy.

Blind shots due to trees or elevation are a plus.

Easy to navigate holes 1-9 and 10-18. Can be an issue connecting the two loops if new to course.

Trash cans throughout the course help to keep it clean.

Enough benches to take a break every few holes.

Course is very clean and scenic, especially during fall when leaves change color.

Course is easy to get to from any direction. Immediately off of 421.

Trees will play more of a factor when they age.

Great compliment to nearby Lituanica Park. Both courses can be challenging in their own unique way. It is a very enjoyable course that is not too difficult yet provides enough challenge to make it worth stopping by. There is enough room to expand this course too!


With exception of hole 17, there is only 1 tee per hole. An additional tee per hole would completely change this course. A majority of holes could use a longer tee while the rest could use a different line.

Only one pin position per hole. Adding an additional pin location would enhance playability and increase difficulty. It would keep things fresh and could even add more blind shots.

Course needs to relocate one or both practice baskets near the start of the course. They are currently near the back 9.

Course could use a few more signs, or even an extra hole to connect holes 9 to 10. New players to the course may get confused.

Hard to park (for first timers). Go to the second lot on the right (the one past the baseball fields for hole 1). I have parked in the first lot and played entire course starting at hole 6 before. It worked but wasn't how course was intended to be played.

Other Thoughts:

I love this course and have played it a few times. I have a lakehouse in Warsaw and play this course whenever I go to Michigan City to shop with my girlfriend (she enjoys the course too). I have played the front 9 four times but have only played the entire course twice. Being from Indy, the front 9 is more appealing to me due to the elevation changes than the back 9.

I would recommend this course to any beginner or intermediate level player in the area or passing through. It's not too far off of the highway. There are enough nearby courses to make a multiple course trip.

Alternate tees, pins, and some more trees could take this course to a 4 out of 5 in my opinion. Other than that, I do not have any complaints. Have never been disappointed here.
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Surprising 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 13, 2014 Played the course:once


The pictures and other reviews give the impression of lack of variety, but I was pleasantly surprised by the holes. The lines were very thoughtfully designed around the immaculately kept trees. Lengths were good, and there is just enough threat of rough, without a real possibility of losing a disc.


No real good starting/ending place in the way of a club house, etc.
It was also not clear where to park, and where 1 was from the parking lot.

Other Thoughts:

I had a great time playing here. At about 1.5 hours away, I might consider making the trip just to play again.
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Not as easy as it looks 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 18, 2013 Played the course:5+ times


Course is on a college campus and is kept in tip top shape. It is beautiful out there!

Course is pretty wide open and allows you to really air out your shots and work your discs.

Very little traffic at all. For being such a nice course it has very little traffic. Mostly due to it being in the middle of nowhere for the most part. I enjoy playing here the most because it is so quiet and so nice. Great course to work on your game. Throw multiple discs. Rarely is there anyone else to worry about.


Holes 10-13 are pretty much the same shot going down and coming back all shy of 300 feet. People see these as the birdie holes and the thing that people who play the course regularly mention as the downside of the course BUT keep in mind not as easy as you think.

Other Thoughts:

The real challenge in this course is not the layout but rather weather factors couple with challenging baskets. It is a prairie style course with lots of wide open shots and the wind out in westville is ALWAYS a factor and really adds to the difficulty to the course. When you couple the usually breezy/windy conditions with the baskets that have very heavy chains and HEAVY iron baskets the pars that should have been birds and the bogeys that should have been pars add up very quickly and will leave you saying wtf?

I consider this my home course as I play it the most and play leagues weekly there. If you have not played the course I highly recommend you do. It was designed well and with the exception of a few shots on the back 9 that are a bit redundant the handful of signature holes on this course more than make up for it. Also great mix of distances bring your destroyers, teebirds, and rocs!
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Challenging, but not hard. Nice course! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 11, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


- Baskets in great shape.
- Interesting use of existing landscape. Especially the green (as one example) for #5. Very fast green and does not lend itself to a typical RHBH hyzer as it falls to the left.
- Beautiful concrete teepads with just the right rough finish. These pads were definitely put in by professionals.


