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Rocky Mount, NC

The Community @ NCC

Permanent course
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The Community @ NCC reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 4.9 years 113 played 112 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Fun Realignment and Remake

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 25, 2021 Played the course:once


***#13 tee raised platform now has turf.

-A course that has had a makeover and realignment on a community college campus. The course is a combination of woods, water carry, open holes, and street play. There is an elevated tee shot, upslope and downslope fairways, and some roller greens. O.B comes into play mostly on the street holes.

-The realignment consisted of a relocation of the 1st hole to an isolated part of campus and away from a pre-school playground, and the 15th hole to old #14 eliminating the risk of hitting someone in a garden/bench area. The two previous holes for street play were stretched out to three holes, making the play more manageable and less risk of hitting a car. #18 has been stretch out. Except for 17and 18, all holes have been re-numbered. #17 is the only hole untouched. IMO far better flow, more manageable and less interaction with the college population. It looks like the realignment and changes were completed June 2021.

-The variety of woods, open, water, street play, passing by gardens and history, and some elevation make the course unique, and I rank #1 for variety. Not to be confused with a #1 ranked course.

-Baskets still catch well. Tees are a combination of concrete, sidewalk, turf, and hole #1 the edge of the parking lot.

-Tee signs are brand new with hole number, par, distance, next tee arrow, and a map. They also state exactly what is O.B.

-From #1 tee to #18 basket very enjoyable walk and scenic. Navigation is clockwise with the help of next tee signs. The mando signs put a smile on my face, the course uses one-way street signs, nice touch.

-From the tee threw mid's, fairways, and drivers. Most holes will require some strategic play.

-Grass fairways will be mowed by the school.

-Beginners and Recreational will be challenged but will find the experience enjoyable. Intermediate and advanced will find some challenges with strategic shot making.


-The street play can have interference from cars, but you're playing on the backend of campus where there's a back entry. Holes 2-4 play along the street on narrow grass, more manageable than the previous two holes on the old layout. I was there on a Saturday morning and only saw a few cars turn into a parking lot before basket #4 and were not a problem. On a weekday you may need to pause with more traffic.

-#10 an elevated tee throws over a road, will need to look both ways.

-#18 there's a parking lot to the left of fairway all the way down at least three hundred feet. On a Saturday morning this was the only activity outdoors on campus a motorcycle riding class. I would of like to of skipped my disc down the parking lot to cut down on distance on a long par 4, but not possible. A wild throw to the right on approach could find the child day care playground.

-It's a community college campus, so I think the course is doable on a weekday with classes, you just may need to pause on a handful of holes. Personally, I would only play here on the weekend or semester breaks.

-In the wooded sections lost disc potential is high. Lots of overgrowth in the rough, and then the one water carry on 13.

Other Thoughts:

What a pleasant surprise to show up at Nash Community College course and find a makeover I wasn't expecting. I felt playing the street holes that this wasn't what I was remembering looking into the course, and when I was expecting a water carry on #12, but still found myself in the woods, that's when I realized I was playing a course with recent changes. The street play, open water carry, elevated tee, winding around the garden area, and the home stretch on #18 all open holes won me over. Only the second time an open portion of a course won me over the wooded portion of the course. The wooded portion is very tight and the rough very intimating. IMO this is no longer a 2.80 rated course. The only personal con I have is showing up during classes and possibly being delayed here and there on a few holes, but you'll be able to finish your round.

With the variety of the course top notch, nice tee signs, and a pleasant walking experience my overall rating is anchored on a 5.0. The time to play taking pictures of tee signs only was 75 minutes.

Featured Tee Placement:

-No. 6 in the woods. I like seeing historical things on a course. On this tee area to the right is an abandon home with a root cellar that have had trees growing thru them for decades, and just to your left off the tee is a storage shed. Possibly unoccupied maybe since WWII?

Featured Basket Placement:

-No. 12 a short par 3 uphill heavy woods. The basket lies between two ditches within C1, about 3 feet deep. Any heavy or sustained rain you may find muddy water in them. Fortunately, as I was putting for par from the back ditch it was dry.

