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Plano, TX

Shawnee Park

3.35(based on 5 reviews)
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Shawnee Park reviews

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Experience: 29.1 years 56 played 7 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Great redesign! drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 4, 2023 Played the course:5+ times


Great redesign over the old layout. 18 actual tees and baskets, while keeping some of the flair that made the old course fun.

Easy parking all over the place, and easy to get to. Course is pretty well maintained except for around the treelines and creeks, but there are too many kids in this neighborhood to expect much more. Good thing is the creek is very easy to get down into for disc retrieval if needed. Grass has been maintained every time I have ever played there over the last 10 years.

City planted some trees a few years back that really helped on some of the open areas to add some challenge here and there.

The new backside of the course has added some fun challenges to this course. And the redesign made navigation a no brainer. I remember the old course and watching newbies have no idea where they are going.

Hole 15 allows even the big arms finally push some distance while allowing the rest to challenge for a good 3.

Hole 16 over the valley while not a hard shot, is aesthetically a pretty hole to play.

Hole 17 is a really fun hole if you play sidewalk and beyond right as OB. Really good challenge with lots of trees to dodge.

Hole 18 there are a couple of different lines available to play bringing in the pond and both FH and BH shots.

Such a great change to the old overlapping 18 holes.

Favorite hole on the course is hole 7. It is short, but you can throw anything on this hole. RHBH, FH, spike shots, OH, putters, skipping fairways. Always enjoyed this hole in the old layout, and still enjoy on new layout.


There are a few of them here on this course.

Course is not in what I would consider a bad neighborhood, however I have always had sketchy vibes here. Definitely not leaving anything lying around in the back of the truck or in view while I get a round in.

Holes 5&6 are fun holes, however release early on RHBH and I've seen many discs end up in front yards.

Hole 17 as mentioned above can be a very fun hole. However due to the path around the lake, this hole can sometimes take a while to play. If there are walkers or just people hanging out and not moving, this can be a severe slowdown to finish your round.

Hole 18 is also another hole that is a fun hole, however same path can be a hinderance. Add the walkers on the path, and the parking lot in the very near vicinity. This hole can also take a while to play, and a bad shot the never comes back and you are bringing some cars into play also.

Worst hole is 18. Potential is there however that walking path is just a nightmare. And that teebox sign is so close to the box. City could not have moved that back maybe 2 feet???

Other Thoughts:

Great re-design. One of my son's favorite courses. I always park in the lot by hole 4 as that was the norm back in the day. Also due to walkers at the lake, I end up skipping 17 and 18 quite a bit so it is easier just to start on the old layout side.

Teeboxes are a great improvement over the old run out grass divots. Added trees also add much needed difficulty from the old course.

And glad they kept some of the design of the old course. Good mix of longer and shorter holes, open and with doglegs.

Go play the course and have fun.
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Pizza God
Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 36.3 years 1756 played 610 reviews
4.00 star(s)

My first

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 14, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


Good tee pads
Good signage
Good Baskets
Good mix of left and right shots
Good mix of short and long shots


Very dangerous course for other park users (more on tis later)
Few holes too close together.
Limited Parking, specially in the summer.

Other Thoughts:

Ok, I played Shawnee for the first time since it was first expanded to a full 18, or as I like to call it "Shawnee 3.0"

Story time - I played Ultimate at NTSU/UNT in the late 80's. I came home for Christmas in 86 and my mom had put an article about the new "Frisbee Golf Course" at Shawnee park. I did play the course with my 165 Ultimate Frisbee, technically this was my first round on a course with Baskets. But I really did not start playing till 88 when I found out there were actual Golf Discs.

So, I use to live in Plano in the early 90's and played the original 9 holes many times. I even hit an ace on the OG hole 9 in a mini for cash. Stuck right in the side of the basket with a DX Viper. (yea, I know, but at the time that counted)

Sometime after I moved to Carrollton, someone got the city to expand the course to 18 holes, BUT the layout used the same land. They literally had 9 holes on top of 9 holes. Even at the time I thought it was horrible.

FF to a few years ago the City redesigned the park and purchased new equipment, installed tee pads and new tee signs. From my understanding, someone from the city designed the course.

Don't get me wrong, as a whole, the new layout is fun for a player. While it's not a championship level course, it's not a beginner course either. You do have a few 400+ foot holes and a couple of shorter pitch and putt holes. It's a decent mix.

As someone who first played in this park 35+ years ago, the tree's that use to be small are much bigger now. The course does attempt to use the tree's as much as possible. But I would consider this a mostly open course with only 2 or 3 holes being wooded holes.