- Signage is a little lacking in spots. The jaunt from 9 to 10 is a little mystifying even looking at the map posted near hole one. Some "next tee" signs would be helpful.
- Some holes are just filler with little or no challenge. #3 comes to mind. #17 is sort of in this category but what it lacks in interesting makes up for in length. It may only be 400' but plays like it's 600 or 700 with it going up hill.
- Prairie grass on hole #11 is just evil just opposite the roadway. Grip-lock into that mess and kiss your disc buh-bye. You will never ever find it. Don't ask me how I know.
- There is a sculpture that appears to have been recently placed in the #5 fairway. Not a big deal but it is in the way and will do some serious damage to errant throws.

Other Thoughts:

My "cons" are a little picky admittedly. This is great course that I see myself playing over and over in spite of loosing my beloved Obex on #11. It is mowed and landscaped with interesting sculptures to look at all around. I can't believe there aren't more people playing here. While many of the holes are duece-able and certainly some ace potential it is just hard enough to give experienced players some fun and not overly frustrate the newbs.
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rather boring golf 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 19, 2012 Played the course:once


Most of the pro's are regarding the manicured grounds which are very well taken care. Trees have been planted in a field or prairie which frames a lot of the fairways.

The homemade baskets caught very well. It's hard to explain but the 2 sets of chains split into 3 rings near the their bottom. They were easy to spot with yellow painted bottoms and most have a yellow number plate on top.

Very nice tee signs with small trash cans at each one.

Set on a college campus, I've always liked this.

Slight to moderate elevation changes which provides more of a challenge.

Within 2 minutes of the highway, I-80.


I found the golf itself rather boring, almost every tee shot was the same. 17 of the 18 holes are easy threes for a non-beginner golfer.

Prairie golf can be repetitious, 10 and 11 were the exactly the same and wind can be a huge factor here.

A few next tee signs are needed between basket 9 and tee 10.

Other Thoughts:

It's easier to use the 2nd entrance to the campus and park in the first lot on the right.

Seems odd that there are several signs indicating no drinking or smoking at the tee sign post yet a bench is provided only at these tees.
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Beautiful landscaping and fun to play 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 13, 2012 Played the course:once



Although my son and I aren't beginners, we liked this course a lot as a beginner-friendly opportunity, with a bit more length to at least some of the holes. Grounds are beautifully maintained. Excellent use of the few trees on the course. Easy navigation from one hole to the next, as long as you notice that the front and back nine are on opposite sites of the Veterinary Center. Very clear tee signs.

Most of the trees appear planted and landscaped. It's a very different look from the typical natural disc golf park setting. I appreciate the overall view as an aesthetic change of pace.

Almost every hole offers an easy open landing area, but obstacles still exist for an errant throw, or anyone who tends to fall back on their most reliable shot at the expense of a safer route.

Favorite holes:

#1 a wide funnel, down and then back up from the tee. It sets the tone for the course very well. The overall look is green and open, but a few trees on either side of the fairway are enough to punish any shot that drifts.

#5 a low hedge line protects the basket to the left of the natural path for your drive. A gradual slope is enough to threaten a roll-off further left, if you're unlucky in playing a hyzer directly to the basket.

#8 slightly longer hole, the only danger is in a single line of trees that curl along the left side of the fairway. Basket is well placed on a gradual downslope.

#10 very short, but slightly uphill. Easy birdie for a lot of players, but the line of trees to the left and relatively tight OOB right will punish anyone who can't control a right-hand hyzer.

#15 good setup along the woods, with a late curl to the right.More scattered trees around the basket to bother your putt.

#18 slightly longer open downhill for a big drive. Basket is set near the top of a steep downslope. It's pretty easy to lose control of your putt and watch it roll away.


Not a huge challenge even for moderate players. But that's OK by me. Some of the holes are absolutely open. Just throw it close and you can claim your birdie.

Not sure why the designers didn't cut into the woods that border the back nine for a few holes. It looks like campus property. That would add a lot of variety to the course design, but it could also be a ton of work to clear it out and keep it clear.

Other Thoughts:

Remember the sunscreen in summer. There's almost no escape from the sun, and the walks are long enough to make this a solid hour and a half in the open, depending on your pace of play.

There is one 700ft long bomb hole. It's entirely open - not my favorite design concept - but it adds variety and a bit of a challenge to the scorecard at least.

