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Surry, VA

Surry Rec. Center

2.755(based on 2 reviews)
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Surry Rec. Center reviews

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2.50 star(s)

Possibly having a good time

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 27, 2023 Played the course:once


If you love wide open layouts, you'll love Surry. If you dislike walks between baskets and tees, or are navigationally challenged, you are REALLY going to love this place.
- A generally simple layout. 15 of 18 holes are what everyone would consider 'open' layouts. Now, some of these layouts hug the edge of wooded areas, so that the right side of fairways are heavily wooded. But generally, the consensus is this is an open field course.
- A lot of mid-range tee shots. Only three holes longer than 400 feet. Nothing on the front 9 longer than three hundred feet. 11 of 18 holes are in the 200-299-foot range.
- This might be the easiest navigable course I have ever played (out of 520+ and counting). The next hole's tee is within steps of the prior hole's basket on every single hole, with the obvious exception of #1's tee and 18's basket. Although, that would be fitting. I'm not talking in close proximity as in easy to spot. I mean 'you may be in circle 1 and on the next hole's tee pad' close.
- As such, this is a good course for casual or beginning players. Plenty of pars and chances for 'good' shots for anyone who can throw 150-200 feet and somewhat straight.
- The three wooded holes are a breath of fresh air. None are great, in fact #15 can be a major safety risk, but they are something different.
- Great open spaces for field work. And with so many baskets all in the open, chances for safari holes if you'd rather be playing 800-foot layouts.
- I will give credit that some of the 'open' holes find do use obstacles as best they can. Several holes have sharp dogleg rights playing around the edge of the tree line. #4, 8, & 16 are the best of these. #8 & 11 play over park service roads. #12 & 16's basket are up against the tree lines. #17 plays over a basketball court and #18 tees off next to a baseball field fence. More about those last two later.


When 15 holes are considered 'open' layouts, you have a major flaw that can't be overcome. Even if you throw further left to avoid the tree lines, you're still putting for birdie. When your round starts with 3 wide open holes in the first 5 (as in zero obstacles between you and the basket), your excitement begins to wane.
- The whole basket-to-next tee-too close conundrum. I'm not sure what this logic was. Unless they are assuming the course will never be crowded and they wanted to create as much length as possible. Put it this way, if I played here while the course was crowded, it would be a stressful round. You'd have to worry about not hitting the group in front of you and you'd have to worry about not being hit while standing on the tee.
- The last two holes aren't good. Even by this simplistic design, they stand out like a sore thumb. Throwing over a basketball court on #17? Having a fence right in front of the tee on #18. It's like they ran out of space and decided to find anything they could at the end. I don't like the safety hazard, or the obvious having to skip holes because they'll likely be unplayable at times. Throw in the fact that #15's basket is right next to a picnic shelter and this course turns into a 15-hole layout on busy weekends.
- The course is in the middle of nowhere. I drove through a lot of middle of nowhere to get to Surry County for work. When I was done in the middle of nowhere, I had to drive even further to get here.

Other Thoughts:

Surry County's course is definitely different than most courses I've played. Considering they clearly didn't cut down a single tree and were given four large fields for the majority of the course, the design is satisfactory.
- The park is in excellent shape. I played on a random Thursday morning in late April. The parking lot was full because of an event in the community center. There's an undeniable small-town charm to this place.
- Now the obvious: there are a lot of untouched woods in the back of the park. Could most of the front nine been eliminated and more wooded holes been added? There's a lot of room beyond #13 & 14 that some more wooded layouts could have been added.
- These are large, bright tee pads. Even on the aerial view on Google map, you can easily spot 15 tees. Only the three in the woods are hidden.
- I wouldn't ever seek this course out again in its current layout. In its current setting, you can't ask for more. Quality baskets. Quality tees. Tees are well marked with hole info. Well maintained grounds. But there is a low ceiling to this layout.
- You're close to the ferry to cross over the James River to get to Williamsburg. If you're on your way to New Quarter Park, sure stop for 45 minutes. Otherwise, I don't see this course getting a lot of out-of-town traffic.
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3.00 star(s)

An Open F9, a Wooded Boost on the B9

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 6, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


: -A 9-hole course that opened up last year and is now extended to 18-holes. Offers wide open fairways with some border woods all on the right on most holes, wind play, Ace's in reach, slightly sloping fairways, and the newer B9 offers obstacles with a few wooded holes. Wanders thru a few soccer fields, around a football field, a basketball court is used as a fairway, and picnic tables influence the B9.

