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McKinney, TX

Stix Icehouse

2.885(based on 4 reviews)
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Stix Icehouse reviews

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Experience: 22.4 years 437 played 436 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Next to a good restaurant/bar

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 19, 2024 Played the course:once


- Concrete tee pads and good course flow
- Good looking older baskets still catch well
- Lots of fun dogleg holes
- Good amount of trees and low ceiling shots
- Some longer holes as well, not a pitch n putt
- Drinking a beer while playing is a bonus
- The bar/restaurant has good food and beer
- Punishment off the fairways


- Couldn't find one of the tee pads even with Udisc
- On Friday and Saturday night hole one might not be playable
- Playing to the wrong basket is a very real possibility
- Many tweener holes felt like they needed to be pushed back
- Who is this designed for?

Other Thoughts:

I thought going in that a course adjacent to a bar/restaurant would be a friendly to ams type of course. This is kind of right inbetween being beginner friendly and challenging advanced ams. IF they want to challenge more serious plays they need to move some of these baskets back, making them longer which they seem to have the property to do so. If they want it to be mroe friendly to those relaxing at the end of the day and drinking a cold one then perhaps redesign the course and even install another 9 holes which like I said they have the room for. Interesting course, fun for sure but not a 15 minute putter fest. A decent bagging course before or after a meal.
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2.50 star(s)

starts like a pitch & putt, finishes fairly large

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 26, 2024 Played the course:once


-mostly wooded area with relatively low ceilings and multiple lanes through the fairways
-Mach II's in good condition
-tees are visible, basic signs, fairly obvious navigation, 'next tee' spray painted on trees in key spots
-creek in a deep ravine in play on 2-3 holes
-restaurant and bar on site


-tiny tees are more trouble than they are worth after the first few holes
-after hole 3, the next obvious looking tee is hole 5. hole 4 is off to the left
-the creek holes are not beginner friendly. you can play safe and go wide but noob hyzers will still probably end up in the drink
-the area feels a bit scrubby. it's not overgrown but it feels like the kind of course that could end up forgotten

Other Thoughts:

These kind of courses are ususally unimpressive in my experience but The Stix is pretty fun and has some surprises along the way. The course is on a little plot of land behind a restaurant & bar and is one of a number of outdoor activities available. It starts off with a pair of shorter holes that start pretty open but narrow toward their greens. The following holes are fully under the canopy of the trees and holes 3 and 4 in particular have a number of possible lines to the basket. Holes 5 and 6 both wrap around a creek. You can take the wider hyzer around to the basket or cut the corner across the ravine; great risk/reward holes. The last 3 holes stretch the distance a bit longer, still requiring a choice of lane to the basket.

The big drawback is the tiny concrete tees. They are suitable enough for the first few holes where a standstill or single step is fitting but they become increasingly annoying as the holes get more challenging and longer in distance. Moving to the side can be a problem on some of the holes too as it can really change the framing of the tee shot. I'm not sure what the solution is. Maybe pavers can be added to extend them a bit.

I enjoyed this course and it is very close to the other two McKinney courses. You could hit all 3 in one day or this could be a nice warm up or cool down before or after one of those courses if 36 or more holes is too much for you. I didn't go inside but it's cool that you could get a beer before and after your round and have some food. These kinds of courses seem to be ephemeral so I'm glad I played it while it's in good condition. I hope it lasts and sees improvements.

**Like this review? Hate it? Message me and let me know why! I want to make them better!**
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 39.7 years 326 played 247 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Stix Icehouse

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 17, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


-- New DGA baskets, although they have the shallow (6-7 inches; definitely less than a standard 8.5-inch disc) catching basket
-- Restaurant/bar on site; that means restrooms and beverage/food are readily available.
-- Other amenities (wiffle ball field, soccer field, table tennis, cornhole, tree house that is now completed) are on site. Bring the family and even the non disc golfers will have plenty to keep them entertained.
-- Trees are well used and there is distance variation (four of nine holes longer than 300 and one longer than 500).
-- Water in play. Depending on your comfort level, 5 can be a water carry, or you can bail out to the right. An overthrow on 4 could reach the water, and 6 plays over/along the creek bed, but that is dry most of the time.
-- Loaner discs are available at the bar.