The Vet Center is at the south end of campus. As you arrive, the front nine is closer, with a large bulletin board, behind the Center. The back nine starts on the other side of the road, a bit of a walk from the parking lot.
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Clean with great potential 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2012 Played the course:2-4 times


- Beautiful scenery and a clean course
- Parking next to 1st tee
- Trashcans at most of the tees
- Some tees have benches, some don't (not really a pro or a con)
- Nice tee pads and signs
- Nice, colorful baskets
- A map is available at the first tee
- The course has a nice flow besides for the long walk between 9 and 10, with the front 9 looping back to the parking lot
- Good variety of lines (RHBH hyzer, straight, roller, sidearm)
- Decent mix of short and tight, long and open holes
- Good use of elevation (some hills to throw up and down)
- No overly punishing rough
- The poison ivy along the back 9 has been sprayed and is dead or dying


- No water, vending machines or restrooms
- The rough mostly only consists of tall, thick pines and some long grass - not punishing enough for an errant shot
- The bottom couple feet of the pine trees could be trimmed some
- I would like to see more left-to-right, tight fairways
- I would also like to see more use of trees to define tighter fairways with a few less straight, open shots
- There is a long walk between 9 and 10
- Some repetitiveness on 10 and 11, and 13 and 14
- Potential safety issue at 6 where a sawed-off shot could go into the baseball diamond or towards the bleachers; and, also between 5 fairway and 6 tee

Other Thoughts:

While PNC doesn't have the luster that Rodger's Lakewood or Lemon Lake has, this course does have great potential to be a great course. If you're just traveling through and short on time, I would recommend one of the other two courses mentioned above. However, if you have more time I would recommend playing here. This course is more geared to beginners and intermediate players, with advanced/pro players not having much of a challenge. I would consider ranking this course as a 4-4.5 if the following were added: 1) more risk/reward opportunities, 2) added use of trees/ob to define lines, 3) less repetitive holes (mostly along the back 9) and 4) amenities (e.g., water, vending machines). Favorite hole: tie between 1 and 5 because of the tightness of 1's fairway and scenery of 5's fairway. Least favorite hole: tie between 2 and 6 because they're just straight and short.
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Very Nice Course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 19, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


Great course, fun to play! I look forward to playing this course from time to time.


Would like to see the bottom of the pine trees trimmed up. Spend a lot of time looking for discs in the pine trees.

Other Thoughts:

Would like to see more benches to sit down at.
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Beginner Friendly 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 3, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


PNC installed this course in 2011. The one of the designers was Allen Pier who runs Pieradise in Peru, IN. The course makes use of elevation changes and tree lined fairways for a lot of the holes and wide open field for the remainder.

The layout of the course is nice and flows well, except as other reviewers pointed out the 9 to 10 transition.

The concrete tees are nice and clean with great signage at each tee pad. The course is very well groomed and maintained very well. There are trash cans at most holes.

Being a college campus - they put up no alcohol or tobacco signs at a lot of the tees. Some don't consider this a pro, but this does keep some people from coming to this course. I think this helps keep the course cleaner too, even though there are plenty of beer cans in the trash cans on the course, so it some people don't follow the rule.

Holes are mostly straight shots, there are some alternate routes that can be taken on some holes.Elevation changes are not huge, but they do play into quite a few holes and adds some interest.

All the holes are pretty much wide open straight shots at varying distances to the basket except:

#6 - straight except there are trees guarding the basket - either low through them, or a hyzer around them.

#7 - straight shot, but a low tunnel shot

#8 - longest on the front 9. Basket not visible from the tee and there are pines blocking a straight shot and some smaller trees around the basket.

#15 - Probably the only RHFH hole on the course through some trees at the end of the run.

Hole #17 has an Am and Pro tee placement, the Am placement takes 300' off the hole distance.

Being wide open on most of the holes and not having a lot of 'rough' there isn't a big chance to lose a disc here. The only problem I've ever had was missing a disc in the field and walking right past it, only to spend 5 minutes looking for it in the wrong area.

Campus security regularly makes rounds through the parking lots and there are always people coming and going to the Vet Clinic at hole #1/#9 so parking is safe and lit.

Being a few minutes from where I live, I have been out there quite often and have only seen other players on the course a few times. I've never had to wait or play through or have even been within a hole or two of another player/group.


Being mostly straight shots, this course doesn't have a lot of variety, quite a few of the holes feel exactly the same - in fact #10 and #11 are pretty much the same hole. #12/#13/#14 all are pretty much alike also (although #14 has a sapling in the middle of the fairway that I like to hit) Anyone halfway decent will have drop-in 2s for most of the course.

