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White Settlement, TX

Saddle Hills DGC

3.465(based on 14 reviews)
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Saddle Hills DGC reviews

1 5
Experience: 11.6 years 2 played 2 reviews
3.00 star(s)

good course drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 15, 2022 Played the course:once


Different types of shots, some up hill, down hill, narrow, some you can even rip


Terrain isn\'t the best. Slippery, would like to see steps or better ways to get to holes making it easier
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Experience: 4.3 years 12 played 3 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Great course to play 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Dec 24, 2020 Played the course:once


There are a lot of good/great things about Saddle Hill. In my 9 months of playing, I've played Z-Boaz the most and I feel Saddle Hill is a great complimentary course to ZB. Really looking forward to playing Saddle Hill again to expand my skill set.

Elevation changes:
Lots of elevation changes. In my very limited experience, I was very impressed with the elevation changes. Several holes included elevation changes from 20'-50' (guessing).

Concrete tee pads are in good shape. Looks like a few are relatively newly poured.

Baskets are good.
Each basket has a nice metal number plates on top that's readable as you approach the basket. Allows you to confirm you are approaching the correct basket.

Shot variety.
The variation in terrain really gives you an opportunity to throw a lot of different shot types.

Cell service is acceptable.
I'm on T-Mobile/Sprint (the worst of the big 3 in DFW) and I was able to take a call after hole 1 and use UDisc throughout to help with navigation.


I am going to point out the "cons" as I see them, but they are aesthetics and things that would make it easier to navigate--the course is well worth the time and effort to play for the pros mentioned above.

Mobility issues:
I have some mobility issues being out of shape, overweight and two total knee replacements. As I traversed the down hills and up hills, I was a little concerned about the footing, but overall found it to not be too bad. If you aren't comfortable stepping up/down 12 inches+ you may find this course isn't good for you.

Not cart friendly. IMO, leave the cart, carry a bag. EDIT: I don't use a cart myself and I can't imagine using one at SH, BUT, I did see and talk with a group that was going out as we were finishing. They all had carts, so it is possible.

Navigation is difficult:
I played solo and I don't know how long it would have taken me to get through it without UDisc. I did not have the "map" some have mentioned, so no idea if that would have been helpful.

Signage is minimal:
A few holes have a marker peg with a number on it next to the tee pads. Some tee pads have spray paint on them identifying the hole # and long/short. Some older hand painted signage staked down near the tee pads. I didn't see any actual tee signs.

Couple of sketchy areas that might eat a disc.
I did not lose any discs. It's winter time so it's pretty open. There are two places I specifically thought would be an issue with losing discs. The first is #6 off to the right, ~200' off the tee. Kind of bog looking area. The second is #15 which is a big downhill and creek crossing. When the foliage is in bloom, I'm guessing it's easy to lose a disc on this one. A spotter is highly recommended for this hole.

Speaking of sketchy.
As I started out on #1 and most of the back nine, it felt like it was a DG course layed out over a construction dumping ground. It is caliche with lots of rocks everywhere. I thought the outdoor aesthetics were nicer as I moved to the back nine. It's winter time so everything is pretty barren. I look forward to seeing it in the spring.

Erosion issues.
Tough issue to address.

Other Thoughts:

As a novice, I found Saddle Hill to be a very challenging and fun course to play. My list of cons is kind of long, but I'm really looking forward to playing this course again to overcome the challenges it offers.

There are some great hole by hole reviews already posted, so I won't attempt to go through each one. From the previous reviews, it sounds like the course layout was updated ~2018? I think it's a good layout with good use of the available land.

Per UDisc, all holes are par 3. I suppose that's fair, although #6 is 481 feet and should probably be a par 4 IMO. The DGCR SSE is ~49. Lot of getable birdie opportunities, but several holes that I thought a 4 would be a decent score as well. As I see it, scoring even (54) for a round would involve balancing multiple birdies and bogies (or doubles+). Getting in trouble on some of these holes can add several strokes to a round so you need to score on the holes that give that opportunity.

