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2024 ITB for Mostly Norwegian


Tosser with plastic
May 25, 2017
I haven't done one of these in a couple years. A lot has happened to my body since the last one I did one. I'm a right hand dominant player. I can poke a disc out about 350' using a good slow x step.
My injuries are the usual learning wrong, and also I broke my clavicle, and now abide by, and accommodate with the continual lingering pain, and nerve related issues I set into motion by breaking it with an impact fall / slam on a bicycle.

This is what's in there at the moment.
Putter's / Approach
Soft Pro Aviar 165 die on contact, and new in the bag.
168 Glow Yeti, 172 Reg Yeti, Interchangeable main putter
175 Glow JK Aviar, windy hyzer putter
173 K1 Berg, My usable brick
Approach / Mid
(173 soft exo Tactic) Overstable approach disc with a great puddle top
171 Star Alien, Under 250'? I love this thing. The basket has a gravitational pull it as a CONTROL disc. Great ground action disc.
168 Star Spider, New to the bag. It's really accurate to where I release it towards is my initial impression.
172 Star Glow Cro, the new star glow plastic is colorful now, and it feels GREAT. Compared to the PFN star, and the Caiman. It's grippy, and flexible In between what the r-pro, and first edition is. The Cro is my main get the job done mid-range.
172 Star Caiman Overstable, and long straight with hard finish.
Mid / Approach
169 Holly Finley Glow Mako3
168 Star Rollo, As my confidence with using this disc grows. It does crazier things. PHENOMENAL woods disc.
172 Star Stingray Straight, with late finish, long Stingray things.
165 g/star IT, Swiss army knife edition. It's becoming my roller disc, As a thrower. It's Incredibly touchy and understable compared to the Star and Champion one's I also use in the straight slow
163 pro Gazelle,
163 g/star leopard, straight and gap to hit disc I can also use my Glow Star Holly Finley It in this slot.
(171 g/star teebird) main fairway driver
(162 g/star Roadrunner Straight, and or long turn
157 g/star Beast) My all purpose goes pretty far, and gets the job done disc.
150 star orc, this is new to the bag, I got it, because I've wanted an Orc in non Champion plastic for a while now. I like the mold, and want to get into this, and PD's and Firebird's in the lighter range of plastics to start figuring out.
152 g/star Mamba, Mostly standstill,
164 star Mamba, my main distance driver
150 g/star Tern, new to the bag, Following the suggestions of a few fellow olds that noticed I am proficient with my Mamba's I got a two pack of Tern's to put into that airspace Mamba's can't use.
150 star Tern, new to the bag, At the 260' range I was testing it in. It's about 10 feet more stable than the g/star.
155 g/star Wraith, the more straight wraith,
163 star Wraith, the more stable wraith. Forehand approach disc supreme.
150 star Shryke, figuring this one out. I know it has a place in my getting older disc tote.

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