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Rocky Mount, NC

Wesleyan College DGC

Permanent course
1.55(based on 3 reviews)
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Wesleyan College DGC reviews

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Flying Past the Pine Trees 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 25, 2021 Played the course:once


-A college campus course tracking thru mostly pine trees on a flat surface. First hole open, the rest influenced by pines.

-Beautiful disc flights thru the pine trees. Hole 1 offers the only open hole tee to basket. Hole 18 finishes up with a meadow's look.

-Tee's are concrete in good shape and smaller than average. But many holes are lesser than 300 feet, don't need much of a run up.

-Tee signs are metal plates attached to the tee pad offering hole # and distance.

-The course was recently realigned for smoother flow for navigation. Navigation is clockwise. Basket to tee for the most part is short distance. 17 and 18 will now bring you back to the parking lot.

-Lost disc potential is zilch, unless you happen to throw a disc thru a window on 17 or 18 on a wild one.

-Beginners and Recreational will find the course very doable and will have good opportunities hitting lines. Intermediate and advance will be shooting ace runs and birdie grabs.


-The baskets are horrendous and in bad condition. There single chained the majority are leaning over, cracked, leaning at a 45-degree angle, and a few one side of the barrel is touching the ground. I had a C2 putt to a 45-degree leaning basket that hit the top and brought the basket leaning to the other side hitting the ground and watched my disc roll out to the ground, it was comical. Only a few baskets are still mounted correctly. Also, a very hollow sound when hitting the pole, something I've heard from no other type of basket or pole.

-From hole 2 thru 16 the course is repetitive pine tree fairway to pine tree fairway. But watching my disc sail past the pines was fun.

-The fairways are bunched in, so looking from tee to basket on a few holes, you may see a few baskets wondering which one is the target. There's no hole map.

-The fairways are parallel to parallel constantly doing a "to the rear march" hole to hole, the following day was my 38th anniversary entering Navy Boot Camp what a way to celebrate. This helped in making most holes not memorable even to the point forgetting what hole I was playing. If you look at one photo, you've pretty much have seen them all.

-The realignment is a good thing. But changes have not been done to the tee signs, so hole 9 is the old hole 10 and you'll be off by one until you've completed hole 17. A few tee signs are working their way off their mounts attached to the concrete tees.

- Holes 17 and 18 play along a sidewalk that could be busy on a weekday. Another sidewalk between holes 8 and 9 leading to a water fountain. There were hammocks on a few fairways that weren't being used when I played. I wouldn't be surprised if students laid out on blankets on a warm day in the fairways. Very likely far more interference on a weekday than on a weekend. But hopefully playable during the week.

Other Thoughts:

The only thing exceptional for Wesleyan College DGC is watching your disc fly past the pine trees, which is a beautiful sight. The baskets as a collective group are the worst I've played. With each putt I didn't know if I would make it, knock the basket off its mount or make it lean further over, not exaggerating and it made for some interesting putting. The baskets are just a huge personnel con, and hard to look past them on a review. If it hadn't of been for holes 17 and 18 the course was heading for a disc rating of .5. But it's a disc course and I'm happy it's there. However, the course is mostly not memorable, and what you do remember is mostly not good.

As of this review I've now played all the courses in Rocky Mount, 6 18-holer's and a 9-er. 3 of the 18-holer's have had make over's, two of them this year, the local club keeps busy. I hope Wesleyan is on there agenda. I don't think much can be done to the redundant layout but replacing those baskets would be a huge improvement.

As the course is now, based on the flight of the disc thru the pine trees and the 17th and 18th hole boost, my overall rating is anchored on a 2.0. The time to play taking pictures was 45 minutes, my fastest round on a course bag.

Signature Hole:

No. 18 Par 4 at 441 feet is a tee to basket straight away and a breath of fresh air after playing the first 17 holes. The hole is open with trees on the right, and campus buildings on the left. No harm to the buildings, unless its just a horrible throw. It's a meadow's setting with canopy extending out over the fairway and the only scenic hole on the course. The basket unfortunately leans. Big arms will be able to go after the basket, and just one of a few memorable holes on the course.

Trouble Hole:

No. 17 Par 4 at 429 feet another tee to basket straight away, except heavy trees right in front of you at about 60 feet out. As you look past the trees, you'll notice about halfway down the fairway another layer of heavy trees bulges out right center of fairway. Need to find a way to left center of fairway to have an approach to the basket, which is in the open, and seems unlikely to make it to the basket from the tee. From the tee you'll see three possible routes. On the right is 20-foot gap that must be kept low to avoid overhang, and passing the gap the disc moving rapidly left, if not you'll be blocked to the basket. The left gap you'll need to swing the disc rounding left to right over the sidewalk, avoiding overhang from the trees, and hope your disc doesn't decide to go straight into the building and maybe a window, a big no for myself. In the middle is a tunnel gap about 20 feet wide and 150 feet long to clear the gap, there's also canopy and overhanging branches. Right in the middle of the gap is a utility marker 4 feet high. This hole looking from the tee made me pause and thought "where have you been". I like those think about it holes and was happy to see it. Took the middle gap staying to the right of utility marker but got hung up in the overhanging branches no more than a 100-feet. The basket is one of the few on the course that stands with no flaws.

