[Sold] Disc Inventory (Updated Thread)

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Looking to clear out what remains...

Bonus offer - buy the DDs and get the Croc as a freebie.

And, yes, I'll go below retail for the GG Wraiths ($95 shipped). By the way, they are NOT that OS. They fly just like a typical Wraith to me. They actually have a fair amount of turn to them. I just have too many discs!

Adding First Run Graces (five in mixed colors), Neutron Soft Envy DFX "Mythix" Series in that blue/yellow combo everyone is snatching up in Electron Firm and those new discs listed on the initial post!

Graces are going to run 5 for $95. Two Neutron Soft Envies (8/10 and 10/10) for $44 shipped.

Let's clear out this post and get some new things posted!!!

Images of all new additions coming...I have some time-sensitive work to complete and then I'm on it!

I had to finish a project for work, which is done.

It’s a big bundle. I’ll get it posted within the next 48 hours. Routy03 has first dibs but I don’t know if he/she wants it. I want to get all of the new discs for sale up at once and clear out what is currently offered.

There are some cool Wizards in there - untooled protos, a few different Special Blends, Liz Wiz’s, and others.

Chainsaws are modified Wizards, as well. So many overlook them. It’s probably in part that Black Zombie retail prices tend to be insane. They’ve gotten a bit better. But if you search the site (Garin IS a very nice guy, by the way - nothing mean-spirited intended), you’ll see what I mean.
Wizard bundle sounds great. I’d like to get in line behind Routy03 in case he/she doesn’t want it or doesn’t want all of it.

The chainsaws look interesting, but maybe a little too niche for me for a putting putter.
timg said:
1) ALL Sale/Deal threads MUST have prices or what you would like to get for the item(s) you have listed in the original post. If you do not do this, your thread may be deleted without notice. You can price a disc and say "or best offer" but don't be stupid and put "$1000 or best offer". Along the same lines, all trade threads should be created for the sole purpose of trading only, sale threads for selling only, Deal threads if you're looking for a trade or sale.

you need to add prices, offers accepted doesn't cut it
This is a good person to work with in my experience ignore the Karen potential buyers

Good luck PB
Thanks, KAK:

They’re correct. But, I think it’s a bit of an intense post. I always price fairly and am completely transparent.
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Interested in the Envy’s— are they “Patent Pending” on the bottom?
sorry, i guess that does look like a poor tone
good luck with your sales

You were absolutely correct. I added prices (I always do- I genuinely didn’t know what to price those at and wanted to give the benefit to the purchaser).

Have a nice rest of your day.
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