For the 3 courses I've played, most of the cons are very similar. Volunteers are needed to work on the course and the city needs to support the effort or at least allow people to do the work--I assume that any meaningful work done on the course would need approval from the parks department. Then there is a need to raise some funds to support things like signage.

Thanks Johnny! Look forward to seeing the new signs
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
Thanks for your review. We finally got our permanent T-signs installed (10/03/21). They are large and easy to read. They should eliminate any navigation issues.
Thanks again for your review.
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Experience: 1 played 1 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Good variety, interesting slopes 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 17, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


The variety of terrain is nice. Some holes are very open while a few others are more wooded. I appreciate that. This course is relatively easy to follow and it's kept up regularly.


There's a lot of random construction going on around a few of the holes. There are some holes where it is really easy to lose a disc because you lose track of it when throwing up/down a hill.
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Experience: 27.1 years 50 played 31 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Nice course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 5, 2020 Played the course:once


Lots of variety
Great use of terrain
Well maintained
Nice wooded shots
Good tee pads


You kinda need UDisc App or similar to be able to navigate this course effectively
Needs signs describing the holes on the tees
A little bit of walk in a few instances between the finishing basket and the next tee pad

Other Thoughts:

I have gotten to be a bit of a course snob. I wasn't expecting this course to be anything but average. However, this is a very good course. It is a place I will definitely play again. There was a tournament just wrapping up and there were lot's of helpful people with tips. The baskets and tees I used I'm told were all in the long positions

I'll attempt to describe my recollection of the holes. I think they change them frequently for variety

hole #1. It's the far tee pad north from the main parking lot
It is a off the top of a hill with a hard right hook, Nice starting hole.

#2. down hill shot fairly. I think it was in longs. I was able to reach a little bit long with my champ beast. Birdie

#3 is gradual hill shot into a bunch of trees with t he basket in the back. It's probably a mid hole. I used an FD an almost aced it. It chained out loved the hole

#4 The basket was in long position You have to shot up a giant cliff, but there is a tree if you go to high. After reaching on top of the cliff. There are trees to shoot around to get another 150 feet or so to the basket

#5 There is a double mando between the marked telephone poles. I didn't particularly like the wire about through high strung across the hole. It's straight then pretty far left. Easy par, but super hard to birdie if you don't have a giant arm.

#6 Another hole where you shoot off a cliff. The basket is pretty far and mostly straight. I played it safe to the walk way down the hill. When I got there, I realized the basket was reachable, but it sets next to a huge hill and there will be a big penalty for missing on the right. I played it too safe to the left and had a 4. If I play it again, I will attack it harder on the tee.

#7 Normal size basket to the left across the creek

#8 shorter shot about level with the basket with a valley below. You can play it safe with a low hot or hyzer bomb it over the trees. I went with hyzer bomb, It landed right next to the basket, but unfortunately rolled down the hill

#9 Fairly long with creek on the right. Not too bad if you have control.

#10 You shoot from one side of the creek to the other. Crossing the creek with the shot is easy, but you have to walk a ways to cross the creek to get to your discs. There is a mando on the far left. I would not use that line anyway, but I suppose some could try.

#11 ~300 footer with basket on a hill. Not too hard, but a needed break from all the challenging holes

#12 My recollection is shoot from elevation with the basket across the creek. I think I played to the front of the creek then through over taking an easy par. It's possible to through all the way over with a big arm, but I was kinda tired.

#13 Is pretty long and open then finishes in the woods. Maybe 275 or so to the woods, then maybe 140 feet back in there. Getting from the open part all the way through the woods to the basket in the very back of the woods is just tough. Great challenging hole

#14 The tee pad is situated near the front of a large hill with no visibility to the basket. The basket was to the right after getting up the hill. Plan to be punished if you throw to the right on a shot or put. The hill is pretty steep

#15 Mando on the left, but would not be a line I would use any way. You shoot from a tall hill maybe 75 feet back from the drop off. The shot has to cross the creek then go left. Lot's of trees on the tee shot, another really good hole

#16 Flat woods shot. Creek on right. This is no easy hole. The path through the trees to get all the way to the basket is not for the timid. After a great round, I tried to run my score on this hole with a few sloppy shots. Very fun though

#17 This was a lot shaded wooded shots. The basket was maybe 260 from the tee pad to the right upgainst the side of the hill behind trees. This is not too pad of a shot if you have a good forehand and probably could get an ace. The path to get there is definitely straight with a right finish.

