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Getting rid of some discs I don't need anymore. All prices include shipping. Don't like the price make an offer.

Pics can be found here: http://s1098.photobucket.com/user/wireman1001/library/


White/Red/Green M Lace 174g 8/10 $9 GONE
Pink/Orange F Ridge 174g 8/10 ink on back $9
Orange F Obex 178g 8/10 ink $9
Red/Blue M Lace 169g 9/10 indent on top $9 GONE
Blue/Purple F Solace 173g 10/10 $10
Pink/Blue/Purple F Lace 166g 10/10 $10 GONE
Pink/White/Green M Olace 164g 10/10 $10.50 GONE
Green/White M Ridge 147g 10/10 indent on top $10
2x Vibram Birdie Bash deck of cards $5 each


Red opto Flow169g 9/10 $11 GONE
Copper Goldline Flow 174g 7/10 rim ink $10 GONE
Orange VIP Northman 171g 7.5/10 $10 GONE
Blue Goldline Striker 169g 7/10 $10 GONE

Green tourn. Warship 167g 10/10 $13 GONE
White VIP Stag 167g 10/10 $13 GONE
White zero medium Mercy 175g 10/10 storage marks $10 GONE
Salmon Lucid Freedom 175g 10/10 $11 GONE
Black Classic Soft Suspect 175g 7.5/10 $7
White Classic Soft Warden 175g 6/10 $6
Yellow Classic Warden 174g 6/10 $6
Yellow Classic Soft Warden 174g 6/10 $6
Red/Brown Opto Sparkle Trident 173g 10/10 $11 GONE
Orange Recycle Diamond 155g 8/10 $8 GONE
Red zerohard Mercy 175g 6/10 $6
Black zerosoft Mercy 176g 6.5/10 $6


Purple Z Glide 173g 10/10 $12
Red ESP Nuke 170-172g 7.5/10 ink $8
White X Nuke 170g 7/10 ink $7
Maroon Ti Nuke 174g 8/10 ink $9
Pink ProD Drone 177+g 10/10 storage wear $7
Orange ESP Crank 173/174g 10/10 $11
Blue ESP Crank 172g 8/10 FirstRun $10


Gray Pinnacle Rampage 174g 10/10 $12
Orange Protege Clozer 174g 6/10 Halloween stamp $7 GONE
White Icon Clozer 175g 7/10 color splotches from other discs $7 GONE
Purple Icon Ghost 175g 8/10 $9
Red Icon Mongoose 173g 9/10 $10 GONE
Yellow Icon Patriot 174g 8/10 misprint $9 GONE
White Icon Clutch 171g 6.5/10 color splotches from other discs $7

Innova, Prodigy, Axiom, Gateway:

Yellow Champ Thunderbird 175g 10/10 $11 GONE
White Star Roc3 180g 10/10 $13
Orange Champ Aviar 175g 10/10 $11
Red Champ Vulcan 170g 10/10 $8 GONE
White S Sabre 174g 6.5/10 $7
Red Neutron Virus 6.5/10 $9 GONE
Red 400s D1 168g 7/10 ink $8 GONE

Only trades I would want:
ProD or ESP Venom
Barstamp or 10year Buzzz
Tulsa Orc
Medium Lace 173-175g and flat
Latitude Raketen
Latitude Macana
Opto Flow 167-170g and flat
Dynamic Renegade 167-172

Bump, check my thread you have trade/wants that are on my FSOT list
Not open for further replies.

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