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Selah Ranch - Lakeside reviews

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Under New Ownership

Reviewed: Played on:May 20, 2022 Played the course:once


(4.195 Rating with a cart, 3.920 without a cart) The former number one rated course on DGCR. A spot I doubt it will ever obtain again.
- OVERVIEW - Before I begin the pros, I want to disclose a few things. First, I did not get a golf cart. I threw the Lakeside course second, and I threw from the short tee layout. The conditions were not good when I played, but for my evaluation I have decided to ignore the unkempt conditions and assume that I caught a rare bad day. The reason I have given two scores, is because the carts likely make a huge difference.
- HOLE VARIETY - Lakeside has all the variety that was achievable. Short par 3s and long par 5s. Water on the left and water on the right. Island greens, water clears and stop short of water plays. Unlike Creekside, this course actually has a nice section of wooded holes. I will say however, that the wooded holes, other than (14) and (15) are rather plain jane and the type of wooded holes that are present on courses I rate at the 3.0 level. Despite this, still superb variety overall and a fantastic mix of gameplay elements. I ranked the variety here into my personal top 15 as of this review.
- SIGNATURE HOLES - Hole (7) is one of the most killer holes I have ever played. Even in poor unkempt conditions it looked fabulous. Without question I would put it into my personal top ten holes ever played. Perilous water along the left the whole way. Landing zone and placement requirements on the hole were both fun and exhilarating. The end of (7) was just stunning with the big island green with 5-foot drop-offs along all the edges. Dear new owners, please maintain this gem of a hole! Holes (4 and 15) were also stellar. I no longer keep track of my personal top 100 holes, but I'm sure these two would be in it or close. (4) is another long water hole where placement is paramount. I played two far left safe shots before attempting the fun water clear. Hole (15) on the other hand is the best wooded hole on the layout and it's blessed with a perched-up tee shot and water along the right. I agree with the previous reviewer that Lakeside has more top caliber holes of the duo, but also has more vanilla ones.
- GOLF CARTS - I highly recommend getting a golf cart. I firmly believe it elevates the experience quite a bit. Reviewers may be tacking on a ½ point of rating score just for this bonus item, perhaps without even realizing it. Those that get a cart will be able to avoid the many long transitions and be less impacted if the grass is longer than it should be. One will be able to speed away from nuisance mosquitos and bugs. There will always be a place to sit in the shade, a place to set a bag and opportunities to sling-shot out your daydreaming friend which a surprise hard left turn.
- RAW BEAUTY - Ignoring the unkempt conditions, this place is breathtaking. The feature lake comes into play 5 times. As noted, this one actually has a decent stretch of woods golf to enjoy. Overall, I have this gem right at about the 25th slot for beauty among the 550 courses I've played as of this review. Had I played this course in its hey-day, I probably would have had it in my top ten, but construction has ruined a couple of holes, see cons.
- CHALLENGING - I think the Creekside Blues are tougher than the Lakeside Blues, but this one is still going to challenge a large swath of the player population. As noted above, I threw the shorter Red tees, but I still looked at almost every Blue tee-off location. As an Intermediate, I'm fairly certain that I would be able to break par from time to time, but also have days where I'd be +5 or worse. Pros and higher Advanced players are going to finish well under par.
- AMENITIES AND EXTRAS - There are two big concrete tees on every hole. DISCatcher baskets and also acceptable signage, which I'll discuss further just below. Pro shop on site, restrooms, disc return bins and a place to stay for those that want to throw away more money.
- SIGNAGE AND NAVIGATION - The greens fee includes a scorecard with map which is very helpful. A big course map is posted before arriving at tee (1). There are tee signs at both tee locations and they provide all the info that is needed. The tee signs are plus ten years old now, one was missing, and another was lying on the ground. I would say that the tee signs are in need of a full replacement. The baskets also could use an arrow or some other type of indicator to help with directing next tee flow.
- STAFF - I spoke with Mike to reserve a tee time a week before my trip. He was kind and laid out how everything worked and the costs. The check in staff (Braylee?) was also kind and courteous.


A gem not getting the love it once did.
- GREENS FEE AND LACK OF MAINTENANCE - I am very much ok with shelling out money for a greens fee. The 25 dollars I paid here is the most I've ever paid as of this review. Even if I cut it in half, it's still $12.50 for each course, which is more than pay-to-play courses like the IDGC trio and Rollin Ridge. The part that didn't sit well with me about the fee, was that the course was not being maintained. Off the course, the maintenance was outstanding. Beautifully trimmed and landscaped gardens. On the course itself, it appeared that nothing had been touched in 2 to 3 weeks. Although the maintenance was not quite as bad as Creekside overall, the grass here in the fairways and greens were still consistently 8 to 10 inches high outside the wooded areas. Why am I paying a greens fee if no work is being done? That's what a greens fee is. Half of the baskets are leaning too. Signage is deteriorating. I played 15 courses on this road trip and the fairway and green condition at Lakeside was the second worst after Selah Creekside. The other 13 courses I played on this trip were all free courses.
- RUINED HOLES - Hole (10) is completely ruined. A new house was built on top of where the old tee was. I equate this to grabbing a piece of fine art and then using it as toilet paper. Hole (5) is ruined as well. Much of the woods along the left are now gone and in its place is a brand new ugly metal storage building.
- GOLF CART COST - A 50 dollar cost for a cart rental is stupid high. I researched the rates at the golf courses around me and its normally 20 to 25 dollars extra to ride.
- LOST DISC POTENTIAL - It'll be higher than normal to lose a disc here compared to the average course. As noted, water is in play five times. There are far less prairie style holes on this one compared to Creekside, but there still could be some searching on errant shots on holes (1) and (16). Bring some floaters and throw-aways.
- BEGINNER FRIENDLY - Please don't bring a new player here. They will lose your discs and really not get much out of it. Novice level players will likely love the Red tee layout.
- PARKING - There is no dedicated parking by the start of this layout. I asked the staff and they said it was ok to park on the grass, which felt weird as I was the only one parked there the entire time I was on this layout.

