Help! Form Analysis -- stuck just above 300'


Nov 15, 2023
Hey so to set the stage here I've been playing Disc Golf since July, but I used to play a lot of Ultimate when I was younger. I'm trying to work on my form and figure out how I can get more distance off the tee. I've got some videos I'll share below, but I tend to throw pretty consistently right at about 300ft. (according to what I measure on UDisc). Every once in a while the stars align, and I can get a max distance around 350. I am trying to figure out how I can start to improve my form and make my consistent throws move up to 350ft. and then work on getting to 400. Here are links to 3 different short video clips of some throws that I made yesterday. Thank you in advance for your advice!

1. Note how I get more stacked/athletic posture on the front foot. You are sitting back too far.

2. Note how my right elbow is out and up away from the chest so the disc swings in behind the elbow into power pocket/hugging the disc.
Your elbow is down and in next to your chest/hugging yourself instead of hugging the disc.

Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 8.34.20 PM.png
I totally agree with sidewinder. The dead give-away of this is the quick fall off to right side (heal side) after your shot. That is you getting out of the way so you can pull the disk across your chest, instead of staying on your toes, leaning forward over your toes, and catapulting the disc out of the pocket. You are not forming a wide power pocket, with your right elbow pointing away from your body...instead, as noted, your right elbow is close to your body, and you are on your heals, upright, pulling the disc while spinning your hips and shoulders very fast. You have great athleticism, as you are able to spin and pull very fast to get some decent arm speed - but this will be limiting. My advice is slow this hip and shoulder spin WAY down, and make sure you form a large box, and focus on "feeding" the box with the hip and shoulder speed and forward momentum that the box needs to release at the proper tempo. Slow and smooth - same old thing.

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