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Carroll, IA

Rolling Hills Park DGC

2.35(based on 5 reviews)
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Rolling Hills Park DGC reviews

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 16 years 483 played 478 reviews
1.50 star(s)

Only Takeaway from this course... Big white PVC poles

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 25, 2023 Played the course:once


+Rolling hills park is a nice place that is maintained by the city of Carroll. It has the Sauk River Rail Trail running through it. There is a shelter with bathrooms and a few tennis courts. Likely more parking than you would ever need.
+Concrete tees (see cons)
+Baskets in fine shape.
+Good for beginners and new players.
+Many ace runs possible.
+Navigation is easy here.
+Shouldn't lose a disc. There's some rough on the East edge of the park near the river but it should be pretty avoidable.
+Decent variety of distance. 6 ace runs and 3 longer holes.


-The number one con is the big white PVC pole marking each tee. They are stuck right in the back of each tee box. They are in the way of a run up on already short pads. Good thing the holes are pretty short.
-Be careful of the bike path on the back part of the course (6-9)
-Despite the name of the park, it's actually pretty flat. There's a few light hills but I expected more.
-Not enough trees to make things very interesting. It's pretty open.
-No signage. Even on basic courses, it's nice to have more info on the hole without opening a phone.

Other Thoughts:

+The PVC poles cost this course at least .5 disc rating. This park isn't terrible and has potential to get to 2.5 with a few updates.
+Good warm up for Swan Lake which is just a few miles away.
+There is a river on the East side of the course but it is small and just far enough away that it shouldn't affect the round at all.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 9 years 326 played 248 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Relaxing 8 Holes in a city park 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 15, 2020 Played the course:once


-Concrete tees
-Decent baskets
-Map is OK, flow is easy to follow


-Missing #5 basket and #6 tee to construction
-Kind of short tee box with a white PVC right at the back to mark the tee box
-Trail running through the park is in play for at least 3 holes

Other Thoughts:

Rolling Hills Park DGC in Carroll, IA has just a couple of minor hills that do not come into play. This course is down to 8 holes with construction taking out the #5 basket and #6 tee (I just played #6 from the #5 tee).An OK course for a city park, there is no elevation and very few trees. I can see the trail running right through the park getting busy and being problematic at times. It comes into play on #7 and #8, possibly #9. Tees are marked with a 5' tall PVC pipe at the back of the tee pad. Would score higher with different tee markers and a replaced #5 basket and #6 tee. I enjoyed my round, though. Would not make a special trip, but would play again if in the area.
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Experience: 29.1 years 81 played 5 reviews
1.00 star(s)

Better than no course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 26, 2016 Played the course:2-4 times


*Nice baskets
*Hole 4 was pretty good
*Good for beginners


*There are 5' tall PVC tubes that serve as tee signs and for some reason they put them literally 2" from the back of the teepad dead center. Seriously. This isn't a problem on the short holes but it's pretty awkward trying to work around them on the 3 longer holes.
*For a course named "Rolling Hills Park DGC" there was absolutely no elevation changes at all. The course was perfectly flat.
*Holes 2, 5, 6, and 9 were all completely wide open shots of less than 160', with hole 9 being about 125'. It says here that 9 is 175' but there is no way it is anywhere close to that.
*Not challenging at all for INT and above players

Other Thoughts:

In summary:
There were baskets, there were teepads. The teepads were obstructed by a 4' tall PVC pipe. Most of the holes were wide open and super short.
You could probably make some decent safari holes here, which would be the only way to make this course interesting if you played it often.
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Experience: 12.3 years 6 played 3 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Nice Course Within Walking Distance 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 13, 2016 Played the course:once


- Within walking distance.
- Well maintained.
- Within city limits.
- Not much obstacles.
- Short course that can be played multiple times in a day.
- In a nice, quite park compared to its predecessor, Graham Park.
- Great for beginners.
- Fairly open with not much obstacles.


- Some areas where there's newly installed pipelines and tracks with no grass could be annoying with mud on damp/rainy days. However, not a long-term ordeal as those areas will be covered with grass eventually.
- Course number polls installed into holes with no concrete to secure them and could be easily taken out; possible vandal target.
- Not quite as challenging.

Other Thoughts:

This course was recently created and is located within walking distance from my parents' house. So if I don't feel like traveling to the Swan Lake DGC by vehicle, I can just take a nice, quick walk over to the Rolling Hills Park DGC whenever I visit the parents.

This was the first time playing the course and the first time playing some disc golf in a couple years - so this was a good course to get back into the sport. Speaking of getting back into the sport, this course would be a great beginner's course for those who'd want to get into the game of disc golf.

Anyways, I played on the day where the course was still damp a day after rain came through. There were areas of the course/park where the town installed some new pipelines, so you'd see some tire tracks, dirt mounds and areas where the pipelines are located - and with the rain that came through the day before, those areas were muddy, so was a little annoying to walk through, avoiding getting shoes muddy, as well as getting some of your discs muddy when they land in those areas. However, it won't be a long-term ordeal, as those areas will eventually be covered with grass soon.

The course is pretty open with not much trees, any obstacles in the way and flat compared to the Swan Lake DGC. So like I mentioned earlier, it's a great course for beginners that want to get into disc golf.

Overall, I'll definitely be playing this course a lot more often as it's a walking distance from the parents' house, along with the Swan Lake DGC as that's another great course in Carroll.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 13.3 years 264 played 100 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Fun course in the city 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 19, 2016 Played the course:once


Easy to navigate throughout

Concrete tee pads

Nice baskets that are clearly marked

Quiet - no one was there while I played (there was also a foot of snow on the ground that may have something to do with that)


Easy, mostly open fairways

Not challenging enough

Flat, no elevation changes

Fairways get flooded after heavy rain, snowmelt
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