Other Thoughts:

This former number one rated course on DGCR is officially way past its peak in my opinion. Two holes have already been significantly ruined and it does not appear to be being kept up other than periodic mowing. This is the seventh course I've played in the DGCR top 25 (Rollin Ridge, Idlewild, Harmon Hills, Creekside, Hobbs and Whitetail) and I'd rank it sixth among those seven. Just a hair above Creekside. I could definitely see some reviewers rating Creekside above Lakeside. For one thing, the pair are slightly different styles as Lakeside is half wooded, while Creekside is almost entirely lightly wooded. Second thing, Lakeside has been permanently damaged with the new construction. The reason I have Lakeside a smidge higher is due to the three bombshell holes and it still offers better overall gameplay variety. Despite the downgrades, Lakeside is still a gem of a course, perhaps still a fringe top 100 course and at least top 200 course material in my opinion. Note, a top 200 course is 98 percentile. Anyways, overall I'm going with a strong 4.0. If we rated by quarters of a point, I'd give it a 4.25. I'd say there is potential to get back to the 4.5 level if they bulldoze or burn-down the shameful house on top of hole (10). I'd pay the $75 course fee to watch that happen.
- TIME PLAY - It took me 75 minutes without a cart solo. I think a cart would have shaved off 15 minutes.
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At least 2 holes in my dream 18

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 2, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


Terrific variety of holes: big distance, tight lines, awesome water carries, tricky elevation. Everything you could ask for in a top level course.

The hole design here is top notch; the property available is staggeringly generous, with so much to work with. A beautiful example of the nature in this part of the country.

Hole 4 and Hole 15 are in my dream 18.

Hole 4 is a par 5 that easily plays alongside the lake, with the classic Houck two-options, a certainly dry left wooded line or a wide open line on the right that's closer to the water. The best part of the hole is the approach to the green however, where hopefully you've gotten just in front of the swamp marsh so you have secured footing to throw a 200' approach to a green with the basket on a slight grade. There's a good backstop there but you can skip long, the real play is to land right on the other side of the water and slide up to the basket...if you've got that touch.

Par 5 Hole 15 plays downhill through a narrow gap, hopefully landing pretty straight in a clear patch of grass so you can throw a left to right throw into a tighter fairway sloping downhill. The second throw takes you deeper into the woods on the right with an easy approach that bends to the left to the basket just against some really rough rough.

Of course Hole 7 is an extraordinary hole with two water carries including to a beautiful island. However my frustration at all the discs I continue to lose on it has yet to turn to begrudging respect, although I'm sure it will in time!


The continued development of the property has forced some of the holes to shift. Hole 10 no longer has a teepad, and Hole 5 was crowded with construction vehicles the last time I played.

The construction has also led to a lot of standing water which is fertile ground for some of the worse mosquitos I've felt with while disc golfing. Despite their wonderful design and tight lines, Holes 5 and 6, and 9-14 are miserable to play due to the incessant biting, you want to get them over with as fast as possible.

And the development also comes at the expense of really feeling like I'm surrounded by nature. Instead it feels a little like I'm sneaking around people's property and interrupting their privacy.

Other Thoughts:

Call ahead to reserve a spot, DG is definitely not their priority here and you should let them know you're coming so they can have someone there to check you in. There's a pro shop kind of but it's not really ever open. There are bathrooms and showers there to clean off afterwards. It costs $25 per person per day. There are also carts to rent but I've never used them. They sure do push them on you but I wonder how functional they are to navigate some of the holes, I feel like they'd get stuck in the mud or some of the narrow wooded holes. I don't know, I guess they're helpful with such a long course on a hot day if you're in poor physical condition?

With the two courses on the property and the wonderful variety of challenging holes, it's absolutely worth a trip in the spring and fall when it's cool. However the construction along Lakeside in particular has worsened a good set of holes in the middle of the course and prevent it from being a 5 star course in my opinion. Lakeside has better top holes than Creekside but I think I prefer Creekside over all as it's a little more natural and consistently great.

The lack of traffic, (I live a reasonable drive away and have yet to see another DGer play here at the same time I'm here), the continued development, the rebranding to Pure Hope Ranch, all make me fear for this course's future. Visit it while you can because three of the holes are absolute dream holes and the experience sans mosquitos will be one you treasure for a while.
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Disc Golf Deep in the Heart of Texas... Lakeside Edition

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 3, 2021 Played the course:once


- dedicated disc golf area with good layout for safety
- pro shop and restrooms on site (near Creekside course)
- overnight lodging available (camping or inn)
- carts available
- some moderate elevation change on parts of course, particularly back 9
- great mix of technical wooded challenge and high risk water hazards
- dual concrete tees
- well maintained fairways
- full color tee signs and high quality Innova DISCatcher baskets
- scorecards/maps available at pro shop
- unique island water obstacle on hole 7
- good variation of hole lengths


- pay to play, not a con for me, but at $25 is one of the higher ones (covers unlimited play for the day of both courses)
- walk to hole 18 crosses hole 1 fairway, although there is a warning sign
- no garbage cans, minimal benches on course
- minor note that wind can be a factor at some higher open elevations
- temporary: construction is causing some impacts for holes 5 and 10, but both are still playable

Other Thoughts:

The Selah Ranch property has been renamed Pure Hope Ranch, possibly due to an ownership change. It's also worth noting greens fees are up to $25, which includes unlimited play for the day for both courses. Carts are available, and while the courses are long, they are not necessary if you are able bodied and want to walk (which is what I did). However, it's a nice option if you want to move faster or think 3+ miles of walking might be too much for you.

Reservations are required to play unless you're already staying at the property. Michael is very helpful with navigating and getting your spot reserved. You can also stay overnight at the inn or camp. I was surprised that for these courses which are supposedly top-tier, they were extremely empty. I played both courses over the course of almost 4 hours and didn't see a single other person playing either course. Admittedly, it's December, but it was 60-70 degrees and beautiful out.

