How often do you change your bag

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Jun 8, 2022
I have been using the same molds for nearly 2 years now (14 of them). Sometimes i may switch the plastic types depending on the course or weather, but I never change the molds.

With it being mystery box season and people getting different discs they have never thrown, it got me wondering. How often to ya'll switch out molds in your bag?
I rarely switch the molds in my bag now that I'm throwing MVP/Axiom. But I used to switch discs in and out depending on how they worked for me or if I found a need. For example: let's say my Hex stops 'working' for me. I might try the Buzzz and the Rift to see if one will work better for me. Or maybe there is a slot in my bag that MVP doesn't have a disc for I'll try some other molds to see what can fill that spot. Or I have a perfect disc for throwing backhand, but the rim depth is too much or it is too domey and doesn't work for my forehand....I may try some other brands to find what works.

But I don't switch out molds just for the sake of changing.
While I have changed discs repeatedly over the years , I really don't think I've ever changed more than 2-3 discs in my bags at a time.

That said, I have three bags:
Every day bag
Snow Bag w/ribbons
Glo bag

If I wanted to swap out my entire bag (or even most of it), I just be sponsored. 😉

Then I'd post a new ITB on Tubis Youbis to create some buzz around my changes and disc selection, and make my sponsor happy. So they can 🤑🤑🤑.
way too often. reasons: lost disc(s), new disc, different colors, different grip, too beat in/fresh, traveling, long/short/putter course, wind. i do seem to get a little more consistent(better) if i stick with the same discs, but inevitably i lose one & it throws my whole bag into chaos again.
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I change disc out of my bag weekly. Only the top performer in the bag get moved into the cart where I am much more picky and a lot less experimental.
Other than cycling out an occasional driver that has gotten too flippy and going to Lake Marshall and losing one once in a while I don't change mine much. I did add the PA5 when it came out since it is sooo much fun to throw.
Rocs, Stingrays and Wraiths have been the core molds for a while. I lost my super flippy driver (DX Beast), so I'll see what I've got in the bins that might work. Honestly the flippy driver slot gets swapped out more than all the other molds combined. Usually because I lose them.
The longer I play, the less often I change....

My experience is probably familiar to others who've taken up the game in the last 6-8 years. When I started in 2018, manufacturers/brands included the stalwarts (Innova and DC) some established smaller brands (Millennium, DGA, Legacy) and a real marketing-driven push from some others (Prodigy, Discmania and Trilogy [especially Dynamic). So there were plenty of brand choices, on top of mold and plastic choices.

Next thing you knew, Infinite's house brand was making a splash, along with Kastaplast and Mint. More choices! And in the last few years, you've seen the rise of MVP/Axiom/Streamline (they were always there, but suddenly were in your face), along with the proliferation of smaller brands like Clash, LoneStar and so many others.

I've owned at least one disc (and often more like a half dozen) from every one of them - because of marketing promises, because of fear of missing out on that "one perfect disc". And most of them were resold, donated, given to friends, or put in a milk crate.

With all that experience with hundreds of discs for a dozen brands, I've come to the belief that I am best served by having most of my discs come from one or two manufacturers. Why? Not because I want to be sponsored - but because it helps me stop looking around at every single damned thing being released. And flight numbers, while meaningless across manufacturers, tend to be pretty reliable WITHIN a manufacturer (with allowances for differences between runs).

And that's helped my pare down the number of molds I bag - which in turn reduces the need to change much in my bag. Replacements as things get too beaten in or lost. Trying out the occasional new/different mold (but often finding that the new guy doesn't do anything my existing molds don't cover). I'm looking around less, buying less, and just really "tweaking" with different weights or plastics (mostly from my backup/fieldwork crate).

Probably the most stable the bag has ever been - and I'll admit, it took me four years to settle down and get here.

Current carry:

18 discs: 9 molds / 3 brands from 2 manufacturers

Other than cycling out an occasional driver that has gotten too flippy and going to Lake Marshall and losing one once in a while I don't change mine much. I did add the PA5 when it came out since it is sooo much fun to throw.

No feedback's in your bag? :)
Used to be constant, now it's quite rare. I'll switch discs within a mold (i.e. ESP Comet to Z Comet) but that's about it.

I wish I stopped screwing with my bag sooner in my "career" but hey - better late than never. Luckily I started playing early so I'm still in my 30s.
I'm like a lot on here, when I was new I wanted to try everything looking for that magic disc. And I found that for the most part every larger manufacturer makes solid discs that are pretty similar to competing brands. It just became easier to pick a company that I loved the plastic. It was much easier to learn that companies flight number characteristics and build my bag around the weight and plastic that best fits my needs. I find myself not buying the latest "renamed" or "rebranded" disc, the hottest new drops (looking at you Time Lapse), or gimmick discs (*cough* Tilt *cough*). If something really interests me I'll ask one of my playing group to toss theirs. But for the most part, I have my bag, and backups and only switch up when I lose a disc or one breaks in beyond usefulness in the slot it occupies. My wallet and disc golf game are both much happier that way.
My bag consists of about 70% Latitude 64 and 30% Innova, and that wasn't by design, it just happened. I seldom make changes other than for very windy days. The only change outs that I do otherwise is I do like to change my putters. It seems that when I change my putter it helps me concentrate better and makes putting more interesting.
Playing 6 months…. I still change up fairly often. I have over 150 discs. I use many on a practice field, or putters in the back yard, and whatever I seem to be throwing the best lately, I try to work it into the bag. I look to replace something that I have either struggled with lately, or that I just don’t seem to be using much any more. I play with a buddy that used to switch out his whole bag every time he played, to cycle through all of his discs, but I do think that lately he seems to have a few favorites that have been staying in there.
All the time. It's part of what makes it fun for me. My bag stays pretty consistent for sanctioned rounds other than stable and understable mids and putters. Still trying to figure out what I like there. But I often do fun rounds with a single manufacturer bag, or a neglected bag with only stuff I haven't thrown in a long time.