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    What are your favorite 2 discs in your bag to throw?

    For me it's definitely the Envy and the Berg. There's so many that are close, and it kinda pains me not to say Crave or "warp speed bomber disc of the moment", but those are the two I'd just happily bring for a one disc round, and the only two discs I've even thrown that have never left the bag...
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    [Innova] Innova Kite

    I got my first ace with a kite. And another of my first 5 aces. I threw them at ~5400' mainly, but bagged them from when I threw 220' through throwing 450', and found them to be wonderfully glidey, extremely predictable in how much they would turn (a lot), sneaky long, and very comfortable...
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    [Recommend] What are some low HSS, high LSS shot-shaping monsters?

    Westside stag always did that role nicely for me
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Part VI)

    Those soft wraths were $$$
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    [Recommend] Mega-understable Envy?

    I've used deputies for years in that slot, but also have a swan 2 for when I want to be able to hyzer flip a 70' putt. It's almost never in the bag, too understable to be reliable. Deputies hold nice and straight for me out to about 100' on putts, then have a gentle S curve. Thrown, they're...
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    [MVP] Glitch 1 7 0 0 The Gyro P/A & Catch Lid

    This is why I will probably never buy a glitch of my own. My beat K3 Bergs go similarly straight, albeit with more fade at VERY low speeds, and my Bergs don't glide, which I prefer for that type of shot. Glitch is fun, I just don't see myself spending money on it when I already have way too many...
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    [MVP] Glitch 1 7 0 0 The Gyro P/A & Catch Lid

    Threw a neighbor's glitch around in the yard yesterday. I really didn't expect to like it for some reason, but I was surprised how good it is as an approach and shot shaping disc (especially on lower lines). Between the neighbor's yard and mine we've got 4 baskets out, and a few bigger shots...
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    [Other] Kastaplast

    Kaxe used to show no turn at all until they'd been beaten in pretty well. The last few years they've flown much less HSS. I'd say big K Kaxe with 1yr wear=today's Kaxe. Kaxe Z seems to fly like a Kaxe nowadays, just a bit less fade. Haven't bought one in a while, but my 4yr old one is my most...
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    [Putters] EV-7 Mobius

    I had really similar impressions to you when I first tried my Mobius. Now that it's beaten in over time, it is very much understable. After about 30 rounds with it being thrown, it's numbers are more like -2.5, 0.25. Edge of C2 and into C3 putts with a 70% spin, 30% push putt style go laser...
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    [Question] Rebranded Molds

    Source on the "reinvented" FD3 just being a Pioneer? I haven't heard that allegation before. 🤔
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    [Help] Seeking mega floppy driver

    I used to have a vibram x-link soft notch that was fantastic for exactly this. And a soft solace for spike hyzers. Super foldable and would collapse into a little taco when they hit, then pop back up like a spring. On grass and other slow fairways/greens it was great. Any hardpan, rock, short...
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    [Vibram] Vibram is Making Discs Again - $40/ wut

    From my experience, the lace is not unlike a slightly slower king with less fade. Equally finicky and equally long, slow to beat in, but with a very specific power limit. Once you throw above maybe 325-350' max d at sea level, they are SQUIRRELY. I LOVED them when that was my max d power level...
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    [MVP] MVP Disc Sports (Official Thread) (Part V)

    While that's nice for them, this means I almost certainly won't be buying a proton crave next paycheck like I've been planning. I miss the craves of old, and the best of those were board flat with minimal shoulder. Dome + crave = 🤢🤮
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    [Putters] Why putt with baseline plastic?

    I ADORE them. The plastic blend is EVERYTHING I could ever want, until it gets into the 90's. Then it's actually a wee bit too soft/tacky. I think I'll be getting some of the OG firm for next summer, and some OG Base for winter to keep consistent feel and stiffness regardless of temp. OG medium...
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    [Putters] Why putt with baseline plastic?

    All about grip. I have pretty dry skin so premium plastic sometimes slips in my grip and saps a lot of power. Especially because I like a stiff-ish plastic for my putters. For me, the tackier the putter, the less power I lose from finger snap. I putt with EV7 phi's in OG medium, with a spush...