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The U-turn Campus Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 14, 2019 Played the course:once


Baskets, but they aren't very good.
Concrete tee pads, but they are kind of short.
Hole signs, but they are just the # and distance, and haven't been updated since 9 more were added.
Nice wooded area of campus, but could have conflict along a sidewalk on the last two holes.
Old growth trees, no undergrowth, low chance of losing a disc.
Restrooms and snacks available mid-round.


Several of the Westside baskets were leaning or uneven.
Nice to have concrete tee pads, but with the holes averaging over 280', a longer runup was needed on most.
No variety in the type of holes, flat, some shot shaping needed, but most around the same distance.
Potentially dangerous sidewalk along 17 and 18, with #17 the worst. I even threw one across the sidewalk, near a building. If the campus is busy (wasn't when I was there), you're either facing delays, or someone could get hit.
Not much thought in the course design.

Other Thoughts:

I refer to this as the U-turn course. Play a hole, make a U-turn and play back in the direction you just came from. This happens on 15 of the 17 transitions between holes. I imagine the designers only had this plot of land to work with, and they did a pretty good job to create 18 different holes, and have 9 (then 18) finish back near the start. But, it would have been nice if they could have used the open land across the campus road, or maybe space out the back 9 a little further, and use the open space at the end of that section. Several of the holes seemed pretty close together.
I'm really having a tough time remembering any particular holes, except for #1, 9, 17 and 18.
#1 is mostly open, to get you started.
After 8, cross in front of the building and #9 is 400' and a little tricky, with a bush near the basket.
#17 while being dangerous at busy times, requires a left to right tee shot with the sidewalk OB.
#18 parallels the same sidewalk, but a little further off, is a good challenge to finish your round.
After #12 (actual hole, not tee pad hole), if you need a restroom, head straight into the Hardees Student Union. Through the doors hang a right, and there ya go!!
Nice campus course, easy to play, low chance of losing a disc and you might even be able to get revenge on rival you don't like.
This is one of 6 18 hole courses in this town of 55,000, that still amazes me! Looks like the local club is using this one also for their weekly league.
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Rocky Mount Wesleyan College. 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 14, 2019 Played the course:once


- Nicely maintained property, with essentially no rough to speak of. You will not lose a disc here, other than through forgetfulness.
- Unexpectedly lengthy and wooded for such a casual course, with most holes averaging a healthy 280 ft through wooded fairways, and the final two are par fours over 400 ft.
- Very nice concrete tee pads, with hole number and length shown on metal plaques screwed into the concrete.
- Good MVP Black Hole baskets on the back 9. For the front 9, see below.
- Lots of interesting shot shapes, but see below.
- Relatively straightforward to navigate, especially from holes 2-8 and 9-17.
- Even with the surprising length, this would be an outstanding course for novices slowly throwing catch discs. The distances and tree obstacles would be a lot of fun for that style.


- Hilariously simple-minded course layout. Holes 2-16 are all parallel to one another, passing back and forth across the designated area. Once you reach the end, holes 17 and 18 run along the long side and take you right back to the beginning.
- Fairways seem to have been chosen solely for convenience, finding one of those parallel alleys that seemed suitably wide and straight. I don't think a single tree was removed to create these fairways, but also as a consequence you're left with lots of strange lines that just follow the natural gaps. I do think they're largely fair, there's surprisingly little poke-and-pray here. But you'll find yourself trying strange hyzer-flips and forehand flexes to navigate these odd fairways. No hyzers here. Sometimes this is fun, sometimes it's kind of annoying. I think novices lightly throwing catch discs would actually have more fun on this course, as those birdie-run lines wouldn't even be a consideration for them.
- As you might imagine from having so many holes running in parallel, there are safety issues with baskets and teepads being close together, multiple baskets being visible at once, etc. Holes 17 and 18 are especially egregious, as they run along the long side to return to the start, and in the process fly over basically all of the baskets/teepads for the rest of the course! There are also campus walkways, roads, and buildings in close proximity to several holes, increasing the safety issues.
- The front 9 uses black Westside baskets. I didn't even realize that Westside made baskets! Based on this course, I wouldn't recommend them, as they catch very poorly, and several dead-center putts were catapulted out. Black is also a difficult color to visually spot, especially with so much dappled shade on this course, and with multiple baskets often being visible at once.
- Though the concrete teepads are very nice, they were sometimes off-angle from the preferred line.
- There are some small hole-numbering inconsistencies, with "hole 9" really being hole 18, and "hole 18" really being hole 17 for example.
- There are a few odd jumps in the course flow, as the course is split by a campus lawn with landscaping and a fountain. The uDisc map is helpful to double-check you're in the right place.

Other Thoughts:

This would be a really fun course to throw a catch disc on. For more serious disc golf, the surprising distance and interesting lines are somewhat appealing, but ultimately the oddness of the course makes it difficult to enjoy.
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