Featured Holes:

-No. 3 Par 3 at 420 feet is the second of three consecutive street holes. The hole is a straight away but has a line of small trees all the way to the basket in the middle. On the right side is heavy woods, on the left the street. Fairway is about 60 feet wide. To the right of the basket is a man made pool of water that flows along hole 4 as well. From the tee the street cuts into the fairway. LHBH and RHFH can do a skip off the street and back onto the fairway to by-pass most of the trees. The curb is low and is very doable. I was able to pull it off, only to find myself directly behind a tree. Very scenic hole.

No. 14 Par 3 at 287 feet is in heavy woods and deep rough both sides of fairway shooting out of a gap downslope then a drop about halfway down, disc will disappear towards basket. There's a gap of 20 feet about 40 feet from tee to breach then the fairway opens. A trio of trees in the middle of fairway less than 200 feet out protecting basket. The basket sits on a downslope and a roller into deep brush. Most difficult tee throw out of all the wooded holes. Threw tee shot left side deflected into the rough, maybe lost. Threw provisional watched it disappear right side of fairway over the drop and heard no trees hit. Found primary disc, never saw the provisional again.

No. 15 Par 3 at 388 feet a straight away uphill from a gap in the woods to an open roller basket with hedges behind it. No problem getting out of the gap its quick getting out, but a gap of two trees about 70 feet out and 30 feet wide. There are ivy plants that line both sides of fairway all the way up to about 170 feet and a garden area to the right. The fairway opens the rest of the way. Very scenic hole.

No. 18 Par 4 at 626 feet is a downhill to about 350 feet that meanders right, then dogleg left for an uphill climb to basket. The hole is open except at about 200 feet is a huge canopy tree that will push you to the right. At the basket there are guardian spruce trees with small gaps, best to go up and over, the last tree is outside C1. To the right on your approach is the fenced in playground area for the pre-school only a wild throw will get you there. What you see from the tee is the short cut across the parking lot which is o.b. that will cut off at least 150 feet and come around the left of those guardian trees. I wanted to play that option, but that motorcycle riding class was in the way.

Signature Hole:

No. 10 Par 3 at 385 feet is an elevated tee straight downhill with the basket left center. All open except on the right side a heavy wooded section with trees and brush protruding into the fairway about 150 feet down pushing you to the right. Directly in front of you is the pond very scenic and just beautiful from the tee, and trees wrapping around the pond. The basket has a roller into the pond just 15 feet to the right of it, the pond outside C1. In the background you can see the water carry to Hole 13. A picturesque hole and a fun throw off the tee.

Trouble Hole:

No. 13 Par 3 at 357 feet is our water carry hole and open until you reach outside C1. The tee is a raised platform that now has turf, the basket is heavily guarded by trees, and can't be seen, very difficult to reach for big arms. There are three gaps to the basket. The most direct one provides a leafy window about 12x12 feet into C1, a carry across the water of about 300 feet, to the window 315 feet. Hit a tree you could bounce backwards towards the pond and heavy grass. The safer route is picking your spot across the water, straight ahead is a second gap of about 40 feet between 2 clumps of trees with a water carry a little longer of about 320 feet, you're aiming for another clump of trees basket high to the right, a second gap on approach of about 20 feet. The safest route number three is to the right of the clump of trees on the water line getting far enough across water for an approach either to the right or left of the basket high clump of trees, it's the shortest route across water, but the longest on approach, you can pick your distance. Its scenic, and the most strategic hole on the course for any shot played, and lost disc potential. One of the most thinking holes I've played. An early release took me to the right of the clump of trees on the waterline blocking me off from a safe approach, but I had a play for the window. Threw my trusty Star Leopard for a fade, missed the window high/right and luckily thru the branches.

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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.3 years 198 played 192 reviews
2.50 star(s)

The full 18 is worth your time 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 22, 2020 Played the course:once


"The Community @ NCC" -- the new name for the full 18-hole course at Nash Community College -- is a nice course that mixes open and wooded holes, has some true water carries, and tests your accuracy as well as your distance. If you're in the Nash County/Rocky Mount area, this one is worth your time. A few years ago this was a beginner-focused, 9-hole course. Now it's a full 18 and I would say the sweet spot is intermediate players, but with something for beginners to advanced.