It's hard for me to decide whether I liked Creekside or Lakeside better. I think I was more tired playing Lakeside and ready to be done, but it may be the slightly better course. Lakeside has a nice combination of technical wooded challenge and more open shots with intense water hazards. Several baskets sit right by the lakeshore and really force you to bring the best of your game. Lakeside also has a bit more elevation change to add some interest. The most iconic hole is hole 7, which has you throwing to a basket out on an island in the lake. The carry is not trivial and the island isn't huge so you can overshoot it or land off the side of it too.

The blue tees typically involve more distance and sometimes a bit more water hazard. I played the red tees which were still plenty challenging, but both sets of tees make for a great course. I think Lakeside is an excellent course, but not quite the perfection many reviewers seem to think it is. I think Blue Ribbon Pines and Idlewild are both better courses. I enjoyed this experience a lot, but subjectively, I don't think this is really a 5 disc course. I think perhaps with more elevation change it might be. I had a hard time deciding between a 4 and 4.5, and I think it's probably in the middle, but with some elevation change, good maintenance, and the really unique water hazards, I decided this course deserved the 4.5. This course claimed one of my discs and a lot of the lake is somewhat murky making recovery unlikely in a lot of cases. That's the price you pay for this level of challenge, though. While several early and later holes play right around the lake, about half this course is in the woods and really will challenge your technical game.

I'm not sure if Lakeside is worth crossing the country for but it's definitely worth a drive to play both courses at the property. I drove over 2 hours and don't regret it, but do note there aren't many other courses in this area of east Texas.

Navigation on Lakeside was pretty good with some good next tee signs. I think it was still slightly confusing like Creekside, but with the course map it's not too bad. There is a bit of backtracking from hole 12 to hole 13 but otherwise it flows pretty well. Note that Lakeside is back by the Inn, well away from the Pro Shop. It's best to get directions from the staff, but if you take the concrete road to the inn instead of turning by the pro shop, you'll see tee 1 and basket 18 to your left by the lake before getting to the inn. They are near a campsite.

I recommend a visit to this area if you're nearby, but I think there are other courses more deserving of a Top 10 rating. However, the water hazards here really are unique. More elevation change would make this course closer to the upper echelon, but east Texas is relatively flat, and the course designers made great use of the space they had to work with.
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Scenic Island (of Course) Highlights Challenges Around Lake and Woods

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 11, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


+ challenging course design
+ prominent water feature
+ scenic island hole
+ interesting wooded holes
+ true par 4 and par 5 holes
+ meaningful long and short tees
+ golf carts available to rent
+ pro shop that sells discs


- requires fee to play
- lengthy course to walk
- intimidating water hazards
- lots of standing water after recent rains
- several opportunities to lose discs

Other Thoughts:

Selah Ranch - Lakeside is one of two courses located on the resort property of Selah Ranch which offers various guest accommodations and camping options for overnight stays. Selah Ranch exemplifies a disc golf vacation destination and is often paired with a visit to nearby Texas Trey Ranch for a true disc golf destination experience. This is a private course that charges fees to play and offers golf carts to rent for rounds of play.

Lakeside is named after the small lake on this course that is a prominent feature for scenic holes along the water's edge, especially signature hole #7 with its iconic island green. Remaining holes mostly explore the woods that surround the lake, taking advantage of several changes in elevation to add difficulty. The entire course layout loops around the lake, returning in a criss-cross pattern and reaching back into recesses of the woods to explore interesting natural obstacles. While the lake receives the lion's share of attention on this stellar course for it's thrilling water hazards, the wooded holes offer plenty of challenges to hold player's attention once they lose view of the lake.

(Inevitable) Creekside and Lakeside Comparison
Both Lakeside and Creekside courses incorporate great water hazards as challenging features. Lakeside's other holes mainly play through woods on focused paths whereas Creekside's other holes mostly throw out in open, grassy fields. Between the two I prefer Lakeside's attractions, especially island hole #7 which is memorable for being so difficult and scenic. The throws over water on Creekside feel equally intimidating, but they seem less scenic due to being surrounded only by fields instead of tall trees. It's true that trees on a disc golf course are influential as both obstacles and scenery. To that point, I enjoy the technical, wooded holes on Lakeside much more than the expansive, pasture holes on Creekside.

This championship caliber course hosts state and national tournaments and generally consists of many long distance holes to challenge professional players. Alternate red tees accommodate recreational/advanced players with shorter distances on most holes.

The first hole abruptly introduces players to the lake's intimidating effect by funneling drives down a wide, forgiving fairway to a sandy corner of the lake with a basket mere feet away from water, making approaches and putts an ominously risky endeavor. The next three holes, #2-4, circumscribe the north end of the lake with numerous chances to throw OB in water along the fairways on even holes #2 and #4 while odd hole #3 holds the potential for players to suffer frustrating hillside rollaways. Then the woods beckon for the next couple holes down carved paths, tracking to famed hole #7 which plays back along the far side of the lake towards an inviting patch of green grass surrounded by blue water. Careful play must carry the water on three successive throws while an assertive mindset may attempt reaching the hole in only two water crossings. Landing the green is daunting no matter which route is chosen.

After leaving the island via footbridge, players wander back and forth on holes #8-16 through woods, up hills, over ridges and down slopes on a variety of holes with no two sharing any similarity. There are twists and turns, birdie opportunities and bogie possibilities and many shaped and finesse shots to make as well as blind tee shots to overcome. Especially thrilling is the elevated tee on #15 that peers down into a wooded fairway beside a creek, leading to a green far off in the distant corner of the course. Holes #16-17 corral players back towards the water for a final stroll on hole #18, fittingly, along the lakeshore.
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Good but not spectacular 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 27, 2019 Played the course:once


Everything is bigger in Texas - if you rent a golf cart, as I did, you get a nice off-road cart to travel the course.

- The pro shop was nice and the course maps were handy.
- Some nice water hazard shots especially #2, #4 and #7.
- Lots of risk versus reward type of shots.
- There were actually some short birdie opportunities which was a nice change of pace.
- Good level of challenge here.
- Well maintained course.