-- Concrete tee pads are ridiculously small (3x6). Some are level with the ground (allowing you to start behind the tee pad for a decent run up), but others are as much as 4 inches above the surrounding ground.
-- Tee signs (as of now) only have hole number printed on them; some have distance and par written in Sharpie They are the really old design and looks as if more permananet distance and rudimentary map/line could be added, but they are basic at best.
-- Navigation is somewhat intuitive, but when you finish 3, you are looking at the 5 tee pad. You have to backtrack to play 4 throwing away from the 3 fairway and then come back to the No. 5 tee. Next tee indicators are painted on trees, but the one that is most needed (for hole 4) is before you reach the No. 3 basket. By the time you finish 3, the directions for hole 4 are likely behind you.
-- After five short holes (5 is listed at 384 feet, but it's much shorter if you play directly over the creek) you come to No.6: 548 feet with the basket 90 degrees from the tee, blind over trees and a dry-ish creek bed.
-- No. 2 tee pad/fairway is overflow parking; on all three of my visits, numerous cars were parked near the tee pad (between the tee pad and the basket).
-- No. 9 tee sign faces the wrong direction.
-- Very little elevation. Nos. 1 and 2 are slightly downhill, but the rest of the course is very flat.

Other Thoughts:

-- The property is 14 acres, so there is plenty of room. The disc golf course doesn't feel crammed in, and it doesn't seem to intrude on other activities.
-- Hidden dangers lurk. On 4, tall grass hides water 20-25 feet behind the basket; on 5, concern with the water carry over the corner of the creek can cause you to overlook the fact that water is 15 feet left of the basket.
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Pizza God
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Experience: 36.2 years 1756 played 592 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Fun in the shade 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 2, 2021 Played the course:once


shaded Texas course
Brand spanking new Mach II baskets
Interesting lines


Course was JUST installed, tee pads and tee signs are not in yet.
Course was recently cleared, the grounds are a little uneven still. Give it some time and a year of mowing and it should be good to go.
A few longer walks than I would expect between a couple of the holes.

Other Thoughts:

This is technically a private course as part of The Stix Icehouse that is opening this weekend. The course literally got the baskets installed this week with granite tee pads and signs coming in the future.

Hole 1 tee's off behind the Icehouse and is a pretty open shot.

Then you have sort of a long walk over to the north east edge of the property for hole 2, another shorter shot with rough on your left. This hole is a slight turnover shot and is another good ace run hole.

Hole 3 is another little chip shot that forces you to have a slight turnover for an ace run.

Hole 4 is a tight turnover shot to the basket and the shortest hole on the course.

Then another LONG walk back to tee 5. The shot here would normally be over the creek to the basket, but there are a few limbs that really need to be cleaned up for me to take that shot. I just threw a hard skipper around the bend and took my easy 3.

then you have the monster. Looking at the map on UDisc this is a V shaped hole. The hole goes about 275ft then takes a sharp turn to the left and back. The hole plays as a par 4 but the path to the basket is pretty tough. You can get lucky and get your 3,

Hole 7 is another longer 300ft slight turnover shot with an OB path behind the basket.

Hole 8 is another slight turnover shot with the low limbs on the trees. You could throw a harder low shot on a hyzer.

Hole 9 is the 2nd longest hole on the course, mostly open fairway with a few tree's to navigate along the fairway. Good hole to really rip it. Then it's not too far of a walk back to the Bar.

While a couple of the holes would be tough for beginners, this would be a good course to bring the family or new players out to play the game. Specially if you plan on hitting the Icehouse for a beer afterwards.

This course is a great complement to Alex Clark and Town Lake (which is practically across the street) and the Icehouse might even make a good tournament HQ in the future for McKinney events.

Would I play here again? Yes I will, it's only 22 miles from my house and Town Lake is one of my favorite courses in the area. I am sure I will be hitting this course up again and eating a meal at the Icehouse.
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