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Recent content by Grover

  1. Grover

    Heading to Indy!

    Wow. I don't see how anyone would have a problem teeing off directly onto a walking path [/sarcasm] Worst designed course I've seen. Its also amazing how people can space themselves just perfectly so that when one group of walkers finally gets out of the way another immediately takes their...
  2. Grover

    Carmel, IN. Northview Chritian Church

    I played it a couple of times. Drove up from Columbus for it (yep, that desperate to play on real baskets). The only other course I knew of back then was Redbrush Park in Seymour (also 9 holes and also with an admission charge). We've come a long way, baby... Looking forward to this new...
  3. Grover

    How many holes have you played so far in 2011?

    Getting out for my first round of the year tomorrow...
  4. Grover

    [Innova] Which Innova disc sucks the most?

    Thanks for the warning. I called out "my groove" because I can't imagine any other disc on earth being as bad...
  5. Grover

    [Innova] Which Innova disc sucks the most?

    Am I too late to vote for my Groove?
  6. Grover


    Can't you just take out the mini cards (like everyone does with the repair/maintenance cards in Monopoly)? This sounds like a way to let folks of wildly differing abilities play together to me...
  7. Grover

    Thanks for this site

    I gotta agree with this. I've used the search function and found that I get much better results just posting stuff and letting 'Rube post the appropriate links for me.:clap:
  8. Grover

    Coming to Indy IN?

    HEY! I played that Ice Bowl (and I just found a pizza coupon from it in the cushion of my truck this past weekend).
  9. Grover

    Old disc golf video - 1980 - Municipal Park, Mobile, AL

    Little known fact: In 1980, almost 67% of the US population was in the porn industry. It was fun, sorry you young kids missed it - stupid aids!
  10. Grover

    [Innova] Whippet Evolutution?

  11. Grover

    [Discraft] Discrafts misprint deal is awesome

    I tried out my last pack a couple of discs at a time (and sadly I just don't play as much as I'd like). Last week I moved the Tracker and Predator into the bag to try out and figured it was about time to order a new box. The only thing that could be considered a duplication from last year's...
  12. Grover

    Pre-order your personalized DGCR Bag Tag VI!

    ...broken chain here, too...:(
  13. Grover

    Review by Grover in course Freedom Park

    2.00 star(s) Its a start Nice baskets, multiple tees per hole, ample paved parking, great neighborhoods surrounding park, very clean, great for beginners (wide open, with only a few small trees and no blind shots to make). Not a lot of traffic (making it solid for some Safari Golf). Its just a big flat...