-Holes 13 thru 18 depending on your skill level will be challenging to a degree.

-Brand new shiny red Dynamic Baskets, and bright chains. There are now 18 baskets and 18 tees.

-Large, squared concrete tees big enough to place a small patio table with 4 chairs. The concrete tees have painted on it hole number, distance, par, and an arrow pointing to basket.

-Seclusion, off the beaten path and you're likely to find yourself alone on the course, or with your group.

-Good course to work on form, wind play, and to grab an ace.

-Navigation is counter-clockwise and no navigation aids needed. As you drive in if you're looking around, you'll be able to count all nine baskets on the F9. A map is not needed on this course.

-Grass will be kept mowed by recreation center, and grass fairways were short on both of my visits. The three wooded holes have pine needles fairways.

-A good family course! A family of 5 was finishing up, as I was starting on my first visit.

-Beginners and Recreational can work on their game, form, and score well. Intermediate and Advance tweak your game with the wind and go for an ace, a little bit of thought on the wooded holes.


: -A few holes have very little between tee and basket, most holes nothing. As a wood's player, not too exciting except for the three wooded holes on the B9.

-If there's soccer practice or a game, baseball game, or basketball being played, you're going to be skipping a few holes. Camping is allowed around the wooded holes, and there's picnic tables. There was a pow wow on my second visit with overnight camping, I manage to play around it since most were still a sleep. May want to check Recreation Center Schedule on a weekend visit.

-On my first visit with no tree cover on a hot sunny day, I was roasting on my third course of the day.

- Thick heavy woods and brush border the right side of the majority of the course, if your disc flies into them will be difficult to find. Disc should be easy to find in the three wooded holes, rough is sparse mostly pine needles.

Other Thoughts:

: From my original review: "As I was approaching the last few miles to the course with rolling hills and heavy woods, I was thinking this could be my type of course a woods course. But as I drove up the one third mile driveway that all deflated as I observed the wide openness and was able to count all nine baskets. However, I do know there are those who will love it, and I take that in consideration. There is room for another 9 holes in the park, but it would be more of the same wide-open fairways with holes that all look alike for the most part". Well, well I had most of that thought correct. On a second visit extending to 18-holes, the three wooded holes and a few obstacles have enhanced the course, and the B9 a fun play. The F9 is still ho, hum. The important thing about the course is it's the only course an hour in each direction (it takes a ferry to cross over to Williamsburg) and gives those who play in the area a closer option, and I'm sure will pick up new players.

With the shiny new baskets, generous concrete pads, several chances to score an ace, and the addition of the new B9 giving the course the boost that it needs, my overall rating is anchored on a 4.5. My round took one hour to play, and snapping pictures.

Featured Obstacles:

-Holes 11 and 16 open, but the heavy woods protrude into the fairway hiding the baskets and providing a dogleg right. How close will you flirt with lost disc potential?

-Hole 17 fairway includes two basketball courts, the basket on the other side sits on a roller knoll a few feet high. No indication if the basketball court is O.B.

-Hole 18 baseball diamond in front of tee pad your throwing over a fence running between home plate and third base. Basket is hidden behind a lone thick tree.

Signature Hole:

-No. 13 Par 3 at 278 feet, open tee to a basket hidden in the woods. Tree gap about 200 feet down, and 25 feet wide at that point doglegs right. Enough trees right of gap to prevent cheating the dogleg. My favorite hole on the course, and a good play.

Trouble hole:

-No. 14 Par 3 at 235 feet pine trees from tee to basket a lazy dogleg left, tree blockage to basket with small gaps, and a few awkward trees in front of tee. Gap in front of tee about 15 feet. Picnic pavilions just off tee at a 45-degree angle left, and a second pavilion at the dogleg to the right. A tree deflection could send your disc into someone's picnic if the pavilions are being used. Both were used for overnight camping when I played. Safely made it to the basket for par, despite hitting a tree.

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