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Recent content by bhadella

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    The number of disc golf player has declined, by a large number.....

    Finally we have end of year data to show.......normalized growth again.
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    2024 chess.com Invitational

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    DGPT Championship New Format...How Does It work?

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    USDGC 2023 - 25th edition

    The crowd following the lead card was probably 1/5 of what it normally during a final round in person at USDGC. The lack of Paul, Ricky, Simon near the lead plus Kyles healthy lead were certainly the biggest impacts.
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    2023 DGLO

    I would assume that the property managers (whether that is a park department on paid admission parks or a local club that provides infrastructure and upkeep) are getting a fee from the event for providing the venue. If not, then they are collecting gate revenue on the additional traffic...
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    2023 DGLO

    The financial relationship may be different since the bigger/nicer Michigan parks are "Pay to Play" where the funds from events might get more easily lumped into general revenue. An event with more than 800 players should have a bigger financial impact (favorably) to a club/association than...
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    2023 DGLO

    Interesting viewpoint. It's nice when an event pushes a course towards it best upkeep but don't know that it is the events responsibility to upkeep the course (especially in a pay for use park).
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    HOD 2/7/2023: Eastway DGC Hole #10 Charlotte, NC

    The teesign is pretty accurate, it's a flexing shot that bends around tree on the right side of fairway and then gets right pretty quick. I'm a lefty so it's more of a hyzer-flip to hyzer Teebird but for most its a RHFH Firebird/Felon/Raptor type of shot.
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    2 holes in 1?

    Yup, I was just jumping in to include Renske as one of these. In fact, 3 holes on Renaissance Gold are broken into 8 holes on the Renske course. The par 5 holes make for three holes per, the par 4 into 2 holes.
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    2022 DGPT Championship Oct 12-16

    Renny would require 10X the effort/time to prepare that Nevin did. That type of undergrowth and land is so labor intensive relative to Nest/Nevin. And honestly the 3-7 section needs scrapped and redesigned. Renny would also need to be significantly modified for the necessary challenge at the...
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    Movement in top 10

    I think unchecked poison ivy is worthy of reducing a rating. My mind is blown when I see DGPT and PDGA Majors with PI all over it.
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    Heading to Charlotte North Carolina

    At least in the case of Charlotte, multiple layouts on same piece of land was a function of not having as much land to use for courses as we had motivated people wanting to build courses. The historically overlapping courses (original design of Hornets Nest and Renaissance) were back when the...
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    Heading to Charlotte North Carolina

    I can see how it was such a brutal time. Renaissance is setup as 3 distinct courses that sometimes use common infrastructure (teepads and baskets). None of them follow the same flow and routing as the other layouts like more traditionally designed courses that have multiple teepads flowing...
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    Do I even need distance drivers in NC?

    Relative to Charlotte: If you are planning on playing the shorter courses (in the 5000' range like Reedy Creek), you won't need a distance driver unless you are a bigger fan of skipping them around corners. If you are planning on playing the medium length courses (in the 6000' range like...
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    [Wanted] Beatup Pro Leopards

    This guy needs a beat flippy Pro Leopard bad. Innova finally ran another batch of Pro Leopards but they are in that "almost star" pro plastic that is beating in super slow.