The course doesn't punish bad shots, except for the pine trees, making par is relatively easy and the short length of a lot of the holes makes 2s easy for most players. The pine trees that line a lot of the front 9 and #10/#11 of the back nine will eat discs and not spit them out. The pines are fairly easy to recover discs from though, so losing a disc isn't a real threat.

Even the holes that have trees guarding the baskets only have at the most a single line - so for instance, hole 7 has a a tunnel real close to the tee, but even if you happen to nail a tree - as long as you drop out of the tree, there will be a clear shot to the basket. Hole 15 - the only real rhfh hole - has some trees guarding the basket also, but again - if you can make it to the trees or hit them - you will drop out to a clear shot to the basket to save par.

There are no signs indicating where the start is and the first time I went out, I stopped at the parking by the basketball courts since there is a tee for hole (#6) right at the end of the parking lot. The tee for #1 is by the large wood sign box at the top of the hill at the Vet Clinic parking lot by the sculpture.

If you've read the reviews here, the transition from 9 to 10 will be no big deal, but someone new to the course might have a problem finding it since 10 starts on the other side of the Vet Clinic down the private road.

Other Thoughts:

Since I live so close to this course, I like to use it as field practice. The tees are nicer than going to the field to throw and the wide open fields don't punish working on your technique.

Having played Pieradise, I notice there are some similarities in the courses. While this course is not wooded at all, the wide open holes have the same feel as those down there.

I worked at PNC a long time ago, and unless things have changed, campus security is a branch of Westville Police Department - so people disobeying the no alcohol or tobacco signage could have a real issue with campus security - more than rent-a-cops.

PNC owns a lot of the woods that outline the back 9 of this course, it would be great if they expanded or added another course back in the woods to compliment this course.

Overall - if someone was just passing through the area, I would recommend paying to play Rogers Lakewood over this course. If someone is on a roadtrip on the toll road and time was tight - PNC is right at the exit so you can exit, play a round and get back on the toll road.

All the PNC buildings have vending if you forgot to bring something to drink. The building in the back of the campus is the LSF building and has a cafeteria.

Lastly, the course looks beautiful. It might not be a difficult course, but the maintenance is top notch.
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Not bad for a school course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 11, 2011 Played the course:once


The course plays on a college campus, hopefully lots of college students are getting exposure to the sport. The grounds are nicely kept, with mowed grass and good amenities. The signs are excellent, with hole layout and distance, and the concrete tees are a fine size and texture. The baskets are brand new spiderwebs, some of my favorite baskets on the market. The course loops back to the parking lot after 9, always a nice perk.

The design does a good job with the space available to make things as interesting as possible. Most holes have some kind of elevation change, with some fun downhills and tough uphills along with a couple pin placements that offer good rollaway potential. A few pins are guarded by the scattered trees and make you plan your shot a little. There is some nice length variety with some short ace run type shots, some air it out holes, and one multi-shot bomber near the end where you really have to contend with wind and distance.


This course ends up feeling very open, and gets a little old with a ton of basically open field shots. I liked the use of the few spots with low ceilings and tighter gaps to hit, but those were few and far between. There is a long walk between the front and back 9s that's not immediately obvious, not a huge deal but it could be frustrating your first time through. There are some holes that play through prairie areas on the back 9, long grass rough is a big con for me as it only adds frustration not any real disc golf challenge. I would like to see a shorter set of tees on a course that should see a lot of beginning players, the distance here is a bit much for first time players to really enjoy.

Other Thoughts:

Beginners will find this one pretty open and long, the wind and distance would likely frustrate many newer players especially when combined with the long grass. More experienced players will have the chance to rip some drives and work on their elevation and wind game, but this course won't really challenge any technical skills. I love seeing courses on college campuses, it's good exposure for the sport, but unfortunately this isn't the ideal layout to really get hooked.
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Beginner/Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 11, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


