Forming the whip by Overthrow Disc Golf

I think you are describing what I often refer to as a fake wide rail, where they never redirect from power pocket back out wide, so they throw outside-in and saw off the arc, instead of (out/wide) inside-out wide.

Well. "Attempted" wide rail. haha. Most people just yell "Man I griplocked that" and I giggle, cause I saw them basically throw a patent pending shot trying to call it a wide rail.
I've only had success with the wide rail for upshots. It seems to add momentum into the swing for me. The "figure 8" stuff that you can see here:

When I try it with a full swing - a drive - it's Griplock Central for me. I haven't worked out the threshold for that. Just haven't tried to find out. But Philo's example in the opening post of that thread is ideal for me. I need to remember to do that more often.