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2024 bag workings


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Jun 20, 2006
Madison, WI
Another season, another bag thread update.

Winters have been tough lately. We're a hockey family, which leaves very little time to disc. So, I'm relegated to learning how to throw again every spring...
Years playing/experience: 19th season!
Throwing Style: Right handed, 75/25 BH/FH
Golf Distance for putter/mid/driver (averages):
Logic (225'), Pathfinder (275'), Undertaker (325'), Longhorn (350', max 375'ish)

Age: 42
Injuries/handicaps?: herniated disc that has caused some pain and numbness, avoid throwing hard forehands due to this. 7 months after it happened, I'm good to play golf again.
Other sport proficiencies?: I regularly play old man hockey
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?:
Like: Having all the options I'd want on the course
Dislike: Potentially too many options makes decisions a little more difficult
Specific areas of desired feedback: None in particular, this is just a yearly project that I like seeing a start/end point for.
Immediate and long-term goals: Play golf, have fun

Distance drivers
174 TP Giant, newish - wind fighter for distance
174 Swirl ESP Thrasher, DGPT champ edition, newish - max distance, with lots of room to work a hyzer flip
170 TS Swirl ESP Thrasher, worn - tailwind max distance
174 Nocturnal Longhorn, new - basically a faster predator
172 Swirl Apex Longhorn, newish - stable, controllable driver
172 1R Eternal Longhorn, worn - workhorse for distance, will flip and turn just a bit

Fairway Drivers
174 Eternal Freetail, slight wear - consistent turning driver, woods hyzer flips
174 Apex Freetail, worn - the best roller disc in the game. have to have a roller disc to compensate for not having a 350' forehand shot available right now
174 Z Predator, opaque w/ elite x stamp, worn - in the bag for a few years, and it's still quite overstable
174 JB Z Predator, newish - very straight for a new predator, great power straight to fade control driver
174 Z Undertaker, new - slightly overstable fairway, when I need a milder finish than a predator
174 Swirl ESP Undertaker, worn - money for those flip up fairway shots that don't want much fade.
168 Z Undertaker, worn - easier to flip and work lines than the ESP, great for carving lines in the woods
174 Steady Soda, newish - finesse hyzer flip lines, will hold a turnover

177 Ethereal Pathfinder, newish - pretty stable pathfinder, has some integrity even into the wind.
176 EO Glow Pathfinder, newish - best straight stable midrange I've ever thrown. more glide than an aftershock, less power hungry than a buzzz
177 Nebula Aura Pathfinder, newish - extra in the bag as I learn the mold better. slightly straighter than the ethereal
176 Glow Mana, new - a proper hyzer flip midrange. sort of holding the spot in the bag until I work the rust out of my throw, and may return to a comet slot

Approach discs
174 TS SP Ice Breaker, newish - beefy breaker, has more fade than stock SP
174 SP Breaker, worn - in the sweet spot, still stable, has low glide, but doesn't fade or skip much
174 Lux Vapor Logic, new - super straight thrower. has a knack for pushing straight while it appears to be on a hyzer angle
175 EXO soft Logic, newish - straight BH approaches. used mainly for really finesse shots that require little to no ground play

(3x) 175 EXO hard Logic, newish - all putting duties

24 discs is more than I've consistently carried for years. I could probably condense this down, but at the same time I'm not throwing frequently enough to wear discs in like I used to - or learn all the intricacies of the wear stages and flight on different angles. I have decided not to limit my loadout going into this season, until it feels like I've relearned how to throw properly and consistently. Once I get to that point, I'll probably reduce down to about 18 discs. Everything has a purpose right now, but on the other hand I play my best golf when I have limited selection/overlap and only worry about executing the shot at hand.
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