+ Excellent mix of wide open and long holes with technical wooded holes (of all distances: short, medium, and long).

+ You're always going to get bonus points from me for beautiful water carry holes. The Community might have the prettiest one I've ever played. There is a fountain in the middle of a small lake directly in your straight line to the basket (at least a 350-foot carry). If you have that kind of distance, you can attack the basket...just don't run it through the fountain as I'm sure that water will knock your disc down! If you don't have that kind of accurate distance (like me), you can cross the lake at a more narrow angle and play for par. Very fun risk/reward hole.

+ Love the true par 4's on this course, including open and wooded ones.

+ Great use of sidewalks and roads as "artificial OB," adding to the fun and the challenge.

+ Very fun elevation on a few holes. One of my favorites is hole 2, which is a long, open, downhill hole with the basket near the edge of the water. Very pretty and fun hole.

+ The course is well-maintained: the grass is cut short, no trash. (The wooded holes are a slightly different story; more on that in a minute.)

+ Great variety here for the types of shots needed. I played some flex shots, flicks, hyzers, and dead straight. And really all types of distances too. I used every disc in my bag, I believe, which doesn't happen often.

+ Nice new baskets.


There are a few cons which knock this course down to "average" for me. (This would be an above-average course with some tweaks, although some of these might be tough.)

- The biggest con for me is how narrow and overgrown some of the wooded holes are. And of course I lost one of my favorite discs on a hole like this (hole 8)! There are just some super narrow fairways, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, but the odds of going off the fairway are high. And if that's the case, you don't want super overgrowth that you have to walk through to look for lost discs.

- Navigation is very tricky here. You need the UDisc app to figure it out. Very little signage to point you where to go.

- The concrete tees are narrow and short, especially for some very long holes where you will want to rip drives.

- I played during the COVID shutdown, so I didn't have to worry about pedestrians or cars. But I can imagine that when school is in, you have to be pretty careful and yield to others. I would say there are any real dangerous holes, although a couple are near roads. Just be aware of your surroundings.

Other Thoughts:

Overall a very solid course. I might be taking out my frustration of a losing a disc on the rating just a tad. This is a borderline 3.0 course for me. And in the winter months -- when the underbrush is a little more manageable in the middle section of the course -- it probably is a legitimate 3.0+ course. Go check it out.
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Experience: 21.2 years 496 played 249 reviews
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Definitely an upgrade! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 30, 2019 Played the course:once


Good DISCatchers, most are new.
Concrete tees (on most holes) and a great improvement over the rubber mats that were on the previous 9 hole course.
Nice variety of open and wooded holes, even though several of the open holes use a campus road as most of the "fairway".
Good water-carry hole, just be sure to study it before you throw. The far bank angles right to left, away from you. So if you are throwing a RHBH, your fade will take you to furthest point to carry.


Several of the holes have potential dangerous situations:
#1-preschool playground runs down the left of the fairway, with the basket beyond the playground. Maybe just a straight, opening hole, down the hill?
#5,#6 and #17 - use a campus drive as a large part of the fairway. Would be tough to throw if there is much traffic on the road.
#14 and #15 - use an amphitheather and garden as the fairway. These are both fun to throw, but could be unplayable at times.
Several of the wooded holes - appear to use a gravel walking trail as the fairway. Could lead to a painful beaning, or several delays.
No tee signs or next tee signs. I would not have been able to play this course if it wasn't for the UDisc map.
Rough to the right of #5 & #6 looked pretty tough and a pain to go into.
Several of the wooded holes were cleared, but thick rough off the fairway.
Need a Mando on #18, to prevent throws over the parking lot.

