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Recent content by pmorgan1214

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    Practice how you play

    One thing I tell myself is that your body already knows what to do, we have all done it a thousand times. Its all mental after that, if you have a good form and have progressed, everything else is mental. How you play the hole, how you do your stance, and your focus at that time and point for...
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    PDGA Updates Gender Policy

    Its an interesting topic to talk about. Personally I don't believe any person that is born as a male and wants to transition into a female should be able to compete in a protected division such as FPO. Doesn't matter if they have the appropriate hormone levels. They still have muscle built from...
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    PDGA ratings are up. How'd you do?

    I went up 10 points. don't have a lot of ratings under my belt the last few years but currently at a 961. not unhappy with that but need to improve.
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    [Vibram] Vibram OBEX/Arch

    The Arch is an amazing disc. It has awesome glide. It will hold anhyzers and slowly fade out flat. Thrown flat it will turn over and come back a little bit. This is my go to fairway driver in my bag.
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    2016 Amateur Championships at Bowling Green April 22-24 Bowling Green, KY

    I had a fun time at the tournament, Played with some great guys and overall had fun. I finished 8th(MA2) with a really bad final 9 but I was just happy to make the final 9.
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    [Vibram] Vibram OBEX/Arch

    What obex were you throwing. A fresh obex and a fresh roc3 are close but the obex is going to be less stable than a fresh roc3. However there is so many combinations that come into factor when you compare discs. Vibram is the hardest to understand what is stable and what is not. Some of the...
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    [Vibram] Onyx

    Vibram just released a new disc on the market called the Onyx. I got to throw a few of them my buddy had. They are light and are understable fairway drivers. I was throwing on a small hyzer flip line with a 3-5 mph tailwaind and they would hold that line for a ways. They are easy distance and...
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    2016 Amateur Championships at Bowling Green April 22-24 Bowling Green, KY

    Almost 1 week away till the start. Cant wait, first time going!!!
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    Central Coast Disc Golf - CCDG vids

    Did you guys ever do full round coverage of the Wintertime open this year. Was hoping to see some coverage. Thanks
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    First hole length

    Some distance shots with Cincinnati courses on hole 1. Idlewild- 640 feet Mt. Airy- 464ft, 489 and 540 AJ Jolly- 475 Feet
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    Review by pmorgan1214 in course Osage Grove DGC

    4.50 star(s) Osage Osage Grove is a treat!!! This is a must play in Ohio. If you live within 3 hours it is well worth the drive to get here and play it. I have played this course hundreds of time mainly because I live 20 minutes away. Pros: 1. Pads: The pads are well designed and boxed in giving you...
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    Review by pmorgan1214 in course Kinder Farms Park

    4.00 star(s) Amazing course I traveled to Baltimore and got the chance to play this wonderful course. This course is located in a beautiful park that has nice hills and terrain for a disc golf course. From what I read this course just got redesigned and a lot of hard work making this a top course in the...
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    HOD 2/16/2016: John Bray Park Hole 1 in Strathpine, Queensland, Australia

    i would probably do a spike hyzer from the tee to land in the opening. So Teebird on a hyzer, followed by a roc3 or a putter upshot depending on distance. drop in 3. but still not sure how far that first shot is. could be a destroyer.
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    #1 tag will be at Boone Woods Saturday 1/9/2016

    hmm might have to come get that tag!!!!!! too bad I work :(
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    [Question] What's in your bag?

    all vibram 2 ridge 2 VP 1 Summit midranges 2 ibex 2 obex fairway 1 notch 2 traks 1 ascent drivers 1 unlace 3 olace 1 solace