#18 Long uphill shot back toward the parking lot. The basket was a bit right of the parking lot. There are lots of obstacles to actually get it up the hill. So save some strength for an accurate straight uphill shot. If you hit the trees you will be punished severally.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 17.2 years 388 played 318 reviews
3.50 star(s)

still an unpolished gem 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 28, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


-land is well utilized, great design (shout out to Brandon Melton)
-huge variety in tee shots
-water and/or elevation in play on most holes
-concrete pads on each tee, some original alternate tees still exist but the natural pads are hit or miss. hole 10 tees from a walking path and holes 6 & 15 have a 2nd longer concrete pad
-dual basket positions on all holes, some have three
-mandos are clearly marked with orange paint
-orange tape on the baskets showing the direction of the next tee
-creek is calm and shallow, though the reeds are getting tall near holes 10 & 12
-practice basket next to the parking lot
-i enjoy the course's rugged terrain and unique holes
-right off the highway and not that far from Z-Boaz


-water crossings can be flooded in wet season
-water crossings are functional when the water isn't too high but they're not optimum. there are stepping stones in key places
-a few areas prone to getting muddy/swampy
-no restrooms or water fountains
-STILL needs new signs
-difficult paths and hills for those balance-challenged, especially holes 4, 15 & the path between 6 & 7
-lost discs are a definite possibility near parts of the creek and on some blind holes
-new parking lot is not really small but not big, it could get limited if a lot of people show up for minis. the portion of Wilbur St. leading to the lot is a $hitstorm. i wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of people just parking on Saddle Rd.

Other Thoughts:

Saddle Hills is still the course it has always been: rugged, challenging, well-designed, fun to play, ever-changing, and bit of a pain in the ass. Brandon Melton's original design is basically still intact but many things have been in flux over the years. Thankfully the layout is set, there's a concrete pad on every hole, and the baskets are in good condition.

There are lots of great holes at Saddle Hills that utilize the creek and the unique terrain. They vary in length and range from relatively open to tightly wooded. There are moderate elevation changes on nearly half the holes and the creek is in play on over half the holes depending on the pin location. Speaking of pin locations, there are at least two of them on each hole and eight of them have three. The first 6 and the last 4 holes play through rougher terrain with more elevation and the middle holes are in a more polished looking park area.

The course has lost some land and some really cool holes over the years but 7 of Brandon's original 9 are still intact and 4.5 of his original back 9 are as well so it's mostly the same course you know. The layout is renumbered and some holes have been combined or split over the years and 3 new ones have been added (4, 5, 11) to get back to 18 holes. Hole 4 is like a new version of old hole 13. Hole 5 is the mando hole with the power lines in the fairway. Hole 11 plays to the old practice basket area, basically the original unofficial hole 19. Some of the old sleeves are still around apparently and appear on the map as alternate pin locations. I'd love to see 15C in play, using the location from old hole 8 of the original 18. I don't know how often the baskets get moved but surely John Forrester will tell us when he replies below.

Saddle Hills desperately needs new tee signs. They were promised long ago but have never materialized. It's a shame because nearly half the baskets are blind on this course. First timers will have to walk up the fairways to know where they're throwing. The orange tape on the baskets is great for those unfamiliar with the course. But you really need the map to navigate, especially the transition from 6 to 7 crossing the creek. That said, the new map is difficult to read; lines from tee to basket(s) would help. The course would benefit greatly from new tee signs... and leadership from the active local club is needed to make that happen. That would be awesome if they can include a washer/bolt system to show the current pin location, if anyone is keeping a wish list.

Currently, the course is a muddy mess which is prone to happen around the creek and on some of the trails. The creek crossings are what they are, deal with it and leave the cart at home. There is also some construction going on around holes 2-3,15-18. Hole 17 is basically unplayable at the moment between the construction and the mud. Normally such comments are better suited for the course conditions section but would I really be that surprised if the construction ended up precipitating further changes? I suppose time will tell, unless John Forrester tells us first. Find out below!

