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HOD 12/2/14: Golden Gate Park DGC Hole 16 in San Francisco, CA


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Oct 18, 2008
Milwaukee Area
Course Rating of 3.98 from 93 reviews.

Hole 16
Par 3
251 ft


Course Map

Because there is only the one picture from hole 16 here is a video I recently saw from hole 11.

Either RHBH beat PL Breaker if it's left a decent amount, SSS Wizard if it's straighter and downill, or Z Buzzz if it's not as downhill as it looks. I'd like to go about 75% power on this hole if possible.
Depending on how straight that hole really is either a Shark3 or Roc3 off the tee
I played here in 2010, don't really remember this hole. I'd probably throw a buzz at it. Hornet if the pin is father left
my gut says Nova. I'd prefer the anny line left of that first tree, but i'm guessing that is a mando to the right.
KC Pro Roc, high anny up the left.

Oh and my foot has come off the tee like that many a time. Never to that kind of end though lol.