Distance driver suggestions?


Bogey Member
Nov 24, 2020
Hi guys, I am looking for some suggestions on distance drivers. I am noticing on the course that I have a gap in the bag. I currently bag a force, wraith, and a mamba. I am looking for something that'll fit between the wraith and mamba. I am thinking maybe a distance driver version of an undertaker possibly? Something that doesn't have the HSS of a wraith or force but definitely has more than a mamba and has more LSS so I can trust it to come back? Maybe a hades? Not sure. Please feel free to leave any tips or suggestions for me on this. Grateful to be a part of the DG community!
I think a Beast may fit that gap. I still throw them from time to time. They are good at getting some good distance for a 10 speed disc.
Wave, Jet, Archon, Grace, Sword, Trespass, Scorch, Thrasher, DD1.

Depending on your Wraith and Mamba the gap might be huge or not very big, but those are all popular ~11 speed distance drivers that generally fit between the two.
I have the Wraith Mamba combo as well.
The Archon, or if that doesn't suit your hand. Try the Beast. I use a Beast for this slot.
I agree with the Archon suggestion. Strange look and hand feel, but actually a really good flier. Kinda like a beat in Wraith with more turn and less fade. A reliable performer.

Hades is what I'd choose next.
Streamline Jet (Proton Plastic), or a Champion plastic Tern. For me the Champion Tern is a bit more stable, the Jet has a little more High Speed turn but will always come back