In summary, Saddle Hills is still a great course that is a little rough around the edges. It may be in the shadow of Z-Boaz but it's a great option for locals looking to beat the crowds or a change of pace and travelers in Fort Worth should definitely consider hitting both courses for an impressive day of North Texas disc golf.

**Like this review? Hate it? Message me and let me know why! I want to make them better!**
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
Thanks for your review. The baskets get moved every 2 to 3 months. The course is normally in a short layout around Easter for the Cambodia Missions charity tournament and then goes to a longer layout for the summer and PDGA events. The permanent T signs are finally in place (10/03/21). Come back out and see how they look.
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Can't get right
Experience: 9.1 years 25 played 16 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Saddle Up Folks 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 28, 2019 Played the course:once


* good variety of holes. Some nice open areas as well as some tight tunnels. You will need your whole bag of tricks on this course.

*Elevation changes & a heavily wooded creek are prominent in several holes. I loved holes 3 & 4.

* Concrete tees on all holes.

*Mandos were well marked and are a great addition. Logically placed and did not impede the flow of the course. Well played.


* Signs are needed. Both for pin locations and distances as well as next hole info.

*Could use some better creek crossings. I'm sure the city would likely have to be involved in that unfortunately. But would be worth pursuing.

Other Thoughts:

I was able to play this course completely for the 1st time at the Cambodian tournament. We were paired up with a wonderful gentleman that knew the course well & made it easy to follow. I believe I would have been completely lost without someone that had been there more than a few times. Also with the heavy rains the night before, the course was pretty muddy in some of the lower lying holes, and 17 was absolutely unplayable.
I enjoyed the variety of holes this course brings. My favorites are the elevated holes like 3 & 4 to name a few. There are many on this course, and you will get a workout playing. There's not much better that standing on a hill and watching a good drive floating down towards a long pin some 300ft away, or throwing blindly up a hill, watching your disc disappear over the rise and hoping you land safely on a fairway that you can't see.
All in all, this was a fantastic course and deserving of a high rating. I'd recommend this course to anyone that wants a good challenge. This course is going to be on my list of favorites for sure!
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
Thank you for your positive review and feedback. The creek crossings are a continuous work in progress. The permanent T signs are finally installed (10/03/21).
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 28.1 years 138 played 28 reviews
3.50 star(s)

More changes away from a great niner 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 17, 2018 Played the course:once


Nice, new baskets.
Nice, new tee pads.
Elevation providing for interesting lines.
A wide variety of lengths, lines and obstacles.
Holes aren't repetitive.
It doesn't favor right handed or left handed players.
Enough trash cans. Pretty clean park.


Navigation. This course doesn't have signs or clues. No course map at the parking lot. No sign directing you to the first tee (that can't be seen from the parking lot). No sign or indication on the basket directing you to the next tee (A piece of tape on the basket closest to the general direction of the next tee would be inexpensive as well as useful). Old tee pads and markers from previous designs are all over the course. They add to possible confusion from those trying to play for the first time.

Mobility issues. Several creek crossings that are hazardous to the less than graceful among us (no bridges). Steep climbs on some holes (#4 had at least one from our group with a disc on the side of the steep hill you have to drive over in each round. It could easily be hazardous.)

Standing water. I know it's rained a lot lately, but something needs to be done about drainage for #'s 16 and 17 fairways and in front of the tee on #14. Evaporation isn't a good plan, especially with the mosquito problems in DFW.

No restrooms.
No water.
No benches.

Other Thoughts:

I gave this course a "Very Good" rating because it's a lot of fun to play. A LOT of work has been done (an amazing amount of work on #6) to get this course to where it is a place I want to come back to. That said, I'm in very good physical condition and grew up playing in creeks. This course would be tough to play if you have any physical liabilities. If you have a cart, you'll be carrying it over creeks and dragging it up and down pretty steep hills. I would recommend leaving the cart in the car and carrying your bag.

The tee shots on #2, 6, 12 and 15 are really fun. Especially #6. (Thanks to all that cleared the thick forest that is now the fairway).

