[Innova] Boss me around

Sep 28, 2011
I have developed a real love for putters. The pig is one of my primary disc for most shots under 320. The Ion used to be my actually putter but I have switched to the anode and now use it as a stable/hyzer disc sometimes inside about 250. I have a star aviar driver that is a anny beast and also great for dead straight lines. I also just traded my buddy for a older classic aviar that seems to fly a little more stable and further then the other. Finally I have my anode for actually putting and short staight shots at the basket. So my question is what putter should I try next? Tell me what to buy, if you see a hole in my putter game i need to fill or if you just want to advocate for how awesome your favorite putter is. I just want to try a new one so tell me what to buy!:)
I have not gotten to try one yet, but word around the latitude camp is that the opto pure is the new hotness for driving putters. I believe because driving a grip pure is a pleasure.
how does it fly? weight? i just got a sss wizard and love the grip. are they similar in flight pattern?
It flies really straight and high speed stable. It dosent fade hard or fast. It just kinda glides and flies for a long time. If i had to play a one disc round that would be the disc i would use.
Get a evolution wizard the pro plastic type not the evolution hpp junk a firm wizard is great for driving also organic.wizards are great but have smaller beads
Try and get your hands on a Z or an ESP Banger GT. The ESP is OOP and Zs are limited but I think dynamic discs might still have a few..? Or eBay. The grip track is so natural and the bead is huge. Best driving putter I've thrown.
I picked up a wizard sss and it is pretty sweet. I think I may get a magic also to see if it stays straighter on longer putts. The wizard is sweet off the tee though! It will probably replace my anode as my putter and move it to a approach/off the tee disc.

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