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Al Quaal Recreation Area DGC

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May 23, 2007

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Poorly Implemented Course

Few to be seen, difficult and bug laiden course
Mosquitos from the swamps nearby, hornets at three holes, extremely difficult par scores make it no fun for families, the creators took away the nice practice course at Al Qual and ruined a good thing
I, and many, are very upset that the original Al Qual Disc Golf course has been dismantled to create this abomination. I dare anyone to enjoy this course; the mosquitos will not allow you to focus.

We used to practice and learn, and get some fast rounds in at the original Al Qual course. The fact that this course was removed to make this ridiculously difficult course which goes all over the place (and I live nearby and never see anyone playing) is frustrating.

I would give this course zero stars if I could. No thought was put into this course and I never see anyone playing it.

The former Al Qual Disc Golf course always had TONS of people out and enjoying it.

Shame on you for ruining people's fun in a quest to create the most difficult course. Which coincides with mosquito territory.
I understand those frustrations. The bugs are bad at Al Quaal, but they are everywhere, including holes 8 and 9 from the original 9er course. Just curious if you played the red or blue tees. Yes, the blue tees are tough! But at least now the course has two tee options! However, the red tees are shorter than any of the other local courses red tee layouts.
Also, although you did not mention it specifically, having a poor throw go off the ski trail fairway, does introduce some pretty thick rough. That as well is different than the old course, but Old Town rough can be just as bad mid summer.
This course was developed over about a 9 year period with the City folks. It was always a goal to make some really difficult blue tees and showcase the extreme terrain at the park to bring a new style and variety of course to the area. Unfortunately not many landowners are actually out looking to develop a beginner friendly course. They want the big challenging course using incredible terrain. But that's why the red tees were a must in the design to allow neighbors and newcomers to also enjoy.
Play early spring and later in fall and avoid the bugs. No one has any control over where hornets and wasps build their nests though. Buy a $5 can of wasp spray, and you'll feel good about helping your fellow community.