There are very low hanging utility lines on #5... as well as a double mando. I understand you needed a hole here to make 18 total, but it's the worst designed hole on the course.

Baskets were overly guarded on 16 and 17 (especially 17). There needs to be some path for a skillful shot reward.

I played Saddle Hills in previous designs (it was a great 9 hole course), so I've been here before. There has been a massive amount of work to get the course in the shape it's in. I like this version of 18 for its fun factor despite the glaring issues that remain.
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
Thanks for your review. Most of the temporary tee signs made it through the rains in Oct. and I'm not sure how you missed those. We are getting permanent ones put in by summer of 19'. We are continuing to work on the creek crossings, however the erosion keeps taking us 3 steps back for every 2 steps forward. I painted the basket with orange paint in the direction of the next tee pad but it had faded quit a bit. I will use your idea and put some orange duct tape to show next tee pad direction as soon as I get some time. Thanks again for coming out to play!
3 5
Experience: 1 played 1 reviews
4.50 star(s)

I`m glad this is my home course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 11, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


this course will test every shot you have. It is easy enough for someone new to have fun and challenging enough to test a pro. I remember when this was a rough course but with the help of volunteers like john and help from the city it has really became a beautiful course.


Hey its north Texas we get crazy weather. Whether its pouring rain for 10 straight days, snow, blistering heat, hurricane like winds or the occasional earthquake the course can take a beating sometimes. But it always bounces back that's just north Texas for ya. We just toughen up y`all.

Other Thoughts:

I don't think ill ever birdie hole 6. its just not in my repertoire. But gosh darnet I'm gonna keep trying. This course will test every single shot you have and expose your weaknesses in an instant. I love this game and this course makes it really easy to enjoy playing every single weekend and will make you want to do fieldwork during the week to improve!
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
Thank you for your positive review and we will keep working to improve the trails and course.
2 3
Experience: 2 played 2 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Saddle Hills 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 13, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


Amazing!! This course is a highly technical eighteen hole beast that requires every shot in your arsenal. Each hole is unique and varied from the next giving you a diversity of different golf shots including: tight tunnel shots,valleys and rolling hill shots in open and dense woods, and a monster hole #4 where the drive off the teebox is up an almost vertical hill. I really enjoy playing this course and am challenged each time I play.


Needs tee box signs
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
Thanks for the positive review. Patriot club will be raising funds to put the new permanent T-signs in around the summer of 2019.
10 1
Experience: 18.4 years 1 played 1 reviews
2.00 star(s)

I miss the old Saddle 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 29, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


Any holes left from the original layout/designer are fantastic. Holes 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 14 are overall unchanged from this course's original 9 hole design, although now in a different order. Concrete teepads are a big improvement over the rubber mats that were temporarily installed. Trash seem to be emptied frequently. The landscape is varied, with lots of elevation change throwing uphill and down hill, water in play, open field and heavily wooded shots.


The physical course map that used to sit at hole 1 (now hole 12s teepad) was removed and never replaced, same goes with the original 9 metal tee signs. Navigation is an issue here due to the lack of tee signs or a map, player's are expected to follow faded arrows spray painted throughout the course.

Hole 4 features a steep hill near the teepad you have to throw on top of to reach the basket. While there is a safe path to the left of the fairway, if your disc happens to get stuck halfway up the hill, you're forced to take the dangerous journey up the middle. I would recommend skipping this course if you have any mobility issues.

Hole 5 seems like an afterthought, there's a double mando forcing you away from 4's pin and 6's teepad, and power lines 10' above the ground stretching across the fairway.

There are a few blind holes that I wouldn't play without a spotter, for risk of losing a disc to overgrowth or hitting another player.

The creek that runs throughout the course has had sewage leak into it as recently as a month ago, if you value your health I recommend leaving your sunken discs behind. I added this to the "course conditions" on the directory in hopes of warning other players, but it was quickly replaced with a note saying the course had been mowed.

The road leading up to the new parking area is in rough shape, there's potholes big enough to swallow a sedan. Be careful if you decide to go this route.

