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Miracle Whips Bag

Miracle Whips

May 2, 2024
Introduced to disc golf back in 2012, drank a lot of beer and lost a lot of DX plastic at Ryan Ranch over that next year or so. Only played a handful of times between then and late '22, when I picked it back up. Been slowly building a bag since then, and have been working on form and consistency and of course breaking that elusive '400.
Mainly LHBH up to '330, comfortable with LHFH up to '200ish
Max LHBH in field work was '386 with my Sublime Freetail

Age: 38
Sex: M
Other sport proficiencies?: Generally athletic, but not much in the way of formal training.
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?: This is my first iteration of a full bag. There are some obvious overlap spots as well as a few holes.
Specific areas of desired feedback: I'm still learning a good chunk of these discs, but would like help on any obvious gaps. Would like to cut down from 28 discs to like 24 eventually.
Immediate and long-term goals: Improving shot shaping and hitting lines consistently. Golf line distance.

Bag: Handeye Clemonade Mission Rig

Drivers: (weight/plastic/model/(condition)/use):
172 Nocturnal Longhorn (new) - most OS of my drivers. BH ~'300 & FH ~'200
173 Apex Longhorn (new) - smidge less OS than the Noc, can push it an extra '20.
171 Champion Wraith (used) - still OS for my arm, but starting to beat in a bit.
174 Tone Salt (new) - probably too much disc for me right now, I can flip it up consistently in the field but not enough throws with it yet.
175 Sublime Freetail x2 (used/new) - my go to discs for distance hyzer flips, especially ones where I want minimal fade. '330+
175 DX Wraith (beat) - roller disc at this point.

167 Eternal Alpha (new) - most OS of my fairways. use both BH ~'265 & FH under '200
174 Apex Alpha (used) - probably redundant with the Eternal one, even though I can push this one a bit further.
173 Opto Explorer (used) - one of my most used, pushes a bit further than the Alphas.
171 Opto Explorer (new) - more dome than the other, probably should be on the bench to fill a gap.
174 Alpha Guadalupe (used) - straightest disc in the bag, maybe my favorite. (2nd longest recorded throw as well out to '382 on a rip)
154 Apex Jackalope (new) - maybe too flippy, need more throws with it. possible cut candidate.
174 Eternal Jackalope (used) - sweet spot for hyzer flips I want to fade out. love this disc.
175 Nocturnal Jackalope (new) - most stable Jackalope, possibly redundant with the Explorers need more throws with it.

177 Sublime Mustang (new) - perfect 5/5/0/2 flight BH & FH
173 Alpha Texas Ranger (used) - probably redundant with Mustang. cut candidate
177 Nebula Ethereal Pathfinder (new) - straight flyer, holds angles beautifully.
177 ESP Buzzz (used) - redundant with Pathfinder, cut candidate.
176 Sublime Lobster (used) - perfect hyzer flip or long turnovers, glide for days.
172 Alpha Artemis (used) - nice for scramble flex forehands, lots of glide
172 Bravo Horny Toad (new) - OS approach less glide, bravo plastic sits. nice and OS

173 Luna (used) - straight thrower, can hyzer flip out to '300 is need be.
174 UV Reactive Muse (new) - stable thrower, but also possible might switch to for putting putters, love the plastic.
173 Royal Med UFO - US thrower.
172 Royal Soft UFO x2 - Putters
172 Alpha Armadillo - used for short scrambles that I need to sit under the basket and not roll.

Looking forward to any comments or suggestions.

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