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Purdue University Calumet reviews

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The Valkyrie Kid
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College Course Is On Life Support, Not Expected To Survive! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 25, 2016 Played the course:once


The disc golf course at Pursue University Calumet is divided into two separate areas approximately 1/3 of a mile apart. For that reason alone, I think the course is in dire straights. On top of it's poor design, hole # 1 is mostly gone and forgotten. The sign for hole 1 is currently lying on it's side. Apparently the college has decided to use the land where hole 1 once stood, as some kind of a dumping ground. Hole one's basket is being taken over by debris and underbrush.

The course plays 1-5 in this field behind the dorms. Then holes 6-9 are located in an area far, far away. The back four play in a narrow piece of land bordered by a chain link fence on one side and neighbor's backyards on the other. This strip is narrow enough that many a disc will find yards or will sail over the fence into the forest.

The front five, minus the unfortunate # 1 play counterclockwise around a large lawn area. # 2 has no tee pad but the others here have natural pads. Number 3 plays 420' over the lawn. 4 & 5 are set a little too close to the dorm.


The signs are made of an egg carton type cardboard. I don't see them surviving harsh Illinois winters. And vandals will destroy you them.

No # 1 pad or hole.

Only the most hardcore disc golfers will make the long trek to finish a round.

Back five area is probably too narrow for casual college players.

Other Thoughts:

I'm a big believer that college courses should be short and sweet, basically pitch and putts. A course that two guys and their dates could play without losing disc or climbing fences. This course does not meet the needs of it's target audience. It won't last.
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2 spread out mini courses 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 29, 2015 Played the course:once


Beginner level course set on two different parts of the campus of Purdue Calumet. Holes 1-5 are grouped as well as holes 6-9.

Ace run for intermediate or advanced players.

9 Discatchers that catch great. Baskets are newer and have hole numbers on the basket.

Signs have hole number, distance, and small picture of the hole.

Great course to introduce the course to students.

Tees - One natural tee per hole.

Variety - Most holes between 200-300 feet. One 400 footer. Holes are all open with young trees throughout the fairway. Hole 1 has a mature tree, hole 4 has some young trees and an emergency post as an obstacle. Back 9 is almost entirely open with a few mature trees including a pine tree in a narrow space between the fence and the woods.

Water hazard on 6-9 after rain. Small creek runs through middle of the area separating the fairways.


No good spot to park. Front 5 is about a quarter mile walk away from the back 4. Course needs to expand to connect the two parts of the course. I feel like the front 5 has more exposure. Those willing to make the walk will play the entire 9. You could either park near 1-5, 6-9 or halfway in between. Either way, you are going to be walking.

There are other spots on campus that could have room for a full 9 that is connected. Could either be its own course or could have this course relocate there.

Large wooded area bordering the course that seems to be off limits. It is very swampy so holes here would not work too well.

If you throw over the fence on the swamp side, may have trouble getting your disc back. Will need to climb the fence either way.

Fairways /holes on 4-5 are too close to buildings and will be dangerous during school hours.

Rubber mats were not there I played, but there is only one tee per hole. Not any room to add another set . Both parts of this course are in small areas.

Other Thoughts:

I was not very challenged by this course with exception of not throwing over the fence on 6-9. The walk between the two parts of the course really kills the vibe of the course.

If you are looking to learn how to play definitely check it out. It is a course that will boost your confidence. It does its job of introducing the sport to college students. If it is too simple, there are other nearby courses that will challenge you.
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Beginner/Intermediate 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 12, 2013 Played the course:once


- Course is set on the grounds of a college campus, split in two sections. There is one hole that plays right on top of a walking path, next to a residential building, but other than that there shouldn't be any interference.
- A few trees here and there to force some line shaping. #1 is a hyzer/anny around a tree, #2 plays wide left or over the top of some woods, #3, #5, and #8 have some trees by the basket, and #7 and #9 have trees halfway down the fairway; #7's forces a RHBH anny line. #4 has a lot of trees dead ahead, a straight line would have to go over them all.
- Small creek is present on the back four holes, which is a real hazard. #6 has the creek right down the middle of the fairway, and by the basket, and #8 has the water on the left by the basket. Definitely punishes bad shots. Also a fence to avoid left of #6 and right of #8.
- As mentioned above, some well-guarded baskets here. #3 is surrounded on three sides by wide, branchy trees, #5 has two mature trees in front of the pin, and there is water very very close to #6 and #8.
- Good mix of hole lengths, there are plenty of short rec-friendly distances, but also two over 320' and another at 420'. So a few chances to air one out, for sure.
- Good baskets, signs are great but aren't sturdy and will surely be damaged at some point. Teepads are pretty rough; they are rubber mats with holes, and the grass has grown completely through some of them already. Navigation is very difficult as the back four holes are a short drive away from the first five (see cons).


- The biggest con here is the layout, hands down. #6-#9 are a short drive away from #1-#5, and there is currently a locked fence that separates the parking lot from #6-#9. To avoid hopping the fence, you'd have to drive out of the campus and make a big u-turn into the neighborhood for parking. The last four holes are also very crammed together, with #9's basket just off of #6's fairway, and #6's basket right by #8's.
- #4 here is within spitting distance of a residential building; that is going to cause some problems at some point. A RHBH hyzer that drifts right can easily hit the building or its windows.
- Land here is pretty much dead flat; #8 has a slight downhill slope to it, but that's about it.

Other Thoughts:

- Layout here is enough of a pain to be the most defining feature. The golf itself isn't terrible, with some longer holes, some ace runs, water in play and some definite line shaping needed (some pretty creative; i.e. OH shots or wide lines). Hard to give it a better rating with all the problems, though.
- Best suited to beginners, or maybe intermediate players. Just be sure to stay clear of the building and the fence.
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Experience: 11.5 years 31 played 6 reviews
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DG Comes to PUC! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 24, 2012 Played the course:once


Course is on campus and if you attend this school it would be great for breaks between classes or after.
Nice signs and baskets.
Good variety for what the designer had to work with.


Holes 6, 7, 8, and 9 are 2000 ft away from hole 5.
Close parking can be an issue if it is busy. I went on this holiday weekend and had no problem though.
The last four holes are cramped, very close together, and in between a fenced swamp and fenced private properties of residents. So you can easily lose a disc in this area if you are not careful.
When I went the fence gate was locked so I had to jump over the fence to get to the last 4 holes which may deter others.

Other Thoughts:

The first 5 holes are fun, diverse and flow nice. Unfortunately the last 4 are 2000 ft away from the rest and seem just thrown together to meet the 9 hole quota. This course is great if you are a local or a student but there is nothing here to attract others to come visit that are not close by in my opinion.
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