The park does play along a creek, you DO NOT want to throw in there, trust me, I had a hard time climbing down today to get my disc out of the water after bouncing off a tree. Most of these holes are hyzer shots anyways.

After hole 13, you have a few mostly open shots back towards hole 1. These are the longest holes on the course and the most open. Hole 16 is nicely tucked into a nice green. Then you get into two of the most dangerous holes on the course.

Hole 17 has you throwing down a tunnel of tree's, right along a walking path around the pond. This is a very popular walking spot, so on good weather days, this is a tough hole to play.

But that is NOTHING compared to hole 18. You are throwing slightly over the edge of the pond, across the popular walking path twice and the basket is near an area that other park users will be walking or playing.

When the course first went in, I contacted the city to find out who designed this garbage. Now I call it garbage but rated it 4. Why? Because as a course, it's actually pretty good. I saw several other players out there playing today, something I don't see much in my course collecting adventures. So while the course has some decent holes and is a good course, this course is HORRIBLE for other park users. I mean hole 6 is 400ft hole down the road with homes across the street. They have planted some evergreen trees to force you to throw to the right, but that shot is still there, I could have throw a straight to turnover shot down the road.

Look at the tee for hole 7, yep, that is tee box for hole 8 right in front of you.

Would I play here again? Well I just played it again, so yes. It's been a few years, I enjoyed my round today and even splashed out of the chains on hole 12. But that does not change the fact that his course is a liability to the city and they just don't realize it.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 39.8 years 327 played 254 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Shawnee Park

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 31, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


-- Restroom and water available at east end of park near 1 tee and 18 basket.
-- Course map near No. 1 tee.
-- Variety of distances. One hole is shorter than 200 feet and another seven are less than 300 feet; on the other end, six hole are longer than 400 feet, and one is longer than 500 feet.
-- Best hole is No. 8: 295 foot RHBH, slightly downhill as you get close to the basket with a big drop-off to a creek about 30 feet behind the basket. No. 16 (365 feet) tees beside a large pond but plays away from it across a dropoff to a basket basically on a peninsula ringed by trees. No. 12 is 170 feet with the dropoff to the creek about 15 feet past the basket.
-- New concrete tee pads.
-- New DiscCatcher Pro28 baskets.
-- Multiple signs warning other park uses of the dangers of flying discs.
-- Trees are somewhat sparse, but the course makes good use of the ones there, frequently by tucking the basket into the edge of trees or around a corner, rewarding shot shaping and accuracy.


-- Distances on the map do not match tee signs. I was using the tee signs, so I didn't notice this until I got home and was checking the map for distances, but several holes have discrepancies, including the map not listing a 500 foot hole.
-- Safety issues. Any course in a multi-use park will have issues, but this course has more than most. A walking path comes into play on more than half of the holes. No. 13 has you throwing at/through the No. 3 tee. Getting from 7 to 8, you walk directly up the 7 fairway. On No. 4, a kick off a tree could hit a car in the small auxiliary parking lot. No. 18 basket is close to a pavilion. And Nos. 5-6 play parallel and very close to a street, making hitting a moving (or parked) car a real possibility.
-- Course favors RHBH/LHFH.

Other Thoughts:

-- The redesign really improved this course, and not just by adding baskets.
-- With very little in the way of elevation and limited trees, water (a creek and a large pond) should be the best element of this course. However, the water is massively underutilized, There are no water carries, and only three holes (8, 12, 18) provide any real danger of a disc in the water. My group (players ranging from 750 to about 890 rating) recorded eight player rounds and did not have one disc get wet.
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Forehand Shiver
Experience: 12.4 years 60 played 11 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Solid beginner/intermediate course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 13, 2021 Played the course:once


Baskets and tee pads are in very good condition, and the course is easy to navigate.


Very open course and not very long. For anyone who throws around 375 feet, this is a par 3 course.

Other Thoughts:

Not a destination course, but a great local course to work on your game. This is basically an open field with baskets placed on the outskirts of trees. Any beginner/intermediate player would be very lucky to live near here.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 13.1 years 685 played 221 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Mixed bag 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 11, 2021 Played the course:once


This is a nice park with a semi long course. Great new pads/baskets and great signs. The back 9 offers a few interesting holes along the tree line and the water. There are some nice trees.


Crowded already with a lot of families. The front 9 is way to open and easy for advanced players but the back 9 is way to hard for beginners. So it feels a bit weird. I also think that #18 is to close to the crowded part of the park.

Other Thoughts:

Very clean new course in the area was very needed. Worth a play for most people in the area for sure.
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