- Course is set on the large campus of this college. There is plenty of space to go around, so there should be no chance of any interference.
- Majority of the holes are set in the open, with a varying amount of trees involved. There are some holes with big patches of large trees to get around, like #1 and #4, and some with additional bushes to avoid. Other holes had a bigger amount of smaller trees, which demand a little more accuracy, like some low hanging branches off the tee on #7. A lot of holes are definitely RHBH hyzer friendly, while others need a RHFH or BH anny.
- Other holes are situated by dense woods to provide additional hazards. #4 to the left and #15 to the right especially punish shots that stray off the fairway.
- Some elevation changes are present here, with some longer sloping fairways and a few hills. The gentler holes still have trees to contend with, like the downhill on #16 or the uphill on #8. The steeper hills are more or less clear, like the drive on #9 and the upshot on #17. Adds good variety overall.
- Great variety in hole length. There are a few shorter ones around 250' or so, plenty around 300', a nice long one at 437' and an absolute bomber at 740'.
- A few baskets are protected, like the bushes and low hanging trees on #5, and some of the sloping terrain on #9 and #17. Nothing too extreme, but it does add some difficulty to these holes.
- Great signage, teepads, and baskets. Navigation is pretty easy, the back 9 is a little walk to the northeast of #1.


- The trees are used well here to make some interesting holes, but there are a lot of wide open shots that need a straight or slight hyzer throw. #3, #9, #10, #11, #13, and more are pretty brainless. Slight elevation changes help, but not too much.
- Most holes in general don't punish bad shots too badly. With the exception of a few holes by the forest, and the two longer holes, a bad shot can still be turned into a par without too much difficulty. The open landscape makes it easy to navigate.
- A few holes are close to each other, especially by #6, #7, and #8. Heads up if there are other people around.
- Some teepads are slanted, which is a shame. Some downhill holes have a teepad that slopes upward, yikes.

Other Thoughts:

- Overall, the course has a pretty good fun factor with a decent amount of trees and some interesting lines. A wide range of holes from easy to pretty tricky, in terms of length and difficulty, or both. More experienced players will be able to carve this course up, but everyone else should have fun trying to score well here.
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So Fresh and So Clean!! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 5, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


This well maintained course is a perfect fit for its location. The kids goin to school will love the convinience of it and people that come to play will enjoy the atmosphere and cleanliness. First off, everything is new! Teepads, baskets, signs , and benches are all in perfect shape. No litter to be seen and the grass was manicured like a ball golf course. Trash cans mounted to, probably, the best signs i have ever seen. Very informative and colorful. The teepads are nice and big and mostly level.The course is kinda short but that adds to the fun factor. They did well with what they had and it allows you to throw every shot you know( even a thumber or tommy hole#7). It gets real scenic on first few holes of the back 9 and it looks like they have room for more holes(please). This is a multi use area with basketball and tennis available and a vet nearby if ur disc dog gets into trouble. The course has gentle elevation and even a couple big holes for the big guns. Hole 1 is great with a open ceiling tunnel shot testing ur accuracy. Hole 5 has you throw towards a guarded basket with trimmed bushes and flowers. My fav was hole 16, it a great hole that only rewards a powerful well placed drive for a bird, if u hyzer out you have no putt, too far right and your in the trees.
I also liked that there was security watching the course the whole time to keep the trouble makes away. Very pretty clean area with a nice beginner/intermediate set-up. Porta-john near hole #6


My biggest problem with this course is that its has too many opportunities to hit someone. There are alot of holes that they put the basket too close to the previous holes teepad. Hole 2 has you throwing directly at 3 teepad . Hole 6 has you throwing at 5 teepad. Hole 7 at 8 teepad. Hole 16 at 17 teepad. These present a serious risk to other golfers so be careful when ur out there.

Other Thoughts:

This is a great course on campus that will get alot of athletes involved and hopefully be a great exposure to the sport. I only wish they spread it out a little more seeing as they have plenty of space. Its def worth playing but be on ur best behavior because ur being watched.
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Beautiful Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 19, 2011 Played the course:once


For being a new course they really did a lot of things right at the beginning. Concrete tee pads, excellent Spiderweb baskets, and fantastic hole signs. The course it self was very easy to find on the campus and perfectly manicured. The landscaping there was just phenomenal. The land that they were given wasn't the most spectacular for disc golf, but the design was very methodical as they made sure to use the elevation and mature trees to create shots. I want to say there were elevation changes on at least 14 of the holes that I would consider a significant amount. There were several baskets that were well guarded by trees making holes that would normally be an easy two ones that required more precise planning. Hole 4 was a nice 415ft downhill shot that had the basket on the other side of a tree line; with some careful landscaping I can see this being the signature hole of the course. Hole 5 was another one of the magnificent holes that requires perfect planning off of the tee. Several holes implemented what I would call decision trees. On the back 9 there were a few holes that were also able to utilize tight fairways. The basket on 18 was placed on a side hill and I have great appreciation for those types of pins.


