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I Jumped yester quite a bit, maybe from 400 feet to at least 450 feet, i had to thank Kristian Kuoksa because i take my changes straight at his video.

Jussi Alanko

Dec 1, 2021
This is the video: and when you look at roughly one minute of video and forwards from this.
He says that it is really important to drop quite much to the plant foot and then just push against the ground with my right leg. I practised this yesterday something about 4 hours in a field and some drills in my apartment also. Yesterdays last field session is where i get all the pieces in place, like nose angles and right angles of hyzer. then i throw one grace at 139 meters measured by laser rangefinder... :D when i had launched this throw disc, i knew in the same millisecond when disc launches at your hand that this is it, its over 460 feet... Its about 60 feet farther than my older longest throws.

I think that yesterday all my drivers just changed to more understable... :)

When you practise this you propably noticed right from the first good and rapid plant foot extension, disc just goes way faster than ever before, when i come to my x-step i move quite slowly and then i take the stride and same time move around the disc and then i had proper coiling going, then it's time to take a contact to the ground with plant foot, this part of throw i also do quite calm, then it's time to drop against plant leg and then it's time to explode, this takes no time and you throw like never before.

It's quite good feeling when you are in dropping part of the throw and do this calm and easy, and then push your right leg to straight and your hips move so fast that you are in power pocket like it's happening by itself and then the disc launches at your hand way more faster than ever!

I think that this change to my form, this dropping your wight to the right leg and then explode leg to straight, is giving me maybe the most significant steps forward, i learned how to throw with your hips and lower body in fall of 2022, and after this my form is getting much faster and way more effective with guite big this kind of steps to the right direction.

There is right now quite heavy rain and it will go right this for tomorrow, but when the rain ends i will take a video from my shot, thank you...

Right now i'm feeling very good because i have trained very much at this sport and i have done so much to just thow more effectively and of course more powerfully. And now i'm feeling that i have progressed very much at just so little time...