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    [Question] Hard or Soft?

    So, so wrong out of context.
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    [Question] Hard or Soft?

    Floppy. Love my Blo-Flys. And my vintage gumbputt (which is just super soft).
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    [Innova] Blizzard Technology

    I've dealt with Disc Golf Center in person before. They look over almost everything.
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    [Innova] Blizzard Technology

    No no... that's a... a handgrip! Yeah! That's it.
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    Etiquette and pet peeves

    People who make fun of me for dredging a pond that two holes cross over with my Golden Retriever. Bitch, I pulled out two champions, a DX and a Z in an hour of blind throwing into that murky sumbitch. Paid for itself and then some, since only one had a phone number (and it was disconnected). It...
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    [Recommend] Straight shot through woods

    So... the message I'm getting is "Whatever goes straight consistently." Amazing, considering half the discs named off I would never use for such a shot. I suppose it's all in how you throw it.
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    [Recommend] Straight shot through woods

    Buzz. All day, every day. While half the other people are slicing through the trees, I sail straight down the throat. Half the time, I'm closest to the basket.
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    Driving with Putters

    Blow-Fly II, as long as you compensate for the major floppiness and the fact that it will try to turn over on you. I have seen one of my friends crush a four hundred foot hole with a vintage Puppy, though.
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    Noodle Arms, Need Your Input

    I throw Vipers as one of my two primary drivers. They only come in DX. They are also some of the best discs that Innova offers. DX is just fine. Just learn to aim around the trees.
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    [Discraft] Save the Nebula! (AKA 2008 Ace Race Disc)

    I crushed mine into a tree last week... so it's out of the bag while the plastic recovers. Back to the Buzzz...
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    [Question] ID a disc or ask "What is the story on this disc...?"

    I've seen a light blue Dead Puppy. And I know it's a legit one, as the guy has had it since a day before time began.
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    Every bag needs one of these!!!

    I carry cutting tools with me when I play, but only for hacking underbrush to get my disc when it goes into something I can't get through. The only time I have ever used them to clear a fairway is when new holes were going in at Ronnie Van Zant Memorial.
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    Guys draggin carts along...

    Not if you have any sort of terrain. Like is in Tennessee. You need a jogging stroller. With a good wheel lock.
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    Hey jack dude brother. How's life and discin' treating you?

    Hey jack dude brother. How's life and discin' treating you?
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    Guys draggin carts along...

    This thread is still active? Wow. MOVE OVER, BABY!