Other Thoughts:

Much like the tee pads, this new 18 hole course is a great improvement over the former 9 hole layout. With that said, this has become a much tougher, challenging course than the former course. If that was the goal, then they accomplished it. I'm just not sure if a lot of the Community College students are going to grab a few discs and go out and play this course in between classes. Its definitely not a pitch-n-putt.
I understand why 5 and 6 had to be run down the campus road, to get to the other end of the woods, for the wooded holes, and have 2 more open holes. But, with thick unforgiving rough down the right side, they are tough to play. So maybe future work can start to thin out the rough down the right side.
#12 is a cool water-carry hole, but like other comments, the rubber tee mat needs to be larger, or just removed and use the deck to tee from.
I think once the rough gets beaten in on 4, 8-11 and 13, those holes will be a lot more enjoyable and easier to play.
#7 is a nice, flat, straight ahead hole with a couple different routes to use.
The course actually finishes pretty nice, if you can play 14 and 15, then 16 borders the pond, but not too close. #17, when the road is clear, is a good uphill hole, with the OB road lurking. Then #18, with a large tree guarding the basket, it tempts you to try and cut off as much of the fairway that you can, without clipping the tree. With this being a little downhill, it gives you a last chance to rip one!
Good job on this course enhancement, I hope the signage can be added and maintenance continued on this, the 6th 18 holer in a town of 55,000. Wow!
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 8.1 years 260 played 41 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Nash Community College, a small gem 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Feb 1, 2019 Played the course:2-4 times


This is a very nice addition to the Rocky Mount area, and seems like an overlooked small gem. There's a nice mix of open and wooded holes, with a variety of distances and lines that should be reasonable for all skill levels to enjoy. Clearly, local disc golfers worked on carefully designing this course, and it shows in how nicely the holes play.
An obvious highlight is the water carry on hole 12, teeing off from a nicely built wooden deck. Also unique is hole 15, which plays downhill through a landscaped garden.


- Roadways, paved walking paths, and unpaved wooded hiking trails are in play for quite a few holes, presenting quite a few distractions, and some safety concerns. Most of the open holes have good visibility, where you usually won't be throwing blind into these trafficked areas. But do proceed with caution on the wooded holes and the hiking trails around them, especially since quite a few of these holes have a blind finish. I didn't encounter any hikers during my round, but it's surely possible.
- Navigation is an issue. The uDisc course map will be essential to have along, but sometimes it's still not clear which path to take. And many of the teepads are not obvious either, and are just marked with stones that you have to search for. Distances are also not marked, and will again require consulting with the uDisc map. Perhaps these amenities will improve soon.
- A number of the wooded holes are extremely narrow, and not particularly fun, though none of them are bad either. I would generally say that the open holes on this course provide almost all of the highlights.
- The water carry on 12 could use a much larger teepad.

Other Thoughts:

Quietly, this is a very nicely-designed course, with quite a few fun holes to play. Better navigation and tee signs would be an easy way to bump up this course's playability. If you can find a quiet time without much traffic around the college, perhaps weekends, this course might be a lot more peaceful and stress-free to enjoy. I played on a weekday morning, and that may not have been the right choice.

2020 Aug 24 update - added con on wooded holes, plus minor edits. Rating stays at 3.0.
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Challenging course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 17, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


Very challenging! Course is different from most other courses in the rocky mount area. Makes you use a wide variety of shots. Beautiful course and campus!


Needs signs and directional arrows to help with navigation. The school is supposed to be getting these soon (per staff). Bigger mat needed on hole 12.

Other Thoughts:

Should be one of the best courses and most challenging in RM once completed.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
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2.00 star(s)

Pretty campus 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 9, 2018 Played the course:once


Pretty setting, concrete tee pads, new baskets.
Variety of distances and flight paths.


No tee signs or distances.
Missing tee marker blocks on several holes.
Navigation is tricky for at least 6 holes.
At least 3 holes play next to or over roadways.

Other Thoughts:

Directional arrows are needed for transition between most holes.
Tee # and distances spray painted on the tee pads would be quite useful.
Painted or taped basket spokes pointing to the next tee pad would be useful, but only if the basket and poles are fixed in place.
The course is designed with a skilled player in mind, possibly missing it's target audience.
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