Sorry, but this is not a top 5 course - maybe not even top 10?

- Very little elevation. I love uphill, downhill, sidehill type of shots and there was almost no real elevation that comes into play.
- I paid $64 which included the cart and my player fee, this is astronomically high considering I played for 2 hours.
- No benches on the course, I get it - they expect people to be on golf carts, but if you are walking you better bring a tripod chair.
- Lost 2 discs in the water, no big deal really but they were not friendly when I emailed (we get thousands out every spring, you might get a call and we charge to return them).
- There's just not that much variety here, long shots, some dog legs, some water.
- Honestly the off-road golf cart was more fun than the disc golf, and I think that's a problem.

Other Thoughts:

Would I play this course again? Yes.

Do I think this course is rated unfairly high because most of the folks playing it haven't played outside of Texas? Yes.

If you're passing through the area and have half a day, play this course. It is not a top 5 course if you appreciate variety of shots and varied terrain (elevation).

Harmon Hills (TN) and Idlewild (KY) are 2 courses I have played that are more deserving of being in top 5. Harmon Hills is about the most fun you can have playing disc golf with lots of challenge and varied terrain. Idlewild is the most challenging disc golf course out there from what I've seen and it is very well maintained.
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setting the standard for destination courses

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 5, 2019 Played the course:2-4 times


-top notch design, a true golf course
-great piece of land with woods, open areas, a lake, creeks
-excellent tees, signs, Discatchers
-iconic signature holes: 4, 7, 14, 15
-wide variety of holes and shot types
-playing smart is rewarded, lots of risk/reward opportunities, you really need to know the landing zones
-golf carts, camping, room rentals available on site
-rest rooms and showers
-limited pro shop
-excellent 2nd course on site
-pay to play, i think this is a pro
-friendly staff


-biggest con is the lack of elevation on the course. there are a few spots with a mild to moderate change: green 2, hole 3, hole 8, hole 14, blue tee 15. Mr. Houck did a good job incorporating as much of the present elevation changes as he could
-the par 3s balance out the longer holes but they are very short; you have to hit a line but for experienced players they're nearly gimme birdies
-navigating the area around 4-5 & 7-9 can be tricky. your scorecard has a map but a few signs out on the course would go a long way
-the cost for a weekend can add up quickly; this may tempt you to do something like skipping out on a cart but...
-playing without a cart is a long, arduous endeavor despite the mostly flat land
-a busy weekend can mean all the carts are already booked
-the Lakeside course is a long walk from the club house
-if you're walking the course, there are no benches
-it's a bit of a drive from the ranch to town; plan your food, beverages, and coolers accordingly

Other Thoughts:

***Update Aug 2022***
Selah Ranch disc golf courses are about to be permanently closed Sept 2022. It's a real bummer but I tell myself it's a better outcome than neutering the courses and continuing the downward spiral of poor maintenance. It's unfortunate that some of the more recent travelers to Selah had less than stellar experiences. Selah at its peak was a very special place. Treasure your favorite private courses because they are ephemeral. RIP

Selah Ranch is an amazing DG destination with two fantastic courses, beautiful scenery, and a plethora of amenities. From tent camping to the Corral House to the rooms at the Inn, there is an option for most budgets and comfort requirements. The courses are on a sprawling property with woods, meadows, open spaces, lakes, ponds, and creeks. You really get a sense of seclusion when you're out playing at Selah.

The Lakeside course interestingly has fewer water holes than the Creekside course but the lake is bigger on Lakeside and it's water holes are more iconic. Hole 7, with it's beautiful island green, is probably one of the most photographed and talked about holes in disc golf. It's an amazing hole that leaves me wanting another chance at it every single time. This hole and hole 18 feature the lake on the left side of the fairway while holes 2 and 4 have the lake on the right side. Holes 4 and 7 are score-able but dangerous par 5s. The other two par 5s are hole 1 and hole 15. I really like hole 15; the blue tee is a really cool elevated look to an open landing zone before navigating a tunnel with multiple lanes to the green. There is also a creek along the right side from halfway down the fairway to the edge of the green.

Six of the holes play near the lake and most of the rest of them play nearby through the woods. Holes 5, 9, 10, 14, 16 are all fun par 4s that require hitting lines and landing zones to get a putt for birdie. The par 3s on the course usually require hitting a tight, straight gap (except 3 & 17 which are open, 8 which goes right, and 11 which goes left) but 5 of 7 of them are under 300' and the other two are under 320'. They're fun and not necessarily easy but I just listed the blue tee distances not the reds. The reds are 7/7 under 300', 4/7 under 200'. On the shorter side for a championship course but they do offer a nice contrast to the longer par 4s and 5s.

Lakeside is full of challenges and fun with some beautiful views along the way. Less experienced players will still be intimidated on the water holes but playing safe is always an option and groups can enjoy the blues playing doubles if they want to experience the long layout.

I am a fan of pay to play courses but the cost can add up quickly here. Room or camping fee plus greens fee (no discount for tent campers) plus cart fee. It's best if you have a group to go with otherwise you're looking at $60 for each day of golf. You really are going to want a cart too because the courses are long and Lakeside is quite a walk from the clubhouse. Also note that during tournaments here, there are not enough carts for everyone so carts are not available. The carts are also not available the day of rain or if the courses have a lot of standing water. All those factors combined can make planning a trip here a challenge.

Overall, Selah Ranch offers a one of a kind disc golf experience. I've camped here and I've also stayed in the Corral House and either way it's a great time. Obviously it's a lot cheaper with a group but I suppose that helps give it that destination feel to be out there with your buddies. Lakeside has the iconic holes you came here to see plus chances to score and lots of holes that will make you plan your attack very carefully. As always, hats off to Mr. Houck.

**Like this review? Hate it? Message me and let me know why! I want to make them better!**
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One of the best 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 6, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


This course is difficult, especially from the back tees. You will need all of your arm for this course. Baskets are in great condition. Course maintenance is outstanding. Owner is a pleasant man. There is a disc store on site. There are golf carts available.


