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Can you carry discs on a plane?


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May 28, 2012
I am travelling here in a month or so and I want to go out and play a few rounds elsewhere. I was just wondering if I can carry my bag with 12 or so discs on a plane and not get questioned or them confiscated. If you have any bad airport stories please share.
who knows. they might be considered deadly weapons. You could take out a whole flight crew with a 12 discs.
On the way to Iowa worlds, I was asked by security why I was carrying on dinner plates...
I did have a problem getting mine pass TSA. My brother and myself both got stopped and had our things searched because we had discs in our backpacks. Once they saw what they were we were all good but they did have to pull us aside because I guess they look weird on the x-ray
There is no rhyme or reason to what will set them off. Last time I flew, I checked a M-4 with 7 loaded mags, a FN 9mm and a Glock .45acp. I also has about 10# of associated pistol ammo packed along with that stuff. No issues at all with all that checked in. What they gave me tons of grief about was a 4" long piece of 1/8" x 1" stainless steel that had several test welds on it I had in my carry-on. Not sharp, not dangerous,... nothing more than a welding test coupon I took while on my trip. Think it would have gone easier on me had I left the Glock in my carry-on.:rolleyes:
I had no problems this weekend, flew into/out of Alaska for some disc golf and general dubachery. I didn't even get scanned on my out of SEA-TAC (seattle). However I work in the medical field and had my ID badge on, so I got right thru the express lanes. I had one agent ask what my handy cap was, while pointing at my discs. I told him I'm the kinda guy that takes the money ;)
I had no problems recently flying with discs. I wasn't stopped. I wasn't asked anything. That was the only wierd part I was pretty sure I would have to explain what they were.
I'm just sayin....

You might wanna make sure there's no residue from contraband on them that discs... don't they occaisionally sniff for drugs, whether electronically, or with pooches?

On 2nd thought, they're prolly just looking for explosives or other dangerous chemicals. Make sure there's no C-4 residue on your discs!
X-rays do make discs more understable though....

that's why you carry extra beat discs in you checked bags, you can always get replacement new or stable discs...you can't buy reliable seasoned discs.:thmbup: