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HOD 4/13/2024: Kensington Black Locust - Green Hole #6 Milford, MI


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Jul 23, 2011
Kensington Black Locust - Green in Milford, MI

White 338 ft
Red 293 ft

Long Tee


Basket to Tee
This is the more challenging of the two permanent courses in Kensington Metropark, with more distance and elevation than blue/north course. FWIW Toboggan is on the other side of the park.

The rough can be nasty on this hole. Anything more than a few feet off the fairway can make this hole tough.

Leopard up the gut.
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The picture from the tee suggests forehand to me. RHFH Sidewinder and hope to match the shape of the fairway.
Looks like it plays well into a flex forehand. Taking the advice about the rough I am probably throwing a hyzerflip FH with my flippier chameleon. May not get the distance as easily as I would a Carnivore, but much more likely to stay in the fairway.
A decent birdie chance on a course that only gives up a handful of so. I am with Bogey here.....up the gut. RHBH with an Underworld flip up, No need to be a hero and try to turn it to the chains. A straight shot give you the look at 2.

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