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Iowa City, IA

Turkey Creek

2.175(based on 3 reviews)
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Turkey Creek reviews

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Experience: 20.1 years 1058 played 627 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 8, 2023 Played the course:once


There are 9 holes here currently, from what used to be an 18 hole course. Turkey Creek has been around since 1982, so it predates me by a few years. It's cool to see old school courses like this, even it's it's seemingly only a shell of it's former self.

There are concrete tee pads on every hole except hole 4. These tees are nice and large. Much larger than necessary, but that's fine. One tee pad per hole. These are showing their age in a few spots but are perfectly serviceable and much betterthan natural pads.

There are tee signs on most of the holes. Hole 1 has an actual course sign, with a basic map, hole #, par and distance. The rest of the holes from what I remember are just a metal post with a metal sign featuring the hole #. Better than nothing I suppose.

The baskets are old Mach 3's. They caught ok. One basket and pin position per hole. Hole 2's basket is placed on a cool looking little block terrace. It's also ever so slightly elevated. More asthetically pleasing than actually serving any purpose, but cool looking nontheless.

The course was clean on our visit. Permanent, free to play and probably not usually too busy. Doesn't take too long to play a round here.


The walks from hole 2 to 3 and then back from 5 to 6 is pretty long and not instintive. Bringing map is ideal to simplify the layout. Very odd course, but that makes sense with it being a former 18 hole course. It's a shame that only these 9 holes remain, I would have liked to see what the wooded holes used to look like.

Hole 4 has no tee pad or sign. It feels like a thrown in connector hole. It probably for all I know.

Hoe 5 has no practical line to the pin. There's just no feasible shot that can be thrown to get into circle 2 even. The rough of to either side of this fairway, easpecially the left side is thick nonsense. In the winter this hole might have a line, in the middle of the summer it's just not realistic or even fun.

Other Thoughts:

It's not a terrible course be any means. 7 of the 9 holes are good. I mean hole 4 isn't bad either depending on how you decide to play it. It's up to you. It's worth a round just because of it's OG status amongst courses, but it just doesn't compare to the courses that have come along in the last 40 years. Reasonable course as it is now.
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Experience: 9 years 326 played 248 reviews
2.00 star(s)

A little disjointed 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:May 18, 2020 Played the course:once


-Large concrete tee pads (except for #4)
-Decent baskets
-Map is OK


-Strange layout (from past review cut from 18 to 9)
-No tee pad for #4
-No benches
-No signs at the tee other than a number

Other Thoughts:

Turkey Creek DGC is located within the Coralville Reservoir project for the Army Corps. From a past review this looks like a previous 18 hole cut to 9. That shows in the disconnect for a third of the holes. Holes 1 and 2 play, then there is a long walk for 3, 4 and 5. The map helped locate the tee for #4 which did not have a pad (all the others did.) 6 though 9 play nicely back near 1 and 2. The course did have some of the largest tee pads I've seen, both wide and long. This is an OK course, sounds like it was much more interesting in its 18 format. You are better off playing Sugar Bottom or a couple of the courses in Iowa City/Coralville. OK (with a map in hand) if you are needing a fix for a 9 hole course, but I probably will not play again.
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Experience: 22.1 years 17 played 1 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Down to 9 holes 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 24, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times

Other Thoughts:

I first played Turkey Creek DGC in June 2016, when it was a 18-hole layout...
Sometime after that, it was closed (temporarily) and only recently reopened, but in a modified 9-hole format.

The remaining 9 holes are fun and vary in length and shot shaping requirements, but
the removed, now-extinct holes were significantly more scenic, challenging, and enjoyable.

Hopefully there are plans to reinstall more holes,
but until then, I will look to play elsewhere.

For those familiar with the old, 18-hole format...
old ~ current hole
1 ~ 1
2 ~ 2
3 ~ gone
4 ~ 3
5 ~ gone
6 ~ 4
7 ~ 5
8 ~ 6
9 ~ 7
10 ~ gone
11 ~ gone
12 ~ 8
13 ~ gone
14 ~ gone
15 ~ gone
16 ~ gone
17 ~ gone
18 ~ 9
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