The first con that I really want to state is the flow from hole 9 to 10, there wasn't any clear signage and it isn't real obvious where you need to go after finishing hole 9. My second big con was the Pro tee on hole 17, while it was fun it didn't really seem to fit with the rest of the course. Some other things that I would like to see improved upon is the openness of the course. I was expecting a fairly open course being that it is a college course, but some of the shots felt like field shots. In the instance of hole three the basket is basically right in front of you but you can't see it, all they really need to do here is add a flag to the top so you have an idea of where to throw. Hole 8 was a little confusing to me at first when I looked at the sign, but after playing the hole it made more sense; just make sure you know where to throw before throwing. Holes 10 and 11 felt like the exact same shot to me; this can also be said about 12, 13 and 14.

Other Thoughts:

The first thing that I need to mention here is the front and back didn't feel like the same design, they were both good and fun but just didn't feel the same. The course itself played very well and a lot of skill levels will enjoy the course. I did notice some OB on the course but not an overwhelming amount, it was used in perfect moderation from my point of view. Adding in a few bushes or trees on some holes to force certain types of shots would help the course in the years to come. Hole 12 has some plant life to the right of the tee that will need to be pruned tactfully to maintain the current shot but not inhibit it. I think PNC itself placed some limitations to the actual design of the course and I firmly believe that this course meets those limitations perfectly, however, if they would have allowed free reign on the design I think it could have been even better. The plan is for this course to be the start of another complex here in Indiana and this is a very huge first step to making it happen. Northern Indiana has another beautiful course to be proud of.
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La Porte County's First 18-Holer! 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 1, 2011 Played the course:5+ times


- PNC's new course sprawls over the well-groomed, rolling, grassy hills of the southern part of campus. The design does a decent job of weaving around and occasionally through the many mature trees dotting the course. Several open holes allow for a grip-and-rip style of discin', while others encourage shot placement and accuracy, although nothing gets too tight.
-The front nine has no real schule to speak of except for a few well-trimmed bushes. Mature trees and rolling terrain provide the bulk of the challenge. The back nine has some holes that play through very dense prairie, with high grasses as well as trees. Hole length varies between 700+ (17 pro tee) and mid-200s. A good balance exists between the ups and downs available, as well as right- and left-turning holes, although nothing gets too crazy.
- Baskets are brand spanking new and painted a bright yellow that's easy to spot. Each basket has a numbered face-plate that greatly eases navigation. Freshly poured concrete tees have a slight brushing for traction. Tees are of good size. Descriptive tee signs. Brand new benches next to many holes.Trashcans on most holes.
- Located on a campus with many other amenities and sports facilities, although the course is a bit isolated on the southern edge of campus. Port-a-john near holes #'s 6 and 7.
- The course loops back around to the parking lot after the front nine, and gives the option of easily starting on the front or back nine.


- #'s 7, 8, and 3 are a bit bunched together and might see some safety issues with crowded course conditions. Likewise, #6 plays dangerously near the baseball field's bleachers, although several trees do provide some barrier. Mostly these spots only become an issue with shanked or horribly wayward discs.
- Poison ivy is EVERYWHERE on the prairie holes, exercise caution.
- I don't consider this a con, but others might: the entire campus, course included, is a tobacco free zone. I was scoped by campus security for the majority of the back nine, so be aware if you're a smoker and choose to break the law.

Other Thoughts:

- The flow is a little awkward in a few spots. To find the course, look for the veterinarian center off of South drive. You'll see #9's basket on top of the hill near the parking lot. Climb the hill to find #1's tee (out of sight from the lot). After playing #9, #10's tee isn't immediately visible. The best bet is to enter through the gap in the trees past #1's tee, hang a left, and cross the road. If you pass the metal sculpture you've gone too far.
- PNC provides La Porte County with its second course, and first 18-holer. Open enough to be accessible to most beginning players, but with enough challenge to keep the attention of seasoned discers, PNC provides NW Indiana with another solid course.
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