Other Thoughts:

I miss the original 9 hole layout, and most of what I would consider to be good or memorable holes currently installed on the course are actually leftover from the original design. However, I see the potential for this course to be as great as it once was, and will update my review accordingly.

*Update* The sewage leak referenced in my review was reported to me by someone working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality while I was playing the course. I was lucky to get that warning and felt it necessary to "pay it forward".
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
The road up to the main parking lot received some pot hole patch work. The Corp of Engineers is working on the creek soon. Thanks for the public service announcement about the leak. The report said it was fixed within a few hours of being reported. Permanent T signs are finally in place. (10/03/21). Please send me a PM with any questions, suggestions or concerns. Thanks
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 39.8 years 327 played 254 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Changes; getting better but still work to do

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 10, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


-- As good a piece of land as you're likely to find in DFW for disc golf. There is plenty of elevation change, with uphilll and downhill throws, water and trees. The scenery is really nice and would be enjoyable for a walk or hike. Getting to play disc golf here is almost like a bonus.
-- There are some really fun holes. Nos. 3 and 6 really stand out. No. 3 is a short RHFH shot to a basket on the side of a hill (at least that is one basket position). An alternate path for RHBH is there. No. 6 throws from a bluff/hill over some trees (at least there used to be trees) to a basket in a clearing surrounded by rough. The long basket position is devilishly placed a few feet from an 8-foot drop-off right to a 15-foot wide flat area that then drops down to the creek.
-- You have a good mix of distances, and the course doesn't overly favor one throwing style (RHBH, etc.).
-- Baskets are numbered (fairly large) with the logo of the local club. It's a nice touch.
-- Practice basket near parking lot.
-- Excellent tee signs with map of hole and obstacles and "Next tee" direction. Some also include directions for a "safe" route on trickier creek crossings or steep hills.
-- A couple of holes have gotten new/different basket locations (some of them elevated). I generally like them and think they add to the course, but they are getting close to have too many elevated baskets and making it feel gimmicky.


-- Navigation (and course flow) was a big issue here. The new tee signs help, but there are still some issues. Vestiges of the numerous previous incarnations of this course are still there (tee pads that are no longer used and old tee markers with incorrect numbers), and make the navigation issues worse. A map by the parking lot has been added as well as a sign pointing to No. 1 tee pad. That sign isn't big and could be overlooked, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.
-- Related to the navigation issue but somewhat different is the ability to safely traverse the course. Numerous "creek" crossings (mostly dry in the summer but a muddy mess when I played in February) exist. In fact, with the No. 1 basket in the long position, you cross the creek three times in the first two holes. Many crossings are steep and either so dry that the loose dirt and rocks make them likely to cause an accident or so muddy so as to cause an accident. Also, going almost straight up hill on No. 4 is dangerous. On my first visit, I had to throw my second shot from the hill on No. 4 and was worried about falling. I am in good shape, hike frequently, and was wearing hiking boots and was still worried. Additionally, there are many large pieces of concrete with rebar in them that are dangerous.
-- Blind shots. If I'm standing on the tee and have no idea where, or even which direction, the basket is located, that's a problem.
-- No. 5 seemed like a throwaway hole. It was short, with a double mando (almost always a gimmick) and power lines 10-15 feet off the ground all the way across the fairway. Now the tee sign is missing.
-- No. 11 has a picnic table near (or in) the fairway. With the pin in the right position and a RHBH thrower, a disc is likely headed right for that picnic table. A non-disc golfer was sitting there on my first visit and on my most-recent visit.
-- Snakes. I haven't seen any on my two most-recent visits, but this is the only course/location where I have seen two snakes on the same day.
-- No restrooms or water.
-- New development (house) in the area is likely related to the re-paving of the road, but it also added a drainage ditch almost on top of the No. 1 tee. It appears that water from that pipe now flows directly into/across the No. 1 fairway.

