[Innova] DGCR Survey: The Effects of Dome/Flatness in Innova Molds

To use the Wraith as an example, I have a really domey one that thinks it’s a Firebird. I also have one with a similar dome that acts like a faster Leopard.

What happens when you throw two of the same plh but varying dominess?
What happens when you throw two of the same plh but varying dominess?

That is a good question. I probably have twenty star Wraiths. Maybe I should compare them and find a domey one and a flatter one with similar parting lines and do some side by side comparisons.

I think you nailed what the OP was asking though- all else being equal, with the same weight, plastic, and parting line how would just a difference in dome affect the flight?
A flat disc has less HSS and more fade.

A domey disc has more HSS and less fade.

Flat discs fly faster, domey discs glide more.

FAF Firebird is more HSS and has more fade.

Domey Cannon agreed has more HSS but more fade too.

Domey Comet has more HSS agreed but also has more fade.

Flat Buzzz is more HSS and has more fade.

Flat fast dome glide yes.

Those are just four off all the molds I've thrown in 20+ years...there's no clean cut rules.
Wider/sharp rimmed (9 speed+) discs are much more influenced by the dome/flatness. The faster the mold, the more the profile (dome/flatness, PLH, and lower rim geometry) matters.
  • high dome/high plh = glidey & more overstable finish
  • low dome/high plh = no glide & dumpy finish
  • low dome/low plh = lower stability for the full flight
  • high dome/low plh = glidey & less stable finish

I would put Firebirds in with the slower fairway (6-8) and blunt edged discs (5 and below) in terms of how the profile affects the flight. Flatter are faster but lower glide than those with dome. Plastic blend & stiffness are better indicators of stability within the same mold. How blunt the leading edge is will determine the general stability compared to other molds.