This course is not free admittance and you will probably lose some discs, so it can get expensive.

Other Thoughts:

I would recommend getting a golf cart to play this course. When we play Selah, we try to get 4 rounds in a day and that is impossible without carts. Bring lots of bug spray, it is East Texas. Bring all food, beer, water, whatever else you need because the town is 15 minutes away and it closes early.
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Incredible WOW factor! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 13, 2018 Played the course:once


"Phenomenal" is the perfect word to describe this experience. From beginning to end, there is a staggering presence to this ranch. Amongst the top of the pros is the hospitality of your hosts here. They host a get-away style ranch which I could never afford to stay at, but they genuinely cared about their course, and their disc golfers. That was a huge bonus for me.

But onto the course itself:
This is a championship caliber course from the long tees. It's still difficult from the short tees. I played this one in the long tees, then Creekside in the short because I learned my lesson. The fairways are fair, no judgments there, they're just long. And the woods are a little forgiving. But there is a lot of water (for here, a pro). I love a good aquatic challenge, and big lakes are some of the most scenic disc golf elements.

The most unique pro Selah can offer: Golf carts! They're pricey, but goodness are they worth it. So worth it. Even driving between every hole, and to all my shots, this round was still close to 2 hours. I can't even imagine how long it would take and how tired I would be if I walked.

I love the interplay between lake and forest. A few holes here, a few holes there- much more exciting than clumping all the water holes together at once on your way by the lake.

Hole 7. The island hole. LITERAL island hole. You have to go up and down a bridge (on your cart if you dare) to get to the basket. I was actually kind of tired of hearing about it before I played this course, but it lives up to the hype. It is the epitome of the decision-making design Houck is known for.

I'm coming from the Gulf Coast, so I especially appreciate the hills and elevation. I actually don't think there's anything spectacular about it here, but it's still nice.

Do I have to say it? Can't it just be assumed at this point that because it's a Houck course that the tees are full size concrete, the signs are beautiful and detailed, and the baskets discatcher? All the bells and whistles.


Well. I'm not a huge fan of starting off with a par 5. I could just warm up some more and take some warm up drives, but that would make a long round longer. Also hole 1 isn't interesting until the last couple throws.

Selah Ranch was the most expensive disc golf day of my life. You have to account for travel expenses, $20 greens fee, $40 cart rental, and any discs you lose that day (it was a depressing amount for me) (luckily my roommate got me a gift certificate to an online disc vendor that weekend).

Other Thoughts:

This course is a great play. A historic, challenging, exciting round. Why the 4.5 and not the 5? The cost > the experience for me, and the lack of glorious elevation mean there's just a little more "want" out of that day. It's definitely in the 4.7-4.8 range. And I'm doing my part in the average game.

I played this course as part of a huge road trip which included the Selah's and Trey Ranch courses, Harmony Bends, Idlewild, Harmon Hills, and hell I'll throw in Harry Meyer's because that course is pretty great too, and it really put a lot of things in perspective when trying to differentiate top-tier courses. It can be muddy in the 0-2.0 range, but no one really cares. It can also be tricky to tell the 4.5-5's apart, and everyone cares a whole lot. And for good reason.
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16 8
Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 6.8 years 69 played 69 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Birthday Trip 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 24, 2018 Played the course:once


-Great tee boxes
-Great tee signs
-Scorecards with map
-Good mix of long and short holes
-Golf carts
-Painted reference points at 200 and 300 ft from goals
-Well maintained course
-Ranch has a diver that collects discs from water and the pro shop will hold them for you to pick up
-Very few mandos in play because it was well designed.
-Pro shop on site
-Very friendly staff


-Costs for play and golf cart
-There is some water in play that will eat disks
-Closest place for lunch is 8 miles away

Other Thoughts:

This was the more difficult of the two courses at the ranch. I think it was fair, but challenging. The golf carts are a definite must due to the terrain and length of the course. The longer holes are not just bomber holes. They required proper placement to get through the hole. Holes 2, 4, 7, and 18 really bring the water into play. If you want a difficult course, the blue tees here are for you.

I was torn on how to rate this course. It was the first time I have ever paid a significant amount to play disc golf. At $20 to play and $40 for a cart, I just don't think the value is here other than to say you played one of the highest rated courses in the world. I have played courses that were just as well maintained that I enjoyed just as much as this one. I think a few steps could be taken to really ratchet up the allure of this venue. First, I would suggest putting water coolers in every few holes where people can grab some water. Second, I would recommend offering a sack lunch (for a fair fee) that could either be delivered to golfers on the course, or made available at the Inn or pro shop. This would let golfers play more and increase the value to playing at this pay for play facility.

I would definitely recommend playing this one and its sister course on site if you get the chance, but, while it is very good, there is not really anything going on here right now that is "next level."

7/13/20 Update: I apply a normal distribution to all ratings and a recent rating elsewhere caused this course to move back to 4.5.

Out of the 65 courses I have reviewed, this is where this course ranks along with similarly rated courses:
Rank-Course, Location
1-Munson Park, Denison, TX
2-Holston Creek DGC, Inman, SC
3-Noble DGC, Noble, OK
4-Selah Ranch - Creekside, Talco, TX
5-Fritz Park, Irving, TX
6-Selah Ranch - Lakeside, Talco, TX
7-Shaver Recreation Center Championship, Seneca, SC
8-Tyger River DGC, Reidville, SC
9-N.E. Lions Park, Norman, OK
10-Grand Central Station, Central, SC

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10 14
Experience: 8 played 8 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Excellent GOLD course (2nd of the 4) 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 2, 2018 Played the course:once


- Excellent GOLD level course with a good variety of shots and use of water. I found myself enjoying every hole as a unique challenge.
- Solid tee pads and signage for both blue/red positions, Discatcher baskets gobbled up putts and were easily visible.
- Beautiful property, many holes look really cool over the water
- Easy to navigate with the provided scorecard maps


- No benches, and remember these are LONG courses
- Not much elevation change
- *Some* of the staff extremely rude (most were nice)

Other Thoughts:

When we played the course was in poor condition due to rain, which made two 9,000 ft rounds extra grueling as carts were not allowed. From strictly course layout I'd rate this 4.5/5, but with the lack of amenities there are many courses that do more than Selah. Of the 4 Trey/Selah courses we thought this was 2nd best to Trey Deuce.
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4 11
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5.00 star(s)

2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 12, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


- one of two beautifully designed 18 hole courses
- big property that's really well maintained
- Great mix of all kinds of shots like long/short, wooded, water hazard.
- golf carts!


not too many cons I can think of really, other that it's pretty far out in the middle of nowhere.