Other Thoughts:

-- Wilbur Road (leading to the parking lot) used to be more potholes than road, but re-pavng has fixed that problem. The parking lot (small) is also nicely paved.
-- This was a difficult course to rate because the pros are really strong, but the cons are almost as strong. If I were rating this on just the holes (taking out navigation, safety, etc.), it probably would be a 4-disc rating. However, the frustration of trying to safely traverse the course and figure out where the basket is brings the rating down.
-- Between the navigation issues and the blind shots, you almost can't play a solo round. It would be really helpful if your playing partner knows the course, but if nothing else, you're going to need a spotter on several holes. The risk of losing a disc is high, as is the risk of hitting someone (a disc golfer or someone walking in the park or sitting at a picnic table).
-- A LOT of hard work has been put in to clear brush, etc. I understand that this work is done by volunteers, so kudos to them. However, that doesn't eliminate the concerns. When I order a meal in a restaurant, my rating/satisfaction is based on the quality of the food and is not influenced by any struggles or limitations in the kitchen, etc. Why something is a "con" doesn't make it not a con. The course rating should be based on what is, and is not, there. The reasons should not affect the rating.
-- This is at least the fourth version of the course at this location, and the course was getting worse. Recent improvements (tee signs, road paving) are moving the needle in the other direction. However, many of the current holes existed on previous versions of the course, but the flow doesn't work as well now. The only reason I can think of for the current move (the old No. 1 is now No. 12) is to have slightly more parking near No. 1, but it's still a small parking lot. In addition to way too many creek crossings, you cross the main road (Saddle Road) twice. I don't think the trade-off is worth it.

** UPDATE **
I originally rated this a 2.5 disc course. I was torn whether to raise it to 3.0 or 3.5 but eventually settled on 3.0 on my first update and now a 3.5 based on the new tee signs, which help the navigation. There are still some problems with course flow and not knowing where baskets are located. The creek is in play on quite a few holes, which makes the holes challenging, but the creek crossings themselves are difficult and a safety issue.
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
The park land keeps getting sold off unfortunately. We are doing the most with what land we have left. Yes, the parking is better at the new #1. The permanent T signs are finally installed, (10/03/21). Come back out with a regular and give it another shot.
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2.50 star(s)

OK course with some flaws 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 18, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


* Good location in an under-served area. There are no other courses within 5-10 miles of here, so bringing disc golf to an area that would otherwise have no course is cool.
* There are some fun holes. Most of my favorite holes are from the old setup (this course used to be a 9-hole).
* Nice mix of long/short holes.
* Makes use of varying terrain, including downhill/uphill shots, water shots, etc..
* Course isn't typically very crowded. When we have interacted with other players on the course, most seemed friendly (this is the case with most courses I've been to).
* Baskets are in decent shape.


* Confusing layout/lack of signage. If you've never been before, you'll probably want to try to go with someone who has (or risk playing to the wrong basket or searching for tee pads). There are spraypainted markings on some teepads to give a rough indication of where the next one is, but often times it's still confusing. Quite a few of the baskets have the wrong hole number on them.
* Can be rather treacherous to navigate at times, wear your hiking boots or trail runners for this one. If you have mobility issues I would suggest skipping this course.
* Related to the above, it's pretty easy to lose a disc since there is tall grass in many places. It's likely that these places are difficult to get a mower to so I empathize, but it still should be pointed out.
* In my opinion, layout has gotten worse since the days when there were only 9 holes. I would rather see the old 9 hole layout than the current 18 hole honestly.

Other Thoughts:

Is this course worth giving a shot if you've never played it before? Yes, I think so. Do we still go out here regularly, with the other options available in Fort Worth and surrounding cities? No. I appreciate the work that has gone in to this course thus far, and hope that it gets back to its roots (I would have rated the previous 9 hole layout as a 3.5).
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
Zboaz is less than 5 miles away (which you show marked as "played") and TCC is less than 10. Permanent T signs are finally installed (10/03/21)and the course is in great shape. Come back out with a regular and give it another shot.
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Diversity is the key

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 4, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


Every hole is different and if you get to play the different basket locations over time you will use a different shot or approach on each location so it doesn't get old. This course packs as much as possible in a small piece of land. The elevation changes and the creek that runs through the course make for some beautiful shots. There are several signature holes that are not found on other courses close to this one. Very low traffic.


No on site toilets, Can get overgrown on the hill sides.

