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Critters on the course you ran into...

The Isles haven't matched up very well with the Canes lately, so I was hoping they might get the Rangers. Didn't happen so I'm hoping for an upset in Raleigh!
Hopefully it will be a good series, and we win!! :D

Please don't try to swap your Sebastian Aho for ours, we are very happy with ours!!
I like ducks, but Muscovies are about the ugliest ones I've ever seen. They're plentiful in SoFla. Glad I never see 'em in Michigan.

Yeah we had to Google wtf it was. I didn't see it at first because I was too worried about fishing my disc out of the lake. 😂
Didn't expect to see a friendly chicken this morning at Picnic Island. There are no farms around so somebody set their pet free. Unfortunately a lot of raccoons live here and some dog walkers as well.

Chicken at PI small.jpg
This little kitty has been roaming the course(Creeping Creek) the past few months. She has followed us around for a couple rounds.
Biggest bull frog I've ever seen in the little pond.
The geese and goslings by the big pond.
Almost stepped on this turtle within C1, short basket #11 Waller Mill Williamsburg Virginia. The red C1 whisker is new for the course this year. The basket is off to the right. Waller Mill is my favorite course from Virginia Beach to Richmond.


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Crossed paths at the bottom of the ravine hole #11 Waller Mill Williamsburg Virginia yesterday morning. Walking long tee to short basket, both are elevated.

All throws whether good or bad were being cheered by Cicadas. First time hearing them on the course, and they are loud. Saw a few dead ones.


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