Other Thoughts:

Had the opportunity to play this legendary course designed by John Houck. It was designed as a Christian retreat or at least with that in mind. Beautiful clubhouse/ mansion on the property with rooms i believe you can pay to stay in (didn't get the chance to do this). Overall amazing course and golfer should have on their bucket list.
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5.00 star(s)

Fantastic Disc Golf Experience 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 29, 2017 Played the course:once


After playing 190 courses, I finally made it to Selah, and it was as good as I had hoped. This is only the second 5.0 I've given.

There is a tremendous variation in hole lengths from 180' out to 890'. The short holes are technical wooded holes requiring careful line and distance control. The longer Par 4 & 5 holes demand precise placement of one drive after another while you make your way to the basket.

There are seven Par 3, seven Par 4, and four Par 5 holes. Having a course with this many quality longer holes holes is special. Both courses are long, at 6378' from the red tees and 8854' from the blue.

What stood out for me was the playability of the course for an 850 rated player like myself with a 300' max drive. I chose to play the red tees for my first time out, and thoroughly enjoyed all 18. They were good fits for me and I didn't feel hopelessly outgunned.

The course features lake holes, creek holes, moderately wooded, tightly wooded, and even more tightly wooded holes. The variety in terms of hole distance, par, and amount of woods is well distributed throughout the course. You are driving along the lake-shore one moment, and in the woods the next.

Like many others I found Hole 7 to be the signature hole. Playing out to a basket placed on an island was a special treat. I shot a four on the hole without trying anything heroic, but I can see losing a few discs if you decide get aggressive.

The course infrastructure is top of the line. Two excellent concrete tee pads for each hole. Both have excellent Houck signs with detailed hole diagrams, lines to the basket, distances, par, etc. Innova DISCatcher baskets show up well in the more shadowed pin positions and catch great. Clear paths from hole to hole make navigation a breeze.

The provided scorecards include an excellent overall course map, and hole distances and pars for both tees at each hole.


Very hard to come up with any as this is an outstanding course. I was a little surprised not the find any "Next Tee" indicators, but honestly navigation wasn't an issue.

The second half of Hole 14 borders on poke-and-pray and might benefit from removal of a few trees.

Other Thoughts:

This is a first class pay-to-play facility. Course fee is $20 for the day, and cart rental is an additional $20. I played both courses in one morning and can't imagine taking them on without the cart.

Had my wife along and she really enjoyed the beautiful ranch and traveling around in the cart.
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1 14
Experience: 8.9 years 58 played 32 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Best of the best 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 9, 2017 Played the course:once


What a fun and challenging course, it really just challenges you in every way and just makes you push your game to the next level especially with all the times you throw over water. You can tell the course has been made by a professional because you need your hole bag. Not to mention everything is clean and the tee signs and pads are perfect, it's worth it for sure.


It's not cheap, the road can be bumpy.
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13 20
Tom Z
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3.50 star(s)

Overrated 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 10, 2017 Played the course:once


** Well maintained.
** Owner and caretaker are very nice.
** Lodging on site, but a bit pricey
** Golf carts. More of a novelty. If I ever play it again (which I probably won't) I would opt not to use the cart.
** 2 courses on property which makes a day of it rather going somewhere else to play another round.
** Pro shop, but not much of one.


** Not much elevation change.
** Sometimes long distances from basket to next T
** Very little risk/reward that required decision making (see other thoughts)
** Signage could be better. It was adequate but not up to a 5 star rating.
** Not much variety. A lot of open holes with few or no obstacles (trees, etc.)
** Personally, I found the course itself mostly ordinary.

Other Thoughts:

** There is not much difference between Creekside and Lakeside. I wrote the same review for both.
** I've played about 75 courses in 14 states and would not rate this course in the top 10 of the 75 I've played.
** Risk/reward: If you are throwing across a lake and can throw that far then there is not much risk. If you can barely throw that far there is risk. If you can't throw that far it is pointless. There is not much decision making in that case. When putting toward a lake or stream that is 20 ft. past the basket, you have to decide how likely you are to make it from the distance you are putting. But what's the worst that can happen? You are putting for a birdie 2 and miss. Your shot rolls into the lake or stream. You take a penalty stroke and make an easy putt back for a bogie 4. So you could get a 2 (if you make it), a 3 if you miss and it doesn't go OB, or a 4. On the other hand if 20 ft. past the basket is a 60 ft. deep tree filled canyon, that missed putt could turn into a 6 or worse. Now the decision you make as to whether to go for it or lay up becomes very important.
** If you like a grip and rip course then this place may be for you. It offers some opportunities to shape shots around obstacles, but mostly it is just throw long.
** If, on the other hand, you like to walk up to the T-Box and analyze what type of shot is needed to get the lowest score (do you throw a hyzer, a forehand flick, a thumber, go straight at it, layup in the fairway for a high percentage approach shot, or any number of other options) then this course may not be for you.
** It is a good place to practice long drives without much regard to what direction the disc goes. But then so is a football field.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
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5.00 star(s)

Yeah, It's all that! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 27, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


From the wonderful property to the country club style setting, there is nothing I've experienced in Disc Golf that compares to Selah Ranch. The best of their courses is Lakeside. All of the holes require a thoughtful drive that will hopefully result in a successful approach to the basket. Hole 7 is just magnificent.

John Houck designed courses in a well maintained ranch with thoughtful owners. John took the best land and created a truly great disc golf course that can be played using a golf car (needed) where every hole is a challenge. This isn't a course for any "one trick pony" kind of player. You'll need a complete game to score well and have a great time here. All the holes are fair, but each one has challenges for you. We played from the short (red) tees. It was fun for our group of grandmasters and we all shot from under to a little over over par.

This isn't a "get there and throw" course. It requires thought and planning. Thanks John!


$20 to play and $20 for half a cart is pricey for disc golf. This isn't your every day course to play. It is a destination course that will probably cost you the $40 (plus tax) along with gasoline, lodging and meals on the road to play.

It's worth it.

Other Thoughts:

I played this course a few years ago during the fall. Cookie was with us then. We stayed at the Corral House (great by the way) and it simply couldn't have been better. Good guys and disc golf...

This time we played the Trey Texas courses on Monday and played Selah on Tuesday... staying in a motel in Mt. Pleasant. Not as great (lodging), but we played two other awesome John Houck courses (met Mom) and enjoyed the peaceful East Texas life.

This is a trip worth taking. Play the four courses and if you can afford it, stay at Selah Ranch for the best in hospitality. If you want to save a few bucks... call Mom at Trey Texas Ranch. She'll set you up.
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The Katana Kid
Gold level trusted reviewer
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5.00 star(s)

It's worth the top rating. 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 20, 2017 Played the course:once


Number 7 is the signature hole. Both short and long tees are next to the Lake, throwing over water at a basket on an island. The short tee is designed to challenge an amateur, which I am on my best day, and the long tee will challenge any pro since it goes over nearly twice the water. I lost my first disc of the day here.

SPACE! This place spreads out over a large area. When I started out with the scorecard I was shocked by how many par 4s (7) and 5s (4) there are. But this turns out to be one of the greatest parts of the course! Before I started I had never heard of the designer, John Houck, which exposes my lack of knowledge in this sport, but I soon realized this guy is a disc golf course design genius, or artist, or both. This course uses the space and landscape in an incredible way that you are constantly challenged. I played Hart Park (Shark Tooth Mtn and Suicide Flats) in Bakersfield. CA, which have a lot of space but it just wears you out, without the challenging experience. In other words, space alone is not enough. The only other course I've given 5 discs (oddly enough I also gave Selah 5 of my discs on the 3 most challenging water holes) was Milo McGiver near Portland, OR, since it's the only other course I've felt used a vast amount of space so I never felt crowded. I really liked DeLaveaga in Santa Cruz and Golden Gate park in San Francisco, but I always felt crowded there. So as I was grasping for the right word to describe why I liked this place I came up with SPACE and it's ingenious use by an artist who used this remote ranch with a lake as his canvas.

In addition to number 7 there are several baskets that are near the lakeside (1, 2, 3, and 18). These baskets all require careful throws or your plastic is in the lake. Many baskets are at the end of tunnels (5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14). Number 15 is a good dog leg. All these force you to keep some accurate lines.

A golf cart! What a benefit! Unless you are young and with unlimited energy, like I'm not, I can't stress enough to take advantage of this option. It's $40 for the day, unless you spend the night, which I did not, but I was told you get a free cart with the $700 package which is for 2 nights in a 3-bedroom house with a full kitchen and a reduced course fee from $20 to $15.

Maybe it's a con that it's not free to play, but it may contribute to the fact that you don't see a flood of people on the course. Most good courses I've played have people I'm waiting for or who are waiting for me. The day I was there the weather forecast called for rain but it did not and the beautiful day did not see many disc golfers. Whether it's the remote location, the cost, or the bad weather forecast, I don't know, but it made for a special day for me.

One of the design aspects I REALLY like is that every hole is carefully thought out for par. Most courses are ALL par three. That's a cop out in my view from a design perspective. La Mirada, CA for example has 2 courses that I've played more than a few times. All 36 holes are par 3, but there's no way that's equitable. I have mentioned this inequity to other disc golfers I respect who are way more serious than myself and really good at the sport, and their response is, "it doesn't matter since you're really playing against other people and it only matters in the rare case when you're playing against the course, like if you're alone." Well, maybe this is a philosophical comment but why can't it be both LIKE SEALAH IS?! Maybe this small point was so appreciated by me since I got five birdies (1, 2, 10, 15, and 16) and ended 2 under from the short tees. And I'm convinced better players would be legitimately challenged from the long tees to do the same.

I strongly favor a RHFH and drive exclusively forehand if possible. On some of these holes I found myself throwing backhand, especially 17, which was not a complete disaster since I parred or birdied most of them. My point here is that the design of this course forces you to use certain shots and it's very difficult to successfully force a forehand where a backhand belongs.

It's nice that the 18th tee takes you back to where you started. Sometimes I take such a small part of the design for granted until I'm reminded by a course like Griffin in Oklahoma City that finished at least a 5-minute walk away from the first tee.

Number 4 is a difficult shot over water. My disc cleared fine and I parred it, but I found a guy's disc in the water and could reach it without entering the water. When I texted the guy, who lost the disc, he was still on the course so I left it for him with Dave, the nice guy who runs the place. There's signs prohibiting disc diving and before you play you're required to sign an agreement that you won't swim or go in the water for discs.


There are NO multiple positions for the baskets. This surprised me since I've come to expect this on all of the top tier courses. But after thinking about it I'm not sure this is a CON at all. For example, I played a really nice course in Menifee, CA that is actively maintained by a local club called the Rattlers. I liked that course so much that I took a friend back about a week later. On one of the holes in the gulch, I think it was 10, there is no way to see where the basket is. I told my buddy that it was nestled way off to the left among some trees. He made a great shot to where I told him, but when we got there the basket had been moved and it took us awhile to find it way off to the right halfway up the hill leading out of the gulch. Most good courses with multiple pin positions explain that clearly at the tee with proper signage (The Rattlers need to work on that) but why do this at all? Apparently, John Houck did not think it was necessary. There may be some course design philosophy behind this decision, but I personally prefer it. I played another course by Houck, Harry Myers, and it's also a great course WITHOUT MULTIPLE PIN POSITIONS.