Other Thoughts:

If you want to work on every shot in your game then play this course. The large and easy to read T-signs are finally in place (10/03/21), but playing with a local for your first time or at a Patriot Club mini will be helpful (They are the home club for the course). Most of the upkeep on the course is done by the local club so it can get occasionally overgrown.
hole #1. walk north from the main parking lot on Wilbur st. and it is down by the creek. It is a sweet right turning shot that goes from 285ft in "a" to 345ft in "c". Trees and power lines are in play but each basket position is reachable.
#2. down hill shot for an ace run in the short position and a good birdie in the long. Mando on the right.
#3. Unique hole that has a left side mando. You can shoot the gap or throw an easy skip shot in both positions.
#4- A Unique and signature hole. You have to throw almost straight up a steep hill about 40ft to a semi-open area up top. the basket is another 120ft back and elevated in the "B" or 50ft further back in the "C" position. There is an easier trail that goes out to the left and along the road, then cuts back into the fairway on top for cart users. This is a challenging hole for players that are use to throwing low and flat.
#5 double mando between the marked telephone poles. Sweeping left shot in the long and a short right turning shot in the short position.
#6 Another signature hole. beautiful down hill open bomb shot with a small landing area. The "B" and "C" basket locations require you to have a good approach shot just to get a 3. "B" is on the edge of a small cliff and "C" is as far back as possible and to the left.
#7 shoots over the creek and turns left. You get to max out your distance on the "B" and "C" positions but be careful not to turn your shot into the street.
#8 shorter shot that you can go over the trees or skip up below them for a chance at a birdie.
#9 Long and narrow with the street O.B. on the left and the sidewalk O.B. on the right. Big trees also line the fairway. "C" basket location in elevated on a 3ft tall dirt mound.
#10 shooting over the creek most of the way with a mando on the left. "A" is on level with the T-pad but right on a hill and "B" is down elevation with a bigger landing area.
#11 is a shaded T-pad with a nice big tree that splits the fairway. Both basket location are up on a small hill.
#12 is a down hill shot that gives the 300ft thrower an ace run in the short location. A flex shot through the middle or an open right side hyzer line are the preferred routes. "B" placement is across the main creek and is mainly used for tournaments.
#13 Very cool hole with an open fairway for 280ft and then wooded for the next 150ft. All positions are viewable from the elevated T-pad and C is deep in the woods. Mando for safety on the left and the main creek is on the right at the end of the hole so it tightens up the closer you get to the long basket placements.
#14 blind shot going up in elevation with "A" straight in front and "B" back to the right.
#15 another unique signature hole. Mando on the tree on the left and most will shoot through the hole in the tree canopy. Some may go over the top. You shoot down elevation over the main creek on all positions. "A" is a right turning shorter shot that is surrounded by trees and not visible from the box. "B" is straight in front of the T-pad and viewable from the T-pad. "C" is a long left turning shot that is not visible from the box.
#16 Toughest hole (in my opinion), especially in one of the longer positions. Tunnel shot that has to hook left pretty hard and get through some more trees for the long left position. Occasional casual water in play on this hole.
#17 Shorter but wide ace run in the short position and guarded by some trees in the long position.
#18 Long finishing hole with a mando on the left that shoots across the creek and up a small hill. Good long shots will land on the upper level and have a birdie look in the short position and an open approach shot in the long. This hole finishes at the parking lot.
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Jungle 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 8, 2018 Played the course:once


Terrain and foliage make this course a challenge.


It is a jungle. Long pants and thick boots are necessary if your disc goes more than 3 feet off the trail. Signs are nonexistent. Spray paint on the tee pads shows the direction of the baskets but should be in a color that is visible when it fades. Finding the next tee after finishing a hole is complete guess work. I shot a double bogey from the #6 tee before I walked around the basket and realized it was hole #16. Could be a great technical course with a little attention.

Other Thoughts:

Play this course with a friend and use THEIR discs. Best to play with someone familiar with the course. Tees are difficult to find from hole to hole.
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Designer response by Johnyfo8
T-signs are finally installed (10/03). We trimmed up the course and it is in great shape right now. Come out and give it another shot.

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