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Jan 13, 2015
Ozone discs is a new online disc golf store, based in NJ and started in 2014. Our mission is try to grow the sport of disc golf by showcasing the newest discs from up and coming manufacturers and newer offerings from some more familiar names. These include discs newly registered for PDGA approval. We follow the PDGA and disc golf blogs to find the newest discs coming to market. Disks like the Skyquest Chainzilla approved on 10/17/14 and discs from FlyHigh discs based in Colorado that are obtaining approval as we speak. We also search for International offerings and do what it takes to bring them here. Discs like the Splinter putter from Obsidian and the Kaxe from Kastaplast. We feel that one of the best things for American disc golf is growing the sport not only locally but internationally. Once the sport is worldwide more players will come here to compete and there will be more international tournaments for the best American players to compete in.

We know that there is an extremely strong sense of brand loyalty in disc golf and it is definitely a challenge to convince players to try new discs and step out of their comfort zone but we are committed to the cause. We want to be able to walk into any Sporting Goods store and see a selection of more than just one or two disc golf manufacturers. Our goal is to foster this change by trying to spotlight all different offerings and show that there are great discs comparable to or sometimes even better than what you are used to. We will offer video reviews and comparisons of these discs to show what even small companies are capable of creating and we will provide flight charts so you can quickly see what each disc does.

Finally, we want to bring you a website experience that is simple and easy to use. We take actual photos of every disc and we will weigh each and every disc to give exact weights. We hope our efforts will continue to convince players to try new things and showcase the great selection of disc golf products available. If your ever in the Northern New Jersey area and want to try any of our products contact us through through the website, Instagram or twitter and we would be happy to come out!

We appreciate any feedback, comments or suggestions you have and we will try to answer any questions as quickly as possible.

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Thank you for supporting,
Steve and Mike
Oh wow, I just sent y'all an email and since it was on a Mobil device I was zoomed I past your address, but we are practically neighbors! Great to see a shop around here! Good luck guys!
Obsidian Splinter G5's.

As promised we have received a small batch of second run Obsidian Splinter G5's from Finland and they are available on our website. Pictures and a short review are posted in the commercial marketplace under our latest post.
The scale (fossil) has become my full time stable putter off the tee and for most upshots, can't wait for your future releases !