The only legitimate CON I have for this course is that the next tee marker is not on the basket but on the prior tee's signage. I understand this is commonly done, but I don't care what Houck's philosophy is for this decision IT IS A MISTAKE. Why can't there be an arrow in the basket, like at Huntington Beach, CA and so many other quality courses. My goodness, are you really expecting me to remember every single time I move to a new basket where the next tee is. Most of the times it's intuitive, but when you are winding through the woods it's not clear, or at least it wasn't to me, and more than once I regretted not remembering where the tee signage said the next tee would be. By the way, the tee signage does give 2 arrows for the next tee, a red one for the short tee and a blue arrow for the long tee.

Other Thoughts:

When Dave handed me the scorecard he said Lakeside is the number 1 disc golf course in the world, as selected by the players. And sure enough it is at the top now with a 4.91 disc rating. I was told by those I respect that Selah's Creekside is better, even though it only has a current rank of 4.77, which is still in the top ten. Even though Lakeside is not the perfect course due to no next tee arrows in the baskets, there's no way I can give it a 4.5, especially due to the awesome spaciousness and design utilization, as described earlier.

If I go back I would try to stay overnight AND visit another two Houck courses, Trey Texas Ranch only 20 miles south of here, which are rated 4.5 and 4.55 on this site. These two ranches are both so remote yet relatively close together so that it would seem worthwhile to tie them together into a greater disc golf experience. The $20 fee per person at Selah is unlimited use for a day and that includes Lakeside and Creekside.

For a less expensive lodging experience at Selah there are cabins and camping available on the ranch. When I was there a group had tents set up in a camp to the left of the 4th fairway. At first this bothered me because it would ruin my day if I nailed someone with my long-distance driver. But as I worked my way around them on 4, and later on my way back at 14, I was impressed that they could actually be having a campout and I never felt they were at risk. This was either a good design or a lucky coincidence.

All said, Selah deserves 5 discs. My only other score of 5 discs was for Riverbend at Milo McGiver State Park in Oregon, but I didn't spend near the amount of words to explain why, as I've done here. As a result, most of those who read that review found it not helpful. If you've read this far and don't find this helpful then I still haven't figured out how to review a course.
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Experience: 14.2 years 46 played 6 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Beautiful, Challenging Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 27, 2017 Played the course:once


Good variety of shots. Good variety of hole length and difficulty. Good flow. Good signage.
Friendly, helpful attendant at the pro shop. There's a pro shop.


My brother can tell how how this course might make you split your pants.

Other Thoughts:

The island green on 7 was worth the whole round and the disc I lost trying to reach it. Whoever finds my unmarked, pink tie-dye champion Wraith, enjoy it.
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12 10
david W
Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 16.3 years 488 played 28 reviews
4.00 star(s)

2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 21, 2017 Played the course:once


This is a really solid course. Most holes are good or great. There is good use of water shots and the course does a good job of making you throw a lot of different distances and angles. Several holes have great scoring separation and utilize risk reward which I applaud.

The course is long and walkable regardless of what the staff at the Ranch tell you. I walked both courses back to back and was tired but certainly not exhausted.

Tee pads and signs are very nice and the course was very clean. No graffiti or trash which is always nice.

My favorite thing about this course was the back and forth between wooded and open holes and the demand for throwing every shot in you repertoire.

The property is beautiful and is really something special that our sport could use more of.


As long as this course is, it desperately needs distance markers on some of the longer holes (the island par 5 and the long downhill par 5 on the back 9 stand out in particular).

For what it costs to play I would like to have seen some cool features that distance this course from the rest (rock green, elevated green, etc.). This is a really good course but it is missing that special touch that would make it great.

Other Thoughts:

I had a really good time playing this course. Im not a huge fan of hole 2's landing zone on the drive but for the most part this course is really good. I would like to see that extra 5% of work to make this course better but the way it sits is still pretty good. I don't think this is the best course in the country (it doesn't make my top 5). That being said I still think it ranks high and is a must play if you are in the area.
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2 2
Experience: 7.4 years 7 played 6 reviews
5.00 star(s)

Bucket List Course!! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 6, 2017 Played the course:once


Facility, Owners, Carts.. There is a lot to love here! Amateur tees are great for players that don't have the power of better players.
Hole 7 with the island green is a great hole!
Hole 18 is also a great finishing hole!


Hole 14 is a tough hole if you aren't really good with hitting your line off the tee.. Get a throw that's of line a bit and there isn't a line to the basket at all..

Other Thoughts:

This is a must play course!! Yes you have to pay! Yes it is worth every penny! Yes it's fun to rent the carts and ride around for a change!! I don't really know what could be better here.. I had only played 5-6 rounds of golf before coming here. I live about 2 hrs away and wanted to come play the #1 course on DGCR! So from a new player viewpoint.. I would say this course was fair from the red tee for beginners if you didn't just bomb it out in the trees.. Easier said than done I know! if you get a good throw and hit your line you had chance at birdie or par.. Get here first thing in the morning and play as many rounds as possible!! You wont regret it at all!!!
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4 8
cheese dog
Experience: 10 played 10 reviews
5.00 star(s)

An Experience 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 25, 2016 Played the course:once


Everything is a pro on this course, the throws, the property, the owners. This is easily the best course i have ever played for a myriad of reasons. The layout is amazing, the carts are top notch, very well maintained property. A round at either one of these great courses is truly an amazing experience. The owners of this ranch are some of the nicest people i have met. They accommodated our group and made us feel at home.


a little more signage for navigation would help. This is a giant property and it is very easy to get lost when you have been hitting the sauce all day. Losing disc to the water will happen, so bring extras.

Other Thoughts:

This is a pay to play course, split up it cost our group 42 bucks each, that is a bargain. I am very glad to say i have played these courses, Lakeside is the Augusta of disc golf. Every time I spoke with the owners they were very welcoming and professional. Don't try to rush when you come here, it will take a 4 man group 3-4 